Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 8


At the party..
Everyone was enjoying.. meghna, kunal, naina, nk,sandhya were attending the guests..
Nirmala to dadaji,”bauji.. meghna and naina once again arranged a great party.. its so great.. and see everyone’s outfit.. its also so unique.. not at all like the previous party.. they really do have a great taste in selecting colours.. such a unique decoration, that too only with lilies.. they remembered my favourite flower, lily..”
Dadaji,”haa bahu.. badi bahurani and choti bahurani are expert.. they are the pride..”
Sandhya was fuming,” what to do.. I know.. khyati is against naina always.. let me instigate her with her dress..”
Sandhya went to khyati,”khyati beta..”
Khyati,”yes masima..”
Sandhya,”I am seeing u r not comfortable with your dress.. I know afterall ur masima didn’t select it na.. what to do?

Afterall it is the taste of those bundi girls.. they don’t know the taste of chauhan family..”
Khyati,” masima, actually this dress is comfortable.. its so soft and the design is great.. I like it.. moreover my like doesn’t matter.. actually my friends and others all praised my dress.. so its alright..”
Sandhya fumed at her defeat and khyati smirked.. khyati,”excuse me masima..”
Khyati went to naina,”di.. masima’s burning..” and she hugged her..
Naina,”khyati don’t get over excited.. noone knows u r with me.. pretend as if u r always against me.. coz then only we can know masima’s intentions..”
Khyati,”yes di..”
Nirmala came,”aree what r u both doing here?”
Naina,” wo ma..”

Khyati,” mom, I came to say her that she only arranged a mere party and must not think that she can ever become the bahu of this house, huh..” and she left smilingly..
Naina controlled her laugh and pretended to be sad..
Nirmala,” naina beta, don’t feel bad.. she’s so stubborn.. I don’t know when she ll accept that u r this house’s bahu..”
Naina,”its okk ma, lets go guests are waiting..”
Meghna was arranging the flowers, suddenly kunal came and back hugged her..
Kunal,”topper, u r looking mesmerising.. I fell in love with u once again.. I love u meghna pls be the mother of my children..”
Meghna,” besharam..”
Kunal,”aree I already married u na.. cant ask for it again.. only one thing is left for us.. to become parents.. waise how many u want?? See I want 4.. two girls beautiful like u.. so that if u don’t give me that bonus, they ll give me.. and two boys, handsome like me, so that they can flirt..”
Meghna glared kunal,”what?? Flirt?? R u mad?”
Kunal,”ya I ll be a cool dad.. we 3 will flirt bindass..”
Kunal,” topper turning j.. don’t worry I ll love always u..”
He grinned and left..
Meghna,” pagal..”

Other side karan was alone sitting..
Naina came,”aee karan.. u r such a bore yaar.. come na..”
Karan,”no yaar.. u know I never speak to people much..”
Naina,”see ma is also mingling na.. she never used to.. see karan everything has to be started once.. so come..”
Naina was taking karan.. suddenly a few persons were having convo..
Person 1,” arre see.. its karan.. who is contagious.. don’t go near him.. u ll catch infection..”
Person 2,” think of the girl yaar.. her life and future turned hell.. she cant even touch him.. what is that relation between a husband and wife where one cant touch other..”
Person 3,” coz of karan, she ll not leave a normal life.. and look at karan, always taking the umbrella.. in this summer also wearing sweater, so funny..”
And they broke out laughing.. all were angry except sandhya.. flashback, sandhya instigates them against karan..
Karan felt angry and turned to leave.. but naina hold his hands..
Naina,” where r u going karan? Give them the reply first..”

She took karan to that group and said,” see, I m holding his hands.. did anything happen? No na.. and moreover I don’t care if anything happens or not.. I only know, karan is my husband.. he is my friend.. and am not a loser like u all to leave him midway.. once I promised to stay for life.. sorry for 7 births I am gonna stay with him.. and u know what a person’s disease is not his identity.. but his behaviour, and personality is his identity.. and frankly speaking if I idolize someone after my ma and di, then its karan.. actually u didn’t notice his goodness.. but I noticed.. he is like a coconut, tough from outside.. but soft from inside.. he shows anger, pretends as if he doesn’t care for anyone, but from inside he is always caring to all.. infact a stranger also..”
Person 2,”ohho, karan cant speak for himself.. hiding behind his wife.. till date he was behind his mom and now wife..”
Naina,”ohho mr. u r mistaken.. karan is actually very nice.. so he forgives easily.. but I am not.. and moreover.. if I say or he says, its actually the same thing.. afterall wives are equal to their husband.. aint it.. or are u feeling a bit ashamed to hear insult from a woman, and so u cant bear it?? “
Person 1,”madam, u did a great mistake..” and they went outside..
Karan first time got a support of someone..
Karan,”naina, thank u..”

Naina,”karan, till when I ll be with u.. think, when I ll not be with u, u need to fight for urself.. u r not understanding it now karan.. but suppose someday something happens to me, and I need to..”
Karan,”naina..”and kept his hand over her lips without touching..”
Karan,” don’t u dare say that.. nothing ll happen.. I am with you..”
Naina nodded and left.. karan was mesmerised with naina, and was moving behind her.. she got a call, and went outside.. karan also followed her..
Naina,”hello, bhaiya? Hello.. hello..”
Naina,”signal problem..”
And she turned to leave and found that group of persons..
Person 3,”hii miss beautiful.. actually we r thinking that u cant touch ur husband, so y not let us touch u.. u r so pretty.. karan is lucky yet so unlucky.. got a wife, but cant get intimate.. so we can remove your sadness..” and he hold naina..
Naina,”leave.. u besharams.. don’t u all have any shame??”
Person 1,”omg.. u r so soft..” and he tried to hold her chin.. but suddenly karan’s umbrella grabbed his hands..
Karan,”how dare u touch her? I was silent when it was on me.. but when it comes naina, I forget the world..”
And karan was fighting with them.. karan,”naina u go inside..”

Hearing the chaos, kunal came out.. kunal held naina,” u r okk?”
Naina,” jeeju save karan.. he is so generous, now also he is thinking that those people shouldn’t have his disease..”
Kunal went and fought with them.. and commanded them to leave..
Naina,”jeeju, u r fine na?”
Kunal nodded,”karan u alright?”
Naina,”karan its bleeding.. u r alright? Is it paining much? Who said u to fight?”
Karan,”aree now the mistk is mine only.. we shouldn’t do good to anyone..”
Kunal,” karan, naina, what happened?”
Karan,” bhai, they tried to molest naina.. and I couldn’t tolerate that.. people like them should starve in jail.. they r not meant to exist in the world.. naina.. u r okk right??” Naina nodded,” karan lets go, u need first aid.. jeeju u too..”

The three of them went inside.. meghna was shocked..
Meghna,”naina.. what happened? Kunal karan, what is this? U both r bleeding!! U need aid.. come..”
Sandhya came forward,”karan, come I ll do ur aid..”
Naina,”masima, u be here, I ll take karan and do his aid..”
Sandhya,”what naina? U r ordering me.. u don’t know what type of medicines he needs..”
Naina,”masima.. I may not know but karan knows.. and being his life partner, I ll need to know every bits and pieces of him.. I ll manage him masima.. moreover guests need u.. so u be here.. karan lets go..”
Sandhya, “naina…. “
Karan,”masima naina is right.. u r reqd here..” and they left..

Precap: don’t know.. hehe

Thank u for reading.. and previous epi’s links r not clear I know.. I ll provide the links later.. thank you so much..

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  1. OMG! Today’s episode was the best…Naina standing up for Karan and Karan fighting for Naina…

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    1. Titli

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  4. Pratha

    Titli u blew my mind. Omg the words by naina to nasika and naina to the group…
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      Yo.. i ll not mess it.. thank u so much..

  5. OMG is on naina side I loved it, it was just awesome and fabulous can’twait to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer

    1. Sorry for the mistake I want tell OMG kyathi is on nainas side post soon

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