Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 6

Chapter 6

Naina got busy with preparations of the party to be held the next day.. she was just listing up the things needed.. and she thought to involve karan in this, so that she can know about him.. she came to karan.. karan was with his laptop reading something.. as soon as naina entered, he switched it off and sat nervously.. naina felt weird as to what karan was hiding.. naina,”karan, what did u hide??”
Karan,”wo naina.. nothing.. was reading something.. its nothing so serious.. u say what u have to say..”
Naina,”if its really so, then let me see it also..”
Karan took his laptop and said,”arrre naina.. it is nothing..”
Naina,”u r giving or shall I touch u..”
Karan felt defeated and gave her the laptop.. he was shying all the way..
Naina found online store page opened and a few tabs where he was selecting saree..
Naina,”oohh u r selecting saree for ma.. its great.. but u could have asked help from me.. I cud have..”
Karan,” u r mistaken.. actually see this saree.. I selected it for ma.. ma ll wear it tomorrow evening..”
And showed naina a beautiful saree..

Naina,”wao its so beautiful.. order it karan.. and if u have selected the saree then why do u still look confused?? What is the matter?”
Karan,”wo naina..” karan thought,”if I tell her, then what will she think? Omg where I got caught.. but if I don’t tell her, I ll remain confused forever..”
Karan,”haa, wo actually I don’t know what u like.. I mean what is your taste.. meaning thereby what type of clothes u prefer.. so I was seeing saree for you.. but am getting nothing choicable.. means I know u don’t wear saree but I was confused.. so u only..”
Naina,”karan, u r giving me, u select.. the dress which u ll give me, I ll wear it only.. coz for the first tym my husband gave me a gift.. how can I not wear it? And how do u think that I ll not like it.. I like it now only..”
Karan was happy.. karan thought,”wao naina.. u r so pure.. I wish I could always be by your side.. but my skin allergy.. u r an angel naina.. noone can understand emotions more than u… the way u care about all is splendid.. I wish I could also show them, how much I love them.. how much I care for them.. but naah.. I jst hope u can change me naina.. pls naina take me out of this dark phase of my life.. make me bright like u naina..”
Naina to herself,” u r not in any dark phase karan.. u r that diamond kept in a dark room.. it is just that u need someone to hold onto u, and take u out from there.. and I promise u that I ll always be with you and for u karan.. I ll fill ur life with happiness.. I ll make everyone else realise how much u love them and care for them.. meghu di, that day u asked me na that is karan a good husband or not.. I agree to this 4th quality of him.. he is indeed a very generous man and a good as well as caring husband.. I think it is u God who made us meet and made us marry, just there was a little hurry.. but everything happens for good only.. see if we didn’t marry then maybe we would have remained enemies forever, I couldn’t have seen his this side also which made me love…… what?? What am I thinking?? Do I love him?? No no.. he is just my friend.. ya as a friend I love him.. but that kind of love…. Aahhh naina.. noo.. its not.. u r overthinking naina.. get over it..”
Karan,”naina, did u hear it?? What I said??”
Naina,”haa wo..”
Karan,”offo naina.. I was saying that I am ordering the saree.. it ll come tomorrow morning”
Naina,” karan, u urself give ma her saree.. she ll be delighted.. anyways I came to say that see I made a list of the things to be brought.. u check a bit if I missed anything of ma’s choice..”
Karan went through the list.. karan,”arre naina, ma likes rose.. but pls order lilies also.. they r ma’s favourite.. and make a big boquet of lilies instead of roses..”
Naina,”thank u karan.. it was great help..”
Karan,”thank u idiot naina chauhan”
Karan,”naina..” and gave his cute smile..
Naina,”let it be, no use of fighting.. well karan keep this list with u.. I ll take it tomorrow.. now am going down ma, papa, di, jeeju and masi ma may come at any time..”
Naina went downstairs and found all came already..
Naina,”ma how was ur first day??”
Nk,”naina, I must say u both sisters can make good decisions.. nirmala on her first fay showed positive results.. well nirmala I didn’t know u r this quick learner, else u would have been working in the office from quite a long time before..”
Karan who was coming down felt happy..
Kunal,”papa, u have too see whose mother she is..”
Meghna,”yaa, urs, karan’s and khyati’s..”
Nirmala,”and meghna and naina..”
All smiled..

Kunal,”what mom.. I thought to take the credit alone, but this meghna spoiled everything..”
Karan laughed at this.. and kunal saw him lovingly.. khyati also found karan smiling and thought,”bhai smiled after so long.. thank u naina bhabhi.. but why u doubt masima.. I don’t know that.. but I know one thing u r perfect for karan bhai.. and I promise bhabi, I wont let u any difference to come with u both..”
Karan signed naina.. naina came to karan,”what??”
Karan,”thank you naina.. first time dad praised ma.. its coz of u.. if u didn’t took this step then it wouldn’t have been possible..”
Naina smiled..
Nirmala in a teasing way,”waah karan, personal talks with wife.. not bad..”
Karan felt embarrased and smiled.. naina blushed and went to the kitchen.. meghna followed naina.. in the kitchen meghna,”naina, what happened.. if karan did something?”
Naina,”no di, nothing.. di karan takes care of me.. and ma teased so I felt embarrassed..and came here.. anyways di I made the list of items, karan suggessted a few things.. the list is with karan only.. he said he ll bring them.. u take off tomorrow.. and we ll go to the designer for everyone’s outfit..”
Meghna,”okk chiku.. relax.. don’t worry.. yaa di..”
On the other hand nirmala thought,”let the party get over, I ll destroy u naina..”
Naina and meghna came to the hall..
Dadaji,”beta, I think its late we should have dinner and sleep..”
Nirmala,”yaa bauji.. meghna, naina, lets go..”
Meghna,”yaa mom..”
All including karan were at the dining.. all except sandhya were happy..
Dadaji,”nand kishore, u did one great thing by marrying karan off to naina.. he is lucky as his life partner is so pure and good, and we also r very lucky that she came here to our house, and gradually made it a home..”
Naina and karan smiled and had a cute eyelock, broken by khyati,” bhai r u going to stare at bhabhi only or eat also”..
Naina was surprised and everyone looked at khyati who spoke positively for naina for the first time..
Karan was embarrased as well.. he blushed.. meghna noticed,”karan, don’t blush..”
And all broke out into a laughter including karan..

Precap:will think..

Thank u so much dear.. I am gonna write shorter parts for next few days.. I ll be bsy from tomorrow.. so.. but alter my days, like if I upload one part today, next day two and then the next day one..
Sorry for the inconvinience..

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  1. Tamihna0808

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    1. Titli

      Patience my girl.. i ll post soon.. and thank u dear.. means a lot..

  2. Titli

    I made so many mistakes firstly that when meghna says relax chiku, it ll be naina saying yaa di..
    And where i wrote nirmala thinking about destroying naina, it ll be sandhya..

  3. Threemaimai

    mistakes can happen…. but it didn’t ruined your story. pictures are shown in front of me while i was reading….
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    hehehe… love your ff

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      Hehe.. tysm..


    1. Titli

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      Hehe.. tysm.. i am happy that u loved it…

  6. Wow ! AND OMG u r really a good writer I loved the chapter keep updating the chapters love it post soon. I am excited to read next chapter and the sandya is so evil but love it post soon

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