Ek Shringaar swabhimaan:love is in the air – Episode 12


All were packing for the trip..
In nairan’s room
Naina,”offo karan, pack ur things u wont let me touch your clothes.. so pack them quickly..”
Karan was busy playing game on his mobile..
Karan,”offo naina, don’t become my mom.. anyways I need to go out now.. this is my personal time..”
Naina,”I c.. I ll come with u karan.. I also want to know what u do at this time..”
Karan,”no naina.. am late.. I ll be back in two hours.. then I ll pack.. u be here..”
Karan,”no ifs and buts.. bye.. see u..”
Karan left..
Naina,”I ll see what u do..”
She followed karan..

Meantime in meghnals room,
Kunal,”ohho, meghna, what must I take..”
Meghna,”are u this annoying since ur childhood, then I feel what ma had gone through..”
Kunal,”haa, she couldn’t handle me anymore, so sent u to me.. I love her so much.. and I love u too..”
Meghna,”kunal, I hope karan gets fine.. I know naina can be totally reliable.. but still she alone..”
Kunal,”ohho not alone.. vishal will be there.. and moreover after what masima did with him, I feel only naina can make him normal.. and karan also loves naina, in this tym, both ll get tym with themselves and maybe come closer..”
Meghna,”yaa.. finger crossed..”
Meghnal smiled at each other..

Nairan’s side
Karan was walking with his guitar.. naina was following him.. karan new naina would follow him.. so he started to walk a little faster..
Naina,”arre is this akdu aware of my presence?” And she had to literally run..
Karan entered a café.. naina entered too but she didn’t find him..
Suddenly a waiter came..
Waiter,”mam u need something?”
Naina,”did this person come here?” And showed karan’s pic from her mobile..
Waiter,”ohh karan sir.. yeah mam, you must naina mam.. mam he’s over there..” and pointed to a direction..
Naina,”thank u so much..”
Naina went that side.. as soon as she entered she found a well decorated table.. with blue and white balloons everywhere.. suddenly a tune started to play.. naina looked here and there..
Naina,”I guess I came in the wrong direction.. I must leave..” she turned to leave.. suddenly a voice stopped her..
Voice,”naina badtameez… u r at the right place.. “
Naina’s lips curved into her cute smile, and she turned,”chhate wala akdu…”
Voice,”no.. karan.. karan singh chauhan, nam to suna hi hoga…”
Naina,”not only heard but I know how he is..”
And she walked to the center..
Naina,”but where r u..?”
Karan came playing his guitar.. he was playing the tune of janam janam..
Naina smiled at him.. karan came towards her..
Naina,”wao karan, u r such a great music player.. nice talent karan.. why u hid it.. atleast u shouldn’t have hid it from me..”
Karan,”if I would have told u, then this time, this moment would have got spoiled.. and don’t think me as a spoilsport.. by the way.. what r u doing here? I asked u not to come na.. this is my personal time.. u wasted my all efforts..” he faked anger..
Naina got sad.. she thought karan made this special arrangement for someone else..
Naina,”am sorry karan.. I ll leave..”
Karan,”statue..” and came in front of naina and found naina crying..
Karan,”naina, am sorry.. pls don’t cry.. actually I knew u ll come after me only.. and I arranged all this for you only.. naina.. pls wipe your tears.. pls..”
Naina laughed..
Naina,”what u thought?”
Karan,”naina, I got scared..”
Naina,” but why u did this?”
Karan,” close your eyes..”
Karan,”naina pls…”
Naina,”fine..” and closed her eyes..
Karan took out a box..
Karan,” now open ur eyes..”
Naina was shocked..
Naina,”ring? For whom?”
Karan,”naina, u r an idiot.. who’s here other than us?”
Naina,”but why for me?”
Karan,”offo naina.. if u don’t let me speak how ll I say?”
Naina,”accha sorry..”
Karan,”better.. actually naina.. look u know me.. am very straight forward.. see my dad made us marry forcibly, but I don’t know how and from when, this relationship became a ray of light for me.. this realtion, made me feel what is life.. what it is to remain happy.. naina, I now really want to give our friendship the name of love.. will u be my better half of life?”
Naina smiled,” but karan, I am already your better half.. so..”
Karan,”naina, I mean.. wo.. umm..(to himself) yaar kaise kahu?”
Naina,”what karan?”
Karan,” wo wo.. I love you naina.. and I want u to also love me..”
Naina wanted to laugh..
Naina,”aree zabardasti hai kya??”
Karan,”arre naina.. sorry didn’t actually mean it.. i..”
Naina,”ssshhhhh.. karan, I waited for this day.. I also love you.. I ll love to be your life partner karan.. but promise me something..”
Naina,”u ll always trust me.. u ll never get against me on anyone’s saying.. and u ll listen to me.. coz I promise u one thing.. I ll make u fine karan.. I know u want to hug ma, take blessings from dadaji.. hug your bhai and khyati.. if its your wish, then its my wish karan.. I ll help you, but for that trust me always..”
Karan,”I trust you naina.. let anything happen, but I wont leave you.. that’s my promise.. but I fear of your future.. are u ready to accept me?”
Naina,”I said already.. am ready.. I always say illness is not ur identity.. and I ll shoo your illness..”
Karan,”then naina, wear this ring..”
Naina,”no karan.. the day u get fine, u ll make me wear it.. till then keep it with you.. coz I want u to make me wear it..”
Karan,”as u wish..”
Naina,”now lets go home.. packing is left..”
Karan,”yeah.. honeymoon.. right naina..”
Naina blushed.. naina,”stop it karan..”
And ran away..
Karan to himself,”my god, she’s so pretty.. I wish her life wont get complicated, coz maybe I wont get cured ever.. and this ring will always remain with me.. u should have worn it yourselves naina..” and a tear fell off from his eyes..
Nairan returned home..
Naina was blushing.. she went to meghnal’s room..
Meghna,”chiku.. what happened? Why r u smiling?”
Naina,”di.. am so happy.. karan proposed me today di.. I didn’t know he could be so romantic.. he arranged all that himself..”
Meghna got tensed a bit.. she was worried about her sister’s future..
Meghna,”chiku, what u said?”
Naina,”I said him yes di..”
Meghna,”r u sure? Am scared..”
Naina,”di.. don’t worry.. am 100% sure.. I cant back out from him.. I love him di.. he’s my life.. and I promise.. he ll be fine soon..”
Meghna hugged naina,”hope god makes everything fine..”
Khyati came in..
Khyati,”arre naina di, u here.. I was finding u.. where were u?”
Naina,”khyati, I was on a date with karan.. he proposed me..”
Khyati,”what?? Congo di..”
Karan was passing by meghnal’s room.. he stopped hearing khyati.. he stood there..
Khyati,”its nice di.. but di, here masima’s planning something big I guess.. Maybe she ll create hurdles on your and karan bhai’s honeymoon..”
Naina,”khyati.. low ur voice..”
Khyati,”sorry di.. meghna bhabi.. I wish I could kill masima.. how could she thought this bad about karan bhai.. how she could give him expired medicines..”
Naina,”yes khyati.. but u managed so well that day.. did masima doubt u were with us?”
Khyati,”no di.. I told her that I was only wrong.. but then I said her that still I hate you..”
Naina,”make her believe you hate me.. fight with me infront of family members.. and be a part of her plans..”
Khyati,”yes di.. don’t worry.. I ll manage.. remember.. she ll try to create rift between u two sisters.. coz she wants to harm naina di and karan bhai’s relation..”
Karan was shocked.. he slowly entered the room..
All were shocked..
Karan,”naina, what’s the matter?”
Meghna,”I ll say..” and she explained..
Karan looked at naina,”naina.. u didn’t say me a word.. u tolerated everything.. why naina? Masima.. she destroyed my life naina..” karan was sobbing.. “naina, u know na.. for her only I cant hug my ma.. cant give a hi5 to my sister.. and my brother, whom I love a lot, I cant fight with him.. cant hug him.. naina, that woman is a stain on the name of woman.. for her, my life, my career got destroyed..”
He suddenly stopped crying..
Karan,”naina, u go from here.. she ll destroy u, coz u r with me.. just stay away naina.. forget my love confession.. forget your karan naina.. remember one thing naina, this karan will love u always.. go away naina., please, save yourself naina..”
And he left..
Meghna,”chiku what happened yaar..”
Naina,”di don’t worry, I ll manage him.. karan..” and she left..
Khyati,”why naina di don’t have peace bhabi.. after so long bhai accepted her.. and now this..”
Meghna,”we have to do something of masima.. we ll expose her.. khyati listen, when we ll not be here, masima will be relaxed.. u collect proofs, when masima ll be in office.. and.. after finding proofs, take pictures of it.. and send those to me.. first, search for the expired medicines.. and bring back the original colours from the store room.. okk.. and click all the pictures and send to mine, amd kunal’s phone.. don’t stress naina.. okk”
Khyati,”relax bhabi.. I ll do it.. I just hope di and bhai r alright..”
Kunal came,”what happened to naina and karan? Did masima do something?”
Meghna,” kunal wo.. “ and she explained everything..
Kunal,”today my younger brother needs me.. I ll help him..” and he rushed out..

Hehe guys, since this amazing plot came in my mind, so I wrote it.. and posted it.. hope u all will like it..

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