Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 7

It was the party.. nirmala, nk, kunal, and sandhya went to office and meghna made an excuse of not being well.. naina and meghna started preparing for the party.. meghna finalised the list made by naina and called up kunal..
Meghna,”hello kunal..”
Kunal,”haye meri topper.. how are the preps going?”
Meghna,”all is well here.. but I need your help.. could u take half day off and come back home.. actually there are certain things which are to be brought which we cant rely upon kaka..”
Kunal,” I ll be there within an hour..”

Meghna,”okk bye..”
Kunal,”noo.. first I want treat..”
Meghna,”hein?? Treat?? Why?? And what u want??”
Kunal,”that extra sweetness, with blueberry flavour, umm from ur lips..”
Meghna,” besharam.. bye”
And she cuts the call..
Kunal to himself,”offo topper is always shying away..”
Naina and meghna called up the dress designer.. and selected everyone’s clothes.. except nirmala’s and naina’s..
Meghna,”what happened? U said karan bought a saree for ma.. but why r u not taking an outfit?? See this..”
Naina,” no di, actually….”
Meghna,” tell chiku..”

Naina,”wo karan is buying me an outfit of his choice.. basically he wanted to surprise nd ma, but I only insisted him, and the surprise aint a surprise anymore.. so….”
Meghna,” I see.. things went this much, and chiku u didn’t tell me.. so romantic karan.. and see this kunal, for saying he says he loves me, but see him.. idiot..”
Kunal,” praising me, thank u meghna..”
Meghna,” not praising.. see karan is giving gift to naina.. how much he changed.. how much he cares for her.. and look at u..”
Kunal,”aree I care na.. see so I came early.. now shall we leave??”
Meghna,” ya.. chiku, look after the preparations here.. am going for buying those bouquets and other stuffs..”
Naina,”di, don’t worry.. I ll manage..”
Just then khyati came down,” yaa meghna bhabi I ll help naina bhabi..”

Meghna smiled and left with kunal..
Khyati,” naina bhabi.. wo actually..”
Naina,”say khyati.. don’t hesitate.. I m ur bhabi.. and bhabi is like an elder sister..”
Khyati,” bhabi am sorry for the past happenings.. pls forgive me.l I now know, u r perfect for karan bhai.. he changed for better only coz of u.. thank u..”
Naina,”khyati, those r old memories.. leave them, now we can be friends?”
Khyati,”no… sisters..” and she hugged naina..
Khyati,” I ll not call u bhabi.. I ll call u di.. any problem??”
Naina,”no problem..”
Khyati,” well di, I need to tell something else too..” and she explained about what sandhya said her that day..
Naina,”what??? How can masima do this with karan??”
Khyati,” di I don’t know anything.. what to do? Am guilty that I informed her about your checking her room.. but she is upto breaking your relation.. but di, why you doubted masima??”

Naina thought khyati is the right person.. she told her all the events, holi incident, then medicines expiry incident and karan’s fear for a cow and how masima instigated him.. she showed the pics of the medicines..
Khyati,”omg bhabi, if u had proof, why u didn’t show them? U shouldn’t have apologised..”
Naina,” khyati, if I would show these, none would believe me.. this is not a solid evidence..”
Khyati,”but this masima is so dangerous..”
Naina,”yes khyati.. vishal bhaiya saw karan’s reports and said that when karan was first infected then only it would have taken hardly 2 weeks to cure it with the medicines prescribed to karan.. but karan was given expired ones, and his condition got worst..”

Karan came down.. karan,”naina..”
Naina and khyati were shocked..
Karan,”what r u both saying??”
Khyati,”bhai, its ladies topic and moreover between two sisters, don’t feel jealous.. and just say why are u here??”
Karan,”wo naina, I wanted to talk to u..”
Khayti,”offo bhai u r a mood spoiler.. not now di wont go..”
Karan,”di?? Previously u didn’t even considered her ur bhabi and my wife..”
Naina,” everything has a beginning.. and when misunderstandings clear up, bhabi nanad can turn two sisters.. right khyati??”
Khayti,”exactly naina di..” they hi5 ed..
Karan,”good to see.. but naina its important..”
Khyati,”no.. bhai u go..”
Karan felt defeated and went..
Khyati,”di, what to do of masima?”
Naina,”I have a plan to this also.. listen..” and she tells her something in mute..
Evening tym..
Preparations were done.. nk, nirmala and sandhya arrived, nirmala was shocked seeing the arrangemmts..
Nirmala,”party? And none informed me..”
Meghna,” if we informed then it wouldn’t be a surprise.. well wait.. karan, karan come pls..”

Karan came out with his hands in the back..
Meghna,”ma, karan has something for u.. give it karan..”
Karan gave the packet to nirmala.. and seeing the saree nirmala said,”thank u karan.. I ll wear this only..” and meghna gave everyone their outfits..
Nirmala,” everyone got outfit but naina.. u..”
Kunal,”wo ma, actually our karan turned romeo.. he gifted naina the outfit of his choice..”
Naina turned pink.. and khyati,” ooo, now everything for this cheap girl.. and what about me?”
Karan,”khyati what happened.. u need I lo buy u tomorrow.. now go change ur dress”
After an hour all came down..

Meghna’s outfit: http://www.weddingsonline.in/blog/top-tips-for-rocking-the-crop-top-lehengas/

Kunal’s outfit: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wedding-blazers/

Naina’s outfit: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/indian-wedding-outfits/

Karan’s outfit: http://ocodea.com/mainpage/detail/party-wear-dresses-for-men-online-shopping

Khyati’s outfit: https://www.aliexpress.com/promotion/apparel_panoply-prom-dresses-promotion.html

Nirmala’s outfit: http://www.mirraw.com/designers/saawariya/designs/sea-green-and-beige-embroidered-chiffon-saree-with-blouse-party-wear-saree

Nk’s outfit: http://mmeloche.blogspot.com/2015/03/stylish-new-fashion-pant-coat-for-men.html

Sandhya’s outfit: http://www.fashionfemina.com/blog/diwali-special-traditional-designer-sarees-online-2015-collection-for-women/

Thank you guys for reading and supporting..

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    nice chapter
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      Twist dear.. u ll understand in the next chappy.. tysm..

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