Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 3

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Chapter 3
Karan was lost in his thoughts holding naina’s hand.. he was completely lost.. while naina was confused.. naina thought,”what is happening? The guy who always hated me, wanted me to go away made me frnds, nd now when I forwarded my hand, he’s not letting me Go!!! What is this God? Pls help me…”
She called karan loudly,”Kaaarrraannnn….”
Karan got back to reality and took off his hands and took his umbrella and went out.. he was thinking,”what I was doing? Why couldn’t I control myself before her?? who is she??”

Meanwhile naina was astonished with karan’s this behaviour.. but she foccussed on her motive, she went to nirmala and said,”ma, papa must be coming.. be confident ma.. u need to say your views..”
Sandhya was outside and was listening to them.. she wondered what was nirmala going to tell her bhaisaheb.. she came inside and said,”nirmala, what u wanna say? Tell me.. I may help you..”

Nirmala,” wo sandhya…”
Naina,”masima wo actually ma wanted to say about di and jeeju’s honeymoon destinations.. she just wanted to surprise them.. so she was going to decide that destination with dad..”
Nirmala was shocked.. she turned to naina,”naina…”
Naina,”ma see, masi ma can help you.. we should have told her before.. sorry masima.. actually di was upset and so forgot to tell u, but u know na better late than never.. anyways.. ma all d best.. nd masima, pls come with me, actually want to ask about karan’s test which is why u took karan from breakfast table..” naina signed nirmala to keep quite.. and took sandhya..
Sandhya,”what u wanna know??”

Naina,”masi ma tell me karan’s test reports..”
Sandhya,” you don’t worry naina.. I m here for karan..” and she went..
Naina to herself,” masima I don’t need to know karan’s test report.. I just wanted u to be away from ma and papa, so that the step towards karan’s treatment can be successful.. I don’t know why I feel u r responsible for karan’s health issue.. pls God prove me wrong!! Pls”
She turned and saw nk.. nk was staring at her.. she greeted him,”good evening papa.. do u wanna have something? Green tea or juice?”
Nk,”no, thanks..” naina smiled and went..

Meanwhile meghna called sharda,”hello ma.. I m sorry.. I shouldn’t have left like that from the house.. I know I hurt u.. pls sorry.. forgive me ma..”
Sharda,” beta, see I could easily take your money.. but u know for me my swabhimaan is most important, and moreover if nk ji came to know about this, then he ll scold u a lot..”
Meghna,” ma u r my ma or kunal’s.. both of u speak the same language.. he also said me.. ma thank u.. u made me marry a person like u.. I m lucky as I have two ma, kunal nd my chiku.. ma sorry.. accha ma bye, here I have to give back someone else’s swabhimaan back..”

Sharda,”bye beta.. take care.. say chiku to call me once..”
Meghna,”okk ma bye..” and she kept the phone.. she went to naina’s room,”chiku..”
Naina,”yes di..”
Meghna,”papa came?? And where is masima?”
Naina,”yes di papa came.. and relax di.. I have kept masima out of this matter” and she explained what she did..
Meghna,” well done chiku.. lets go and see.. papa can over react..”
Naina,”yes di..”

Both went near nk’s room and were listening..
Nk,”what?? Nirmala what u said??? U wanna come to office?? May I know the reason?? Are u fed up serving this family???”
Nirmala,” what are u saying? I can never get fed up with my bauji, karan, kunal, khyati.. and…”
Nirmala,” and u.. how did u think this?? Anyways.. actually karan thinks me as his idol.. so to..”
Nk,”what??? Then its right for his condition.. karan follows you.. he has no choice I feel.. anyways u continue..”
Tears fell from nirmala’s eyes..

Nirmala,” if karan sees me fighting with every odds, and joining office, then he can try to become normal.. and can talk freely.. can become an extrovert.. I just needed the permission..”
Nk,”I c.. I must say sometimes u talk sensible.. but if u join office, wont it be a loss for the office.. I mean u don’t know anything and so what ll u do??”
Meghna and naina entered..
Naina,”sorry papa to say between u both.. but give ma one chance.. I m sure she ll prove herself..”

Meghna,”yes papa.. I ll help her.. ma ll come to office with me tomorrow.. papa pls agree for karan.. afterall he’s ur son..”
Nk’s heart melted a bit.. but couldn’t show it.. he said,”okk nirmala.. tomorrow at 9am.. be ready..” and he went out..
Nirmala, meghna, naina cried happily..
Naina,”ma, u did it.. now karan ll get inspired ma.. I m so happy.. congratulations..”
Meghna,”yes ma.. now no more crying.. its happy moment..”
Nirmala,”meghna naina, u both r more than daughters to me.. I m lucky u r this bahu’s of our house!! I m glad..”
The trio smiled..

Meghna,”ma, lets go down..”
Nirmala nodded..
In the hall..
Nk,”babuji, kunal, karan, sandhyaji, khyati,where r u all.. pls come out everyone..”
All came down.. and saw nk at the centre of the hall.. and meghna, nirmala and naina standing together..
Khyati,”dad y did u called us?? Whats so serious?”

Dadaji,”yes nand kishore.. what is the matter??”
Nk,” babuji matter is very simple.. I want to announce one thing.. nirmala come in front please..”
Nirmala came and stood beside nk..
Nk,”well the fact is, I took a decision for nirmala.. it is that she ll come to office from tomorrow.. with us.. kunal and meghna its completely your responsibility to make her understand her work in the office.. understood??”
Kunal was shocked.. and he nodded.. meghna and naina made sign language to nirmala and gave best wishes.. sandhya watched this and understood that this was naina and meghna’s plan..

Sandhya,”but bhaisaheb, for office there is kunal, meghna, me and obviously u.. then why nirmala.. I mean if she goes office, then who will look after home.. I think this decision should be changed..”
Karan found this weird, he knew masi ma always supported his mom.. but now she wasn’t..
Karan,”masi ma, why r u objecting?? U always wanted best for ma, didn’t u?? Then now…”
Sandhya,”karan, u r also doubting me, like your wife did.. yes karan, now you have your wife.. you will listen to her only.. this is not your words karan.. this is your wife’s words.. I know my karan cant say these.. she only instigated you..”
Karan,” stop it masi ma.. not a word against naina.. I m sorry since I hurt you.. but don’t say such things about naina.. she didn’t instigate me.. neither she can ever.. she can never hurt anyone genuinly.. atleast this much I understood her.. that day she apologised u, and u know what.. she repented her mistake.. she apologised me also.. and when anyone cries and repents over one thing, I know one thing that that person can never hurt anyone..”
Naina felt delighted when karan took her side.. nirmala, meghna, dadaji, kunal felt happy..
Khyati,”bhai, how can you take her side bhai?? U forgot she insulted masi ma.. she is a cheap girl.. naina bhabhi y don’t u leave our home.. go to bundi only.. leave my karan bhai.. she is fighting with family for u.. do u want him break ties with all??”
Karan,”khyati, mind your tongue.. u consider or not, but she is my wife.. and I consider her my wife..”

Naina was shocked to hear that.. all except nk, sandhya and khyati were happy..
Sandhya,”wao karan.. great.. u changed..”
Karan,” no masi ma.. I didn’t but I guess u changed.. u r not allowing ma to go to office why? Ma u ll go to office..”
Nk,” yes sandhyaji.. nirmala will come to office and that’s final.. everyone go to sleep.. no more discussions now..”

Precap: nirmala goes to office and naina says thanks to karan..
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