Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 9

In meghnal’s room..
Meghna,” kunal, u r okk right..”
Kunal,”yes janeman.. waise bhi my heart is with you..”
Meghna,” kunal, in this tension also u r having fun.. see I think we should do a police complaint.. why girls cant speak? If they raise their voice then they r harassed.. and the victim of such situation suffers, its good that karan saved naina..”
Kunal,” ya.. meghna, I saw that karan, who never stood a stand for himself, took a stand for naina.. its amazing..”
Meghna,” see I think they turned friends but due to karan’s shy nature, maybe both cant find their love.. “
Khyati arrived in meghnal’s room..

Khyati,”bhabi..” and closed the door..
Meghna,” what happened khyati??”
Khyati,” bhai bhabi important thing to say.. I guess u both noticed how karan bhai changed.. he now speaks to evryone, gave ma agift, laughs freely, comes to the dining..”
Kunal,”yes but what u wanna say?”
Khyati,”bhai its all coz of naina di..”
Meghnal were shocked..

Kunal,”aree in the evening only u lashed out on naina and now u r praising her…”
Meghna understood,” kunal, for this reason I topped nd u couldn’t.. arre it was their plan..”
Khyati,”bhabi u r so intelligent.. yes it was our plan..”
Meghna,”but why??”
Khyati,”to expose masima..”
Kunal,”what??? Masima..”

Khyati,”yes bhai.. she’s the one who exchanged the medicines of karan with expired ones, and gave him expired medicines..” and explained what she did to naina, how she was instigating khyati in the party, and apologised for informing masima when naina went to search her room.. also what all masima said to khyati..
Kunal,”my god, masima’s the villain.. I cant believe.. I am gonna talk to her..”
Khyati,”bhai no.. without proof if u go, then masima will turn the tables.. she ll make everyone against you.. like naina di that.. she had proofs, but it was not enough.. so she didn’t show anyone those..”
Kunal,”I am feeling like to slap her hard..”
Meghna,”kunal, I want to say something about masima..” and she explained how masima openly challenged her to take the responsibilities on her, also how she bribed the ceo of the company to not give her work.. and how she was also there with nk when nk was bad mouthing about sharda..
Khyati,”what papa said all those.. shame..”
Meghna,”no its all masima who brainwashed about ma..”

Khyati,”anyways listen.. masima told me, to break naina and karan’s relation she ll break your and naina di’s bond.. but whatever misunderstandings she create u pls trust naina di.. but u need to pretend before everyone that u hate her.. okk?”
Meghna,”it ll be difficult but to expose masima, I ll do it..”
Khyati,” and sorry.. coz maybe I need to use harsh words against u and naina di in front of masima..”
Meghna,” see when u go out, if anyone asks about what u were doing here, say u came to see your bhai and discuss about your college with me.. okk?”
Khyati,”yeah bhabi.. u r so sweet.. I always mis judged u and naina di..”
Kunal,”yeah it right, my beautiful is very sweet and my sali is double sweet..”
Khyati,”so mission masima expose on..”
And they cheered and khyati went out..

In nairan’s room..
Naina,”who said u to fight, see u got hurt na.. don’t show too much herogiri..”
Karan,”arre zaalim auraat.. sometimes care for me without scolding.. always scolding.. and what would I do? They were trying to molest you.. and I will stand without doing anything.. u r wierdo.. which husband stands still and watches his husband getting raped..”
Naina,”but when u decided that u wont touch them, then why do u fight? Why karan?”
Karan,”aree, I care for u.. u r my wife..”
Naina,”don’t care so much karan, u ll be hurt..”
Karan,”naina.. see I would have done it for anyone.. but u r my wife, my lo…”
Naina,” my???”
Karan,”aaa,,, woo life partner..”
Naina,” I c.. u take rest.. am bringing u soup..”

Karan,”okk wifey..”
Naina went..
Karan to himself,” what I was gonna say.. love.. do I really love her.. how to know if I love her or not..”
Kunal entered,”its simple karan..”
Karan got alert,”bhai??”
Kunal,”see we can see u love naina a lot.. else the person who never spoke for himself, today he fought for someone else..”
Karan,”what r u saying bhai.. I.. I don’t understand anything”
Kunal,”don’t act smart.. I heard what u were saying..”
Karan fold his hands,”bhai don’t say it naina.. or anyone.. pls.. am still confused..”
Kunal chuckled..
Kunal,”okk fine.. now play a game with me..”
Karan,” bhai in this state?”
Kunal,” arre verbal game.. see I ll say a thing and u have to sya the first thing that comes to ur mind.. so ready..”
Karan,” ya..”
Kunal,”ice cream or soft drink”
Karan,”ice cream”
Kunal,” taj mahal or chilka lake”
Karan,”taj mahal”
Kunal,”kids or friends”
Kunal,”ma or masima”
Kunal,”kunal or meghna”

Karan smirked, “meghna bhabhi”
Kunal,”khyati or naina”
And was shocked..
Kunal,”congo.. now tell naina asap..”
And made his way to the exit..

Kunal,”btw thanks to naina.. she changed u.. don’t ever misunderstand her.. always be by her side.. for her only u talked to me so nicely, happy to get my brother back.. trust naina always.. and dare u hurt my sali.. else I ll kill u..”
Karan,”bhai.. I want to hug u.. but cant.. I always loved you..”
Kunal,”am a man.. not a gay like u..”
Kunal laughed,”love u bro.. take care..”
He left.. karan was thinking about the moments spend with naina, and dosed off..

Precap:need to think..

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  1. Threemaimai

    awesome… i love how naina scold karan and the way he got irritated… and also love the game part tooo

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      Thank u so much..


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  3. Tamihna0808

    What an amazing update! Really enjoyed it! My fave part was Kunal and Karans conversation!! Continue soon! ❤???

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  4. Iqrakhan11

    What a excllent update loved the game part karan understood that he loves naina

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      Hehe, i too loved this epi.. thank you so much..

  5. Manvinahar

    the game part was the best… loved the chapter

    1. Manvinahar

      the part where karan was getting scolded by naina was great

    2. Titli

      Aww.. thank u so much..

  6. I love it and u r just fabulous I most love the karan and naina and conversation and then my next favourite part was kunal playing game with karan to realise karan loves naina and I loved it u r wrote fabulous loved nairan scene please post as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter by the way when r u posting next chapter

    1. Titli

      Soon.. and thank u so much for liking the chapters

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