Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 4


In the morning, masima was huffing for her defeat.. “bhaisaheb rejected my words.. it is for the first time bhai saheb rejected my words.. its all bcoz of naina.. I know her motive.. I ll not let her be successful..”
She turned around and found dadaji.. she got nervous.. “bauji u??? U here.. I mean..”
Dadaji,”sandhyaji what do you mean? I cant roam in my house freely?? Why u got nervous? Are you upto something??”
Sandhya,”yeah.. actually I was thinking if we could celebrate nirmala’s going to office with a small party at our home..”
Dadaji,”small party?? It must be big one.. and the preparations will be done badi bahu and choti bahu.. meghna beta, naina beta.. come down fast..”
Sandhya,”bauji, am there na.. I ll handle everything.. why to give them the tension..”

Just then naina, meghna, kunal and karan came down..
Naina,”dadaji u called?”
Dadaji,”ha beta.. I have to give u both a big responsibility.. sandhya suggested that we must keep a party on nirmala’s joining of office.. so u both need to organise it.. got it?? And keep it a surprise.. nd arrange for tomorrow evening..”
Meghna,”dadaji, don’t worry.. we will manage everything..”
Dadaji,” I know beta..”
Kunal,”congratulations meghna, another project not bad.. and my cute saali congratulations to u too.. well meghna.. we r getting late.. call ma.. we need to go..”
Naina,”ya jeeju.. karan, pls could u go and call ma.. I have some important work..”
Karan was astonished at her, but didn’t say anything and went to call nirmala.. both with nk came down..
Nk,”kunal, meghna remember she is your responsibility.. now we should go.. we are late..”
Naina came hurriedly with a plate,”ma today is your first day, I prayed for you today.. let me do aarti of you..” naina did nirmala’s arti..
Nirmala,”you are just like my mother naina.. always taking care of everyone.. ur heart is so pure.. stay blessed always..”
Meghna, kunal, dadaji and karan smiled.. while sandhya was fuming, and nk was irritated since he was a punctual person..
Nk,”are u all done, now can we leave nirmala?”
Naina,”ek minute papa..”

She went to kitchen and brought a bowl..” wo actually whenever me or di used to go for any auspicious work, ma used to feed us dahi shakkar.. ma today is ur first day.. so I thot..”
Nirmala,”will u only think????? Wont u feed me it??” And she smiled..
Naina happily fed her.. and touched her feet.. “all the best ma..”
Nirmala,”thank u beta.. bye naina.. bauji bye.. karan take care of naina, and see if she needs anything..”
Nk,”lets leave now.. meghna, kunal u come in kunal’s car.. and me, sandhya and nirmala in other one..”
All nodded and left..
Karan and dadaji went to their rooms.. naina went to kitchen and prepared lunch, and gave it to driver, who went to office to deliver everyone’s lunch..
Naina came to her room with karan’s lunch.. karan was with his guitar playing some random music.. naina was astonished to see karan so free.. and listened to the music silently.. she was lost with the music.. she felt lively.. she forgot all worries.. and when karan stopped the music naina said,”wao karan, hidden talent is not bad.. u r a good music player.. is this tune composed by you?”
Karan,”haa, wo.. sometimes I play any random music which comes to my heart.. u know naina, music is a feel, which needs a heart to understand and a soul to touch.. anyways why r u here?”
Naina,”karan, this is my room too.. cant I come here without any reason??”
Karan,”arre naina, pls atleast u don’t misunderstand me like masi ma did.. trust me I didn’t mean like that.. I was curious, coz u don’t come to me without a reason.. so..”
Naina got sad hearing it.. she thought,”karan is right yaar naina.. its your fault only..”
Naina to karan,”aaee karan, I was kidding yaar.. but yeah.. thank you..”
Karan,”sorry?? Why??”
Naina,”well thank you for standing by me yesterday.. I know maybe u spoke all those with great difficulty.. so thank you..”

Naina was hurt while saying this.. but what to do she knew karan accepted her only as his friend and not his wife..
Karan,”what are you saying naina.. u r my wife.. and yesterday also I told u that I consider u my wife.. maybe u only think me as your friend naina.. if that is so, then also, for a friend I can do this much..”
Naina,” karan don’t get me wrong.. I think u as my friend and…”
Karan,”and what naina?”
Naina,”my husband karan.. from the day of our marriage only I accepted u my husband karan.. maybe we had differences but on our first night only I apologised bcoz I knew that some relations are made for life and ours was that only.. marriage is a serious truth for me karan.. and I have no problem in telling the world that u r my husband.. but yeah, am glad that u accepted me your wife.. waise u could have told me before only that you accept me as your wife, then I wouldn’t have said those things..” naina teased karan..
Karan,”kya yaar naina, u started again.. I said yesterday only, sorry shouted in front of all.. but maybe u r topper only in studies, but you don’t have common sense.. idiot”
Naina,”karan.. don’t u dare say me an idiot..”
Karan,”naina is an idiot.. naina is an idiot..”
Naina,” karan” and she made an irritated face..
Karan,” naina”
Naina,”what happened?”
Karan,” what happened?”
Naina,” yeah I asked u”
Karan,” yeah I asked u”
Naina,” offho karan.. stop it..” and karan started laughing.. naina was angry.. but suddenly her lips curved up to give that sweet smile.. naina thought,”this is the first time I m seeing you laugh karan.. I wish time stops and I could see u smile like this.. I wish this moment remains like this forever.. how everything changed karan.. our enimity, then marriage.. nd now friendship.. I feel u r my precious friend and ll always be..” naina was lost..
Karan,” aeee naina.. what r u thinking??”
Naine came out of her thoughts,” nothing karan.. just was capturing your first smile infront of me..”
Karan felt happy,” well correction mrs naina karan singh chauhan, its not infront of u.. but it is my first smile I guess since my teenage years.. and the reason is you.. thank you naina..”

Naina was happy to hear that mrs naina karan singh chauhan.. also happy that he praised him.. she smiled brightly looking into karan’s eyes..
Naina,”karan, I forgot.. have ur lunch.. u have ur medicines right.. come sit..”
Karan,” yeah.. u also sit na.. with me.. have lunch..”
Naina,”wo karan I ll have later..”
Karan,”why naina? I c u don’t like to eat with me.. its okk.. I ll serve myself..”
Naina,” babare karan, from where do get so much anger? Actually dadaji didn’t have food till now.. and khyati too.. so I thought to serve them and then eat..”
Karan,” oohh that’s the case.. I have a solution.. go and give khyati and dadaji their lunch.. and u bring ur food here.. I m waiting till then..”
Naina,” but karan..”
Karan,”naina.. u go.. see my medicines time is getting late.. fast naina..”
Khyati was outside their door only.. she was shocked to see her karan bhai was that happy.. she was happy about that, but fumed when it striked that karan bhai was treating naina so well and they turned friends.. she decided not to let their friendship last longer and went from there..
Naina knew arguing wouldn’t do any help.. so she went down, gave dadaji his food.. and sent khyati’s food to her room and brought herself the lunch and went to their room..
When she entered their room, she found a stubborn karan playing games in his mobiile and didn’t touch his food, the plates were as she left them..
Naina,”karan what is this childish behaviour?? U didn’t started till now..”
Karan stopped his game kept the phone and said,”I want to eat with mummy only.. mummy u came na, now I ll become a good boy and eat the food.. mummy come sit na..”
Naina was shocked.. she kept the food plate and said,”karan u r gone now.. I ll not leave you karan..”
Karan,”first catch me naina.. I know u cant.. I m a champion in running u know..” and saying this karan slipped and fell down.. naina stopped at her position and started laughing..
Naina,”see karan.. this is called tit for tat..” and again she was laughing.. karan was mesmerised seeing naina laugh like this.. he got lost in his laughter, pretty smile.. karan to himself,” can fall thousand times to see u laugh naina.. I just so wish this moment stops and I could cherish your smile..”

Precap: party in the house.. maybe a new twist..

Sorry for delay guys.. I hope u like my writing.. cause I don’t find much comments.. u all can say if u think I should stop the ff..

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  1. Aww! This was so cutee? I loved this episode so much. Don’t worry about the comments…there are lot of silent readers and lots who don’t get time to comment…have not been able to comment due to school work…this episode was so ?…when Karan thought to himself that he could fall a thousand times to see her smile…that was so cute?…Don’t even think of ending the fan fiction there are quite a few readers?☺️?

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. dont worry.. not gonna end it soon..enjoy..

  2. Shruthy

    Woooow this is one other NaiRanlicious chapter. ??? Lovely!
    These cute and funny NaiRan moments are so needed in the show itself but… Karan like this is way impossible for the moment. ? At least happy we could read it through fan fictions. ☺️
    Waiting for the next one now. ???

    1. Titli

      Aww.. tysm.. am highly obliged..

  3. Threemaimai

    sweet nairan moments…

    1. Titli

      Yeah.. its gud u all njoyed..

  4. I agree with naina awesome update ???????????????next post sooon

    1. Titli

      Thank you so much.. means a lot..

  5. The update was awesome I love it continue the ff . U wrote ff very good please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer

    1. Titli

      Am honoured dear.. thank you for loving my ff.. and also for ur support.. i submitted the next part.. it ll come up soon..

  6. Tamihna0808

    Loved this longer update! Naina is such a sweet Bahu! Loving the Nairan scenes! Can’t wait for something like this to happen soon! ?❤ continue write this awesome! ??

    1. Titli

      Aww.. thank u so much.. i too want such things in the show.. what if they dont give, we ll create these circumstances..

      1. Tamihna0808

        That is so true! Us FF writers with the help of the audience need to create lovely scenes! You’re doing a great job! ?❤?

  7. Manvinahar

    please dont end this ff.
    i just love this story line and post soon…

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much dear

  8. Prettypreeti

    Hey titli it was superbb yaar..i really liked it..serioisly nairan wrre awesone
    Really u r killing me by so good ff
    Post soon

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..


    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..

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