Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air-Episode 27

Hey guys.. really very sorry.. there was certain technical problem. So the ff got delayed here’s the next epi..

Karan and naina left for the checkup. After sometime, Nk went to the study, took an empty bag and went out. There karan and naina were done with the tests.
Karan,”naina, its just 12, I guess we must have lunch, then go to the police station.”
Naina,”then lets proceed.”
They went to a nearby restaurant and ordered the food. Naina’s phone rang.
Naina,”karan, its di..”
Naina took the call and put the phone in speaker.
Meghna,”chiku, all good.”
Naina,”yes di. Sorry di, I didn’t inform u the..”
Meghna,”khyati called and said me. But chiku, the plan is risky.”
Karan,”bhabi, am with her, and I ll not let anything her, I promise u that.”
Meghna,”karan, its not only about naina, its about u also.”
Naina,”what di? U are so darpok. No risk no game. Sorry said zyada. But di relax, me and karan are both with each other. And khyati has the backup. So don’t worry. Also police will be with us and and toh papa, he’s also with us. So u relax, if we will be in any problem, we will surely ask for help di. U just take care of urself and jeeju.”
Meghna,”my chiku is so grown up.. am impressed.. all the best. Okay now bye.”
Karan,”bye bhabi, take care.”
Naina,”bye di.”
They kept the phone and had their lunch, went to the police station and informed them everything. Two inspector got in with naina and karan, and rest were advised to arrive a bit late. There nk got ready with the money and came to the spot at 3pm. Naina and karan kept their car about 500 m away and walked in to the place and hid themselves before 3pm only.
At 3pm, a black car came, from there got down two person, a lady and a man. Naina was in distraught to see her taoji.
Karan(whispered),”control naina.”

Taoji and the lady came infront of nk.
Nk,”aap? I cant believe my eyes..”
Lady,”yes me. I also suffered a lot, coz of that meghna and naina. I cant forget any insult.”
Lady,”I guess u forgot.. let it be.. some other day I ll make u remember.”
Nk,”I thought sandhya ji is involved with u..”
Karan and naina were shocked.
Inspector,”naina ji, u said sandhya is involved..”
Naina,”sir, am sure masima is involved, but.. but karan who is this woman..”
Karan,”am also clueless.. we cant take risk, how to know?”
Naina,”wait, bhaiyu is in jaipur only.”
Naina,”papa said that khyati’s life is in risk right.. so why not I call bhaiyu and tell him to go to our house and be with khyati..”
Naina,”no.. text..”
Naina texted vishal.. and also asked him to inform di and jeeju.. vishal did the same..
Naina,”sir ur force?”
Inspector,”yes they are here only.”
Naina,”great.” Naina received the text from vishal that he reached to khyati.
Naina,”me and karan are going first, then when we signal, u pls come and inform the team.”
Both went..
Taoji and the lady turned.. naina and karan were shocked.. karan knew what naina must be going through..
Naina,”badi mami..” and she lost her balance.. karan held her..
Karan,”naina, don’t panic..”
Naina started crying..
Naina,”mami, what was our fault, why u wanted jeeju and di to be out of our house?”
Mami,”shut up.. this is called revenge, u get that.. I know when a son goes against his own mother how it feels, vishal he always supported sharda, and u two sisters. Sharda, yes, that sharda who knew only to use my son for her own selfish motives. She never cared for my son’s future. Vishal invested 15 lakhs, but he is blind for his bua, and so, he spent that money on meghna’s wedding. On the wedding day, this, nand kishore chauhan, slapped my son for no reason. Vishal helped sharda all the time, but in return what he got? Nothing only insult and humiliation.. so when I heard all this from meghna, I decided to help sandhya ji. I bailed her out, then we 3 made this plan, and u both did a grave mistake by coming here. There sandhya ji will kill khyati.. I ll call her..”
She dialled the call, but naina took the phone..

Taoji,”eh, ladki.. don’t fly much.. u r a girl, remember that..” and he raised his hand to slap naina, but his hand remained in air as nk held his hand..
Nk,”a girl is a family’s pride, but she is my bahu, don’t eye her.. don’t dare to raise hand on girls, it shows how coward u are.. she is more capable than u..” and he jerked his hand..
Taoji,”really? Huh, fatherless girl like her has no respect..”
Naina was stunned, her eyes welled up..
Nk,”dare u call her fatherless before her father.. she is my daughter.. not only she, even meghna also.. “
Naina smiled in between her tears.. nk, wiped her tears..
Taoji,”nand kishore..” and he pushed nk..
Naina,”papa..” karan held him..
Karan,”taoji, my parents gave me this teaching not to raise voice or hands to elders.. and u r my elder, again if u do this, I ll forget my teachings..”
Mami,”look at him.. how dare u talk like this..”
Inspector,”rukiye aaplog..”
Inspector,”don’t try to run, else u ll be encountered..”
Taoji,”we don’t care, khyati will be killed, we called sandhya ji..”
Inspector,”khyati is safe.. there vishal and half of my team was there.. and they said sandhya ji is arrested..”
Karan,”arrest them please..”
Inspector puts handcuff on them..
Naina,”mami, am ashamed to call u my mami.. u did not think of mama ji and vishal.. how they will feel when they come to know..
Vishal,”what they will feel? They will feel good only.. afterall, a selfish woman can never be called a wife or a mother, inspector, take her..”
Mami,”vishal, listen.. I did it for u..” vishal payed no heed to her words. Taoji and mami ji were taken in the jeep..
Naina hugged vishal..
Vishal,”don’t cry chiku..”

Khyati,”am here di..”
Naina hugged khyati.. vishal hugged karan and nk..
Nk,”vishal beta, am sorry for past happenings..”
Vishal,”uncle its past.. forget it..”
Nk,”am glad, u kept the past aside and helped my daughter..” khyati ran to nk and hugged her.. karan hugged naina..
Vishal,”they are on the way from bundi.. they will meet at home only..”
Nk,”then lets go.. vishal, u also come.. stay for some days..”
Vishal,”uncle I can stay over night, but tomorrow I ll leave for bundi.. afterall dad is also alone.. and he must be hurt a lot..”
Nk,”hmm that’s right.. as u wish.. lets go.. come everyone..”

Sorry, if I bored u all with this.. there will be many twists, new characters coming along.. so have patience.. I ll try to post soon..
Well today’s question: who is/are your fav personality??????
Mine is Brendon mcCullum??(new zealand cricket player, now retired), shah rukh khan??, ms dhoni??
Am waiting for ur reply guys.. ??☺️☺️????

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  1. Liked it very much .Loved badi mami twist.i didn’t expect such a twist.P lease add nairan and meghnal scenes too.Pleade post soon

  2. Liked it very much .Loved badi mami twist.i didn’t expect such a twist.P lease add nairan and meghnal scenes too.

  3. Liked it very much .i didn’t expect such a twist.loved it
    P lease add nairan and meghnal scenes too.

    1. Titli

      Yeah, i ll add.. dont worry.. actually if there is only romance, then it would have lost its charm.. so a bits of twists are needed.. thank u for loving this twist.. i ll post soon..?❤️

  4. loved your ff . please post as soon as possible .my favorite personality is justin bieber .

    1. Titli

      Wow.. justin beiber.. nice haan.. i am glad u liked it..?

  5. Nice twist. I didn’t expect mamiji also involved. Superb episode.cmng to your question A.R.Rahman nice man

    1. Titli

      Thank u for ur compliment.. and rahman sir, he is great..?

  6. Minerva

    Extremely fantastic. This episode was a true milestone in all aspects. The execution of the chauhan’s masterplan was just exemplary and unimaginable. I had always had the feeling that badi mamiji could never see happiness in sharda’s life but never could have ever dreamt about this. This has surely intensified my hate for her by a great many notches and its sure to scale mount everest pretty soon.
    The conceptualisation and presentation was plain marvellous. Vishal and khyati’s escapade was just the apt icing on the great ‘revelation’ cake we all needed. All the actions and flow of words were timed perfectly and were flawless in their performance. Amazing and fantastic episode for sure..

    1. Titli

      I thought, it was a bit clumsy.. but glad that it was not that clumsy i thought it to be.. thank u so much for ur precious comment???

  7. Threemaimai

    i am so in love with your ff…. hope you post soon. even i can’t do it myself i really wish you will 😀

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. maybe i ll try.. loads of love dear❤️

  8. loved the episode…waiting for karans results and their scenes.post ASAP ??

    1. Titli

      Tysm.. i ll try my best.. ??

  9. Sulerb…badimaami..yaaa…i expected this…vishal is a good guy…hope in next episode our karan will be fine completely..now problems are over right…so i think some enjoyment moments are coming soon..
    Post soon dear

    1. Titli

      Acche din aane wale hain.. hehe, kidding.. good and bad both times are going to come, so have patience.. and tysm..☺️☺️☺️

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