Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air-Episode 28

Hi guys, am back.. sorry for the delay.. straight to the chapter.. loads of love to u all..❤️?? here u go..


Nk, karan, naina, vishal and khyati returned the chauhan house..
Nirmala,”what was going on? Naina, karan, say something..”
Naina,”maa, relax.. nothing to worry..”
Karan and naina explained the whole thing to nirmala and dadaji..
Dadaji,”where is kunal and meghna?”
Karan,”dadu they are on the way from bundi..”
Kunal entered,”not on the way, we are here..” and he smiled..
Nirmala,”kunal..” and he ran and hugged kunal and meghna..

Nirmala,”meghna, kunal u both are fine right? Where were u guys? No news nothing..”
Naina,”maa, sorry, actually me and kunal had their info.. but we didn’t share it, for khyati’s safety..”
Dadaji,”we are lucky, that meghna and naina are my house’s bahus..”
Nk,”babuji, I agree.. naina, meghna, If u can pls forgive me.. I behaved very badly with u both and ur family.. and kunal, am sorry, I didn’t want to send u out, afterall u r my son, not by blood but by heart.. and karan, come here..”
Karan came near nk..
Nk,”am proud of u.. I always misunderstood u.. but u r also a gem.. my children are the best..” khyati, kunal and karan hugged their dad..
Karan,”dad, I also behaved rudely in the past.. sorry..”
Nk,”its fyn beta..”

Naina,”papa, one work is still left..” and she looked at nirmala..
Nk,”nirmala, u r the best wife a husband can ever get.. am lucky that u r my better half.. previously, I asked u to come to office for karan, but now, u ll come to office on ur capability.. and according to ur capability, u will join in place sandhya singhania.. that means u ll be the vice president of bharat industries..”
Dadaji,”u said a big thing today.. am proud of u..”
All smiled..
Nirmala,”okk, naina, karan, kunal, meghna, u guys will be tired, go and rest.. and khyati, take vishal to the guest room..”
All nodded and headed to their rooms..

At meghnal’s room
Meghnal entered.. they were happy to see the room as well as surprised.. the room was decorated with flowers and candles, and a board hanging welcome back.. meghnal smiled..
Meghna,”this all, so beautiful.. who did it?”
Kunal,”must be karan, naina..”
Vishal entered,”jeeju wrong.. it was me and khyati..”

Kunal turned and hugged him..
Kunal,”thank u vishal.. but why all these?”
Vishal,”wow jeeju, idea was of naina’s only, afterall who else can find happiness in all small things.. thanks to her, coz of her only small happinesses looks big.. she said, di and jeeju are coming back home, so they must spend time alone, for this.. hope u liked our decorations..”
Meghna,”vishal, liked? We loved them.. thank u..”
Vishal,”its okk.. now I ll not spoil ur time.. bye, guys see u..”
Meghnal,”bye” and hugged vishal..
Vishal left..
Kunal,”so topper, how are u feeling after coming back home?”
Meghna,”not home, home sweet home.. I am really glad, that all things got cleared.. I missed this place a lot..”
Kunal,”me too..”
And kunal kissed meghna’s forehead..
Kunal,”but I was glad, that u were with me.. I love u topper..”
Meghna,”I love u wrong no.”
They smiled..
Kunal,”meghna, I guess, we are here to spend some moment.. else my Sali’s efforts will go vain..”
Meghna hit kunal’s arm lightly and turned around to find a gift packet on the bed..
Meghna,”kunal, see..” and she picked the packet..

Kunal,”whats this?”
Meghna,”I don’t know..”
Kunal,”open it..”

Meghna opened the packet.. inside there was a note..
Note: offo di, I knew, u ll first read or search for the note only.. u r so boring.. this is a small gift from me and karan for u and jeeju, so that u get the feeling of date in ur room only.. I am sorry, we could not arrange a real date under the stars, cool breeze in the moonlight.. but jitna humse itni kam wakt mei ho saka we did it.. hope u ll like it.. Now, don’t smile like an idiot, and don’t spoil our surprise.. from ur chiku
Meghna was really smiling like an idiot, so was kunal..

Kunal,”yaar, I didn’t know naina was this cute and romantic.. topper, I must say, she is better than u in these matters.. I love my Sali yaar.. and sorry? My god, after this arrangement also she is saying sorry.. I ll kill her.. not today tomorrow..”
Meghna,”chiku is like this only, she surprises a lot, then seeks forgiveness, for not doing a bit more.. really I love my sister.. she is best..”
Kunal,”best? No no no.. she is the bestest..”

Kunal,”now see what’s their gift”
Meghna opened the gift, there was a dress for meghna, with matching accessories.. and an outfit for kunal..
Meghna,”pretty like chiku..”

Kunal,”really.. I ll preserve this dress..”

Kunal’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/98/9e/38/989e38890dcdea7035c8b874e5e19f81.jpg

Meghna’s outfit: https://www.lunss.com/uploads/product/1/4/14077/flutter-sleeve-v-neck-elegant-long-evening-dress-2.jpg

They got ready and spent an evening(not dragging)..

Am sorry guys, today this only, am somewhat busy, my grandpa expired, so couldn’t write the ff.. I ll post soon.. hope u liked the epi.. today it was meghnalicious.. next one will be nairan one.. am really sorry guys..

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    Strifes and glories give life its real meaning. And losses such as these are those stones which have the dual capability of either making or breaking us. Therefore, even though its a great bereavment for you and your family, you should stay strong and try to get over it and decide the correct usage of this grief-stone hurled at you…

    Nonetheless, the episode was super amazing and lovely. Nandkishore’s dialogues today were great and extremely like-able. The welcome given by the chauhan family to meghnal was seriously beautiful. Naina’s efforts and surprises were truly adorable and lovely. Her caring and good-natured being has truly touched by soul. She is a true gem in this society of dark orbs..

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