Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air- Episode 29

Hey guys, here I am back.. so lets go to the chappy, rest talking at last..

In nairan’s room..
Naina,”hmm..” she said while arranging the bed..
Naina,”offo karan, bolo..”
Naina turned with a little anger towards karan, and kept her hands on her hips..
Karan,”yes, now okk..”
Karan,”I mean, now I can see ur pretty face..”
Naina,”pagal.. u r really mad..”
Karan,”arre, u r pagal.. before, u were half, now u became full and me, half..”
Naina,”karan.. let me do my work..”
Karan got up and went to naina, and back hugged her..
Naina,”karan, leave me.. u r such a besharam..”
Karan,”thank u, but I will not back off.. after so many days, I am going to spend some time with my wife.. after so many problems, we are here, I wont leave u..”
Naina,”karan, don’t act childish.. see, the bed is ready.. now sleep..”
Karan,”no naina.. I wont.. please not today.. please..”
Karan,”ssshhh.. let me see my wife.. and dare u interfere between us..”
Naina,”accha?? Love her that much?”
Karan,”not that much.. I love her beyond any words.. no words can describe my love for her”
Naina smiled..

Karan,”haan.. but.. I don’t know, someday I ll love someone else, like I love her..”
Naina freed herself from karan with a hint of jealousy and anger..
Naina,”like really karan?? U ll love someone else also like u love me? Great.. how dare u? And why on earth am still here.. I should leave..”
Saying this she turned to get out of the room.. but karan held her hand, and pulled her closer.. kept his one hand on her waist, and entwined the other hand with her hand..
Karan,”so much anger? My god.. I didn’t know, my cute and dramatic naina can get angry also.. mrs. Naina badtameez..”
Naina,”leave me..” and she struggled, but he held her tightly without hurting her..
Karan,”naina, look into my eyes..” naina stopped atruggling and looked into his eyes..
Karan,”naina, u wont ask whom can I love?”
Naina(lost in his hazel orbs),” who?”
Karan,”well, either a baby karan, or a baby naina, or both or two each.. I feel the last one is better..”
Naina was left shocked.. she pushed him..
Naina,”what? U.. last one.. haa?” And she took a pillow and ran behind karan..
Naina,”stop karan..”
Karan,”no naina, am not going to stop, guts hai toh pakad k dikhao..”
They were running.. suddenly naina hit the chair..
Karan stopped.. and he rushed to naina..
Karan,”ohh god naina, cant u run being careful.. what is this? Coz of me u again got in problem.. am sorry naina..”
Naina,”hey karan..(held his face) u are not at fault in this.. it was me who was running without saying..”
Naina,”but I did a wrong joke na.. am sorry..”
Naina,”ssssshh.. listen, am fyn.. actually I faked it.. to catch u and beat u..” and she smiled..
Karan got angry..
Karan,”are u out of your mind?? Drama.. again.. naina how many times I must say, don’t do these kind of dramas.. yaar jaan nikal jati hai meri.. why cant u understand damnit..”
Naina felt bad.. she got up, and held karan’s arms..
Naina,”am sorry karan.. now I ll not do these kind of dramas..”
Karan,”no naina.. not this time.. u always do, and then bring that cute face and say sorry, and I melt.. this only happens.. but not now..” and he turned to leave..
Naina held his arms..
Naina,”kaha ja rhe ho?”
Karan,”I don’t know..” he freed his hands.. and started to move forward.. but again naina held him..
Naina,”mat jao pls..”
Karan was again heading..
Naina,”karan please..”
Karan still was heading..
Naina,”akdu ho tum.. but I love you akdu..”
Karan stopped and turned..
Karan,”what? Akdu.. now do I look akdu? I mean see, u only started the fight and am akdu? Ridiculous.. badtameez kahiki..
Naina,”what u thought? U would enjoy my cute si antics..”
Karan thought,”isse kaise pta..”
Naina,”don’t think much.. look at the mirror..”
Karan,”oh teri..”
Naina smirked..
Karan,”I accept my defeat babydoll..”
Naina,”what? Babydoll..”
Karan came to naina..
Karan,”yes my sweet little babydoll..” and kissed her forehead.. naina smiled..
Karan,”well naina.. I think, 4 chotu will be enouf no? See two nainas and two karans.. junior obviously.. what say??”
Naina hit his hand..
Naina,”matlab kuch bhi right?” And hugged him..
Karan,”naina ko sharam bhi aati hai?”
Naina smiled..
Naina,”lets sleep?”
Karan,”sure madam..”
They went to sleep..

Next morning..
All were at the breakfast table..
Nk,”well naina..”
Naina,”ji papa..”
Nk,”beta, how’s your mba preparation.. what u thought about it?”
Naina,”papa, I am preparing for iim entrance tests.. and once I get chance, I ll take on a dlp couse..”
Meghna,”dlp? Naina.. dlp course will be difficult.. u need a lot of practice, which u ll lack here.. I feel, u should join college, and attend classes..”
Naina,”but di..”
Nk,”beta, meghna is absolutely right.. study is very important.. and this is about your career.. I will order u to join college.. got it?”
Nirmala,”yes, he is right.. u don’t worry about home.. its only 2 yrs na.. then u ll come back home, and join some great company..”
Karan’s smile faded listening naina would be away from him for two years.. yeah she would be home during vacations.. but still two years.. but he was somewhere happy about his wife.. khyati noticed karan upset..
Khyati,”lo.. bhai toh abhise udas ho gaye.. bhai, bhabi is here only now.. so don’t u be upset..”
Karan faked a smile..
Karan,”upset.. me? No.. rather am happy, afterall naina will be fulfilling her dream.. am happy.. also, ab mera dimaag thik rahega, for two years..”
Naina felt the pain in his voice..
Karan,”dad, I am done.. I have some work.. and I ll be a bit late today for office..”
Nirmala,”but beta finish the breakfast..”
Karan,”ma, am full.. aur nahi..”
Meghna,”karan.. eat full..”
Karan,”no bhabi.. am full..”
And karan left the table.. only naina and nk understood what happened to him.. naina also turned to go after karan..
Meghna,”chiku, breakfast.. come sit..”
Naina,”di am coming.. wait a bit..”
Meghna,”no chiku.. first breakfast..”
Naina gave in for her sister, and ate quickly and rushed upstairs..

In nairan’s room..
Karan was sitting on the bed with naina’s photo in his hands.. he was just staring at the pic and humming some random music.. naina entered..
Karan’s trance broke and naina found karan sitting with her pic.. as soon as karan saw naina, karan’s eyes welled up.. he got up and ran to naina and hugged her tight.. naina hugged him back.. she knew he needed her the most and so let him cry out..
Karan,”mat jao.. pls..”
Naina,”am not going anywhere now..”
Karan,”am not talking about now.. naina, two years?”
Naina,”karan.. sit.. first.. abhi jane k liye bht tym hai.. and second, u r lyk this now only, what will happen when I ll leave.. karan, don’t u want I study?”
Karan,”I am sorry.. actually, the thought of staying away from u kills me.. am sorry..”
Naina,”u know what, since I will miss u, so I decided for dlp.. but papa.. how can I dispbey him?”
Karan,”dad is right.. u must go to college.. I will wait naina.. I promise.. for u, what is 2 years, I can wait lifelong..”
Naina smiled..
Naina,”that’s like my karan.. now get ready and go for office..”
Karan,”yes mam..”
Nairan smiled at each other.. naina’s phone ringed.. she took the call..
Naina,”haan bhaiyu..”
Vishal,”reports are all fine, jeeju is perfect now..”
Naina,”really.. thank u bhaiyu.. u r great..”
Vishal,”chiku, am a doctor, main credit goes to u.. u took care of him.. congrats naina..”
Naina,”bhaiyu, I ll call u later, let me tell karan..”
Vishal,”okk… bye..”
Call disconnected..
Naina,”karan, all reports are fyn and u r perfect now..”
Karan smiled..
Karan picked up naina and twirled her.. he quickly pecked her lips..
Naina blushed..
Karan,”I love you naina.. I love u so much..”
Naina,”I love u too..” and she gave a peck on his cheeks..
Both smiled..

Extremely sorry for this late.. I wont be able to post for next one week.. I ll be on a holiday.. so yeah.. next one will be late.. sorry for that also.. well today’s question is- favourite holiday destination u want to go? Mine is paris..❤️❤️❤️❤️ share ur views about the chapter.. am not getting responses everyone.. thank u so much for reading..??

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  1. Minerva

    Truly wonderful and lovely. The episode was a masterpiece in all aspects. The humour,grief,love and joy portrayed here was immaculate in every scene. All the dialogues and actions were apt in their own pretty way.
    The bedroom scene of nairan was seriously cute and absolutely adorable. Karan’s words about junior nairan were truly incredible. Naina’s reactions on the same were wonderfully captured.
    The words about naina going away has seriously injured my heart. But as the saying goes, distance strengthens the bond of love. Therefore, I hope so that it holds true even now. Thus extrending the love of NaiRan forever and their happiness for eternity.
    Its surely exhiliriating to read such pieces of art which can sufgice you for days to come. Masterpiece in the truest sense…

  2. yaar what magic do u have??
    seriously amazing.i just loved it.pls upload the next capter soon.i will be waiting

  3. Seyal

    it was really nice,loved all the nairan scenes ??waiting for the next epi impatiently

  4. Titli after dinner date direct romance,its cosfusing if u elabrate the date episode with someromance is more good

  5. Superb..

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