Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 5

Hii guys.. thank u all for the support.. well am not gonna end it soon only for ur requests..

After their lunch, nairan were with their respective works.. naina was in the kitchen thinking about karan’s expiry in medicines.. naina to herself,”something is wrong.. I checked those medicines.. they were expired..” she took her phone,” yess they were expired.. who changed them?? And today karan came to the breakfast table, but masima took him for checkup.. that checkup which ma also didn’t know.. how can this be possible.. ma keeps every record of karan’s checkups.. ma can forget.. noo.. never.. I need to find out… why all the events r turning to one person masima.. well now masima is not here.. I should check her room, maybe I ll get something..”

Naina went to masima’s room.. she opened the cupboard and going through some files.. searched the bookshelf of masima.. and finally under the mattress.. and there she found a letter and a few photographs.. it was when masi ma was on her young age.. and naina was shocked to see masima with nk.. in her mind,”masima that to with papa.. but everyone says that masima is ma’s friend.. then with papa.. and this seems to be their college pics.. that means, omg is it a love triangle??? Papa loved ma, and so married her.. but was he masima’s crush too? No masima was obssessed I guess, if he was a mere crush then masima would have got over it.. and if he was her real love, then she would find her happiness within papa’s happiness.. but I m not sure also.. whom to ask that if masima knew papa before ma came to their lives or not..”

Naina searched for something else also.. she found a spare phone of masima in the drawer of her table.. naina,”masima has one phone, but she never uses this phone.. atleast I never saw it in her hands.. whats the case.. is it her old phone??”
Naina tried to switch it on.. but it didn’t..
Naina,”maybe its an old one..” she took the snaps of the pics and made the room as it was.. and left the room..
Masima watched all this.. she smirked watching naina go out, as well as angry..
Sandhya,” naina I knew u ll come to my room to ponder upon the recent turn of events.. but u r damn very brave.. now see how I use this opportunity to create misunderstanding between u and karan.. just wait and watch naina..”
Just then khyati came to masima,”masima..”
Sandhya,”thank you khyati.. if u didn’t inform me about naina thinking to come over my room, I wouldn’t have arranged all these to create misunderstanding between karan and naina..”
Flashback is shown, when naina was in the kitchen, khyati came to take water for her room, but heard naina saying that she ll check masima’s room.. she immediately called sandhya and sandhya came and set up the plan..
Flashback ends..

Sandhya,”now see naina, how I create a rift between u and karan..”
Khyati,” masima I don’t like naina bhabhi.. but karan bhai should know that she doubted u again.. when I went to their room today, I found bhai so happy.. first I got angry that how can bhai tolerate this girl.. and I was angry at naina bhabhi too, coz of her bhai scolded me yesterday.. but then I remembered that due to her only my bhai was laughing, he was improving with his behaviour towards others.. and I felt happy about that, and wanted to thank naina bhabi.. maybe they had differences before but now it is not so.. it was all right till the fact that naina bhabhi doubted u again.. I don’t want any rift, but karan bhai should know this, for that if he lashes out on her, then let him lash out..”

Khyati left.. sandhya,” aww khyati beta, u r so innocent.. I ll separate them khyati.. karan cant ever remain happy after what I have gone through, he will never.. khyati beta am sorry, bt am not.. I ll break ur heart.. but tit for tat u know.. and now u see, I ll do wrong with naina and the blame will come on u khyati.. u did a mistk khyati by letting me know your emotions against naina.. poor girl..”
Sandhya smirked..

Precap: will think..

Well this one was short.. but I ll give another part today only.. sorry for mistakes..

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Hey titli wow again a very awesome part..feel myself lucky to read it..awesome one dear..just loved it
    Ur ff is really going good
    Loved it yo core
    Post soon

    1. Titli

      My pleasure dear.. thank you so much..

  2. Tamihna0808

    Too good! I really want Khyati to tell Naina or even Karan about Sandhya! Continue soon! ?❤?

    1. Titli

      Suspense.. 😉


    1. Titli

      Yeppp.. and many more to come..

  4. Wow…. u wrote really really good and mind blowing i love it. Hate that sandhya and but love what you wrote i love it please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and story is becoming more interesting day by day I love it post soon

    1. Titli

      Thank you.. its pleasure to hear that.. coz when readers hate the villain that means the writer is successful.. 🙂

  5. Threemaimai

    ooo god…. you are a really good writer.
    i love it soo much. i would be delighted if you add more emotions to it as well. it’s just a request. 🙂

    1. thank u for giving me this suggestion.. I ll act on your suggestion..

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