Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 26

Hi guys, am back.. thank u so much for your support.. now lets go ahead.. happy reading..?????

Khyati,”di read it loud..”
Letter: see naina, I m in a problem.. u r right, I was not willing to throw kunal and meghna.. but someone blackmailed me that if I don’t throw kunal out then they will kill khyati.. also they asked for 25 crores and that to tomorrow.. also, I wont be able to talk about it to u.. but yeah I can write u.. if u want to say anything send me letters.. coz my phone is also tapped.. and beta, don’t get me wrong.. atleast u.. I don’t know what to do.. and yeah that person is ur taoji.. yes.. I don’t know how he knows.. but maybe sandhya ji said.. u please try to find out..
Naina read this letter..
Khyati,”that means di, was right..”
Karan,”yess.. naina.. what to do..”
Naina gave no response..
Karan,”naina..” and she turned..
Karan,”what are u thinking?”
Naina,”karan, taoji.. taoji hates me, mumma and di so much? I cant believe.. and who can be with her.. papa doubts masima, but she is in jail..”
Karan,”or has she been bailed out..”
Naina,”oh my god karan.. pls check on the police station once..”
Karan,”not today naina, its already late.. now res thing tomorrow.. khyati u also go, take some rest..”
Khyati nodded and left..
Naina,”when will this be all over karan.. I m tired.. first masima, then now taoji and a mysterious person..”
Karan,”nainu.. pls stop worrying..” and he embraced naina..
Naina,”what u said?”
Karan,”stop worrying..”
Naina,”no what u called me by?”
Karan,”nainu.. why didn’t u like it? Its fine..”
Naina,”karan, loved it.. call me that only from now on.. nainu.. such a cute name.. cute like my akdu..” and she grinned..
Karan,”okk madam.. now pls take rest., come on sleep..”
Naina,”yes sir..”
And both slept on each other’s embrace..

Next morning..
Naina woke up first.. she rushed and freshened up.. then wrote something and went to nk’s room.. naina handed the paper and waited for his reply.. nk wrote something and gave it back to naina.. naina left and came to her room..
Naina,”karan, get up.. today we have a lot of work..”
Karan,”10 mins naina..”
Naina,”not 10 secs also.. pls get up.. we need to go for your checkup.. and to papa’s rescue.. so pls get up..”
Karan remembered last night and got up with a jolt, ran to the washroom, and freshened up quickly..
Karan,”naina, any new thing?”
Naina,”today morning I went to papa and asked him about when and where papa was going to meet taoji.. also I informed him that u, jeeju, di and khyati know about it.. he said me the place.. see this.. and its at 3pm.. so we have enough time..”
Naina,”see lets get down, have breakfast and then we are going for your tests.. and on the way back we’ll go to papa’s rescue..” amd explained rest of the plan..
Karan,”who made u engineer? If I was your teacher, I would never give u a btech degree.. rather send u to investigation university.. u must have been a detective in your last birth..”
Naina,”karan.. lets get down..”
They both went down, and on their way, they met khyati.. karan explained everything to khyati..
Khyati,”bhai its so risky.. can I come too?”
Naina and karan,”no ways..”
Naina,”khyati, its damn risky.. u r our backup.. see, this is a tracker.. it is connected with your laptop.. if we don’t comeback till 6pm, then track its location.. and inform jeeju and di.. we will inform police.. and take police with us.. so don’t worry.. but this tracker is a backup..”
Khyati,”okk bhai.. di, relax.. I ll handle here..”
Naina,”great.. now lets have breakfast..”
They went to the breakfast table.. karan got a call from police station.. karan excused everyone.. and went to talk.. after a couple of minutes he was back but was worried and lost.. naina shook him..
Naina,”(whispering) what happened?”
Karan,”it was inspector’s call.. and dad was right.. masima was bailed out by an anonymous person..”
Naina,”what? Ohh god.. I swear, I ll not leave her so easily, first u, now jeeju and di.. I ll make them repent..”
Karan,”hmm.. we have to leave..”
Naina(to all),”maa, today karan is having some tests, just to make sure, he is fine completely.. reports will be available tomorrow itself.. so maa, am taking karan to hospital.. and I feel from tomorrow everything will be great..”
Nirmala,”its good.. just if kunal would have been here..”
Naina,”maa, don’t worry, jeeju and di will be back soon.. its my promise..”
Nirmala looked at nk with anger as well as hurt.. nk was just looking down.. with guilt ofcourse..
Nk(thought),”sorry everyone, but what to do? Khyati is also important.. her life is at risk..i feel no one would have felt bad if khyati will be in problem.. I love my 3 children equally.. cant give anyone’s sacrifice.. naina thank u.. babuji is right, I think we did some great work, for which we got bahus like u and meghna.. god bless u my child..”

How’s the epi? I guess u liked it.. thank u so much, ur support means a lot.. well I started like tami.. to ask questions..??
Today’s question is your favourite novel? Well let me share mine.. mine is the diary of a young girl by Anne Frank.. if u r a cbseian, u ll know about it.. it’s a great book.. I love it.. also I love the famous five.. I almost completed the series.. only 2/3 are left.. its by enid blyton, many of u will know.. also I love plays by Shakespeare.. and short stories by rabindranath tagore.. since am a bengali, so I love novels by sarat chandra chattopadhyay.. and many more.. it’s a long list.. I love science fictions also.. share urs.. ????????

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  1. Fantastic episode dear..i really loved it..naina is so smart…that taoji?i know he will create problems in serial also after sandhya exposed..
    And same as you diary of a young girls is my favourite too?and i love sherlock holms series verymuch..dracula is one of my favourite…vaikkam muhammad basheers novels are my favourite too..

    1. Titli

      Wow.. great books.. i also like sherlock holms series.. thank u so much for liking it.. ???taoji will create problems..??

  2. Minerva

    Super fantastic. The episode was utterly magical. The scenes were pretty awesome and the descriptions you enriched them with provided amazing visualries. The compilation and usage of your vocabulary was truly commendable throughout. The episode was really intriguing and interesting. I am pretty sure that the revelations will not come out so soon with so much of ease. Its going to take some time and hardwork of sure. Until then, waiting is the only option. Hoping for some good news and karan’s complete recovery.

    1. Titli

      Frankly speaking, am in love with ur vocab.. its so stupendous.. i feel great, reading such fantastic english.. thank u so much.. its a pleasure to hear compliment for my vocab(which is too bad) from a genius like u..❤️?????

  3. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice episode…
    I too like diary of Anna frank, Sherlock homes, famous five, and many others…..

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. urs books are great as well..??❤️??

  4. Threemaimai

    hi titli it was an awesome ep. i love it 🙂
    mine fav Anne which changed my life a lot

    1. Titli

      Aww.. tysm.. sorry for late reply.. yesterday here was heavy rainfall, so prblm with the network.. i ll post soon..

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