Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 24


She entered the room and found karan in a mess.. she ran to karan and kneeled down..
Naina,”karan.. look at me.. I didn’t know that my karan is so weak.. karan hold on.. don’t cry.. see by crying jeeju and di wont be back.. we have to do something!!!”
Karan,”naina.. how.. how dad could just throw them away.. I know bhai is not his real son, but is it so easy to break all the ties, with the one person whom he loved since 25years.. he always loved kunal bhai.. then how could he?”
Naina,”karan.. first stop crying..” karan wiped his tears.. and lied down on naina’s lap.. naina caressed his hairs..
Naina,”u know, when we were kids, dad used to go to business tours.. and each and every time he bought bhai something or the other.. he also bought for us, but that was rare.. for this reason, me and khyati were always jealous of kunal bhai.. but bhai.. he was so great.. the thing which dad would bring for “ONLY HIM”, he would share it with all.. the only thing which I never got was appreciation from dad.. that was coz of masima only.. I don’t blame him for that.. but yeah dad would take off from work if bhai was ill, maybe it’s a minor cold also.. but he never complained.. how can he disown bhai..”
Naina pondered upon karan’s words..
Naina,”coz maybe someone else wants it..”
Karan got up shocked,”what? That person did wrong with bhai, ur di and u r taking his side..”
Naina,”karan, first listen to me.. am not taking anyone’s side.. I was just thinking, that suddenly what may have happened to papa that he disowned them..”
Karan,”naina, his ego.. u r so innocent, u cant see dad’s ego..”
Naina,”papa has ego.. but I guess this time its not the ego thing.. let me explain.. see this incident took place day before yesterday.. and masima was arrested yesterday morning only.. so papa took this much time to disown them?? He could have threw them the next very moment after masima’s arrest!!! Are u getting what am I trying to say?”
Karan thought for few seconds,”yes naina.. u r right.. if that’s the case then who is behind all this?”
Naina,”u have..” her phone rang.. it was meghna..
Naina,”karan di..”
Naina,”hello di.. where are u? U both are fyn right?”
Meghna,”relax chiku.. we are fine.. we came to bundi till we find a place to live..”
Karan,”its good decision bhabi.. bhabi, bhai?”
Kunal,”haan karan say..”
Karan got emotional.. he was crying..
Karan,”bhai..” and he broke off..
Naina,”karan sambhalo..”
Kunal,”karan, why are u crying? Am absolutely fyn..”
Karan,”arre am crying coz revenge for today morning is left for u.. u need to come back.. I ll bring u back.. bhai I promise.. from childhood we never shared a brotherly bond, that was due to my stupidity only..”
Kunal,”ehh karan, dare u call my brother stupid.. he is sher.. my sher.. and yeah.. I love him a lot.. bol dena usse..”
Karan,”haan.. sure.. he also send me a msg.. that he loves his bhai, kunal bhai the most after his mother..”
Kunal,”aur biwi?” He chuckled..
Karan,”usse toh sbse zyada..” he looked at naina.. naina blushed..
Meghna,”ohho, I know, my chiku is blushing right now a lot..”
Naina,”kya di.. always pulling my leg… and karan, who said u to say this..”
Karan,”arre u don’t know ur jeeju.. he only said me, ki always take care of my Sali.. always love her the most.. aur ask him, he also wanted to hear that.. ryt bhai?”
Kunal,”right.. karan, meri Sali ka dhyan rakhna.. sbse pyari hai meri Sali.. best hai naina..”
Meghna,”done joke.. chiku.. how’z everyone? Dadaji ko wakt pe khana dena.. aur ma ki dawaii bhi.. aur papa ko sambhalna.. unhe koi galat kaam mat karne dena..”
Karan,”bhabi, ek baat..”
Meghna,”say karan..”
Karan explained naina’s doubt..
Meghna,”chiku, u got smarter.. but yeah, I was thinking the same thing.. we were thinking to find about the matter.. and so I was going to talk with u later this evening about it.. since u guys have same thought.. I guess we should do a vdo call at night.. 11pm?”
Naina,”yeah sure.. khyati will be included in it too.. cause she helps a lot.. and include vishal bhaiyu too..”
Meghna,”okk naina..”
Kunal,”so for now, bye guys.. we need to romance a bit..”
Nairan chuckled and meghna blushed..
Naina,”now di must be blushing..” and all broke out laughing..
Meghna,”chalo bye..”
Naina,”bye di..”
They hanged up.. naina looked at karan and karan opened his arms.. naina hugged him.. there meghna hugged kunal..

Sorry for this chotu update.. am having fever+cough+cold.. so.. enjoy this only.. I ll try to post soon.. happy reading..

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    1. Titli

      Sure dear.. thank u so much!!!!

  2. Titli

    Am so sorry.. that ll be karan saying about his childhood..?

  3. super episode.l think masimaa is behind nk’s this behavior,otherwise a father can’tdo it to his who he loved the most and get well soon☺☺

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..?
      Lets see..

  4. l mean his son,who he loved the most?

  5. Nice episode. Get well soon

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. i ll try to post soon..?

  6. Tamihna0808

    Girl! ? so good! Loved everything!?Karans emotional side and him having Naina by his side! ?Too good! Meghnal and Nairan was super cute!?Can’t wait for your next update!? I hope you feel well soon dear! ?❤

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. am also waiting to get fyn.. coz a plot which is amazing according to me is running in my mind.. so yeah lets see..

  7. Great episode
    Please update it soon

    1. Titli

      Yaa sure.. i ll try my level best.. thank u for ur support!!?

  8. Threemaimai

    i love it…. i wonder who is the person controlling Nk. waiting for next ep. sorry for late response dr… get well soon. I guess this month is not good for everyone not only for me 😉

    1. Titli

      Lets see who is the person.. actually i too dont know..??

  9. Minerva

    A marvellous piece of art. This story is the first fanfiction on NAIRAN I had ever read and this is absolutely amazing. All the episodes until now had been immaculate works of prose enriched with wonderful vocabulary and thoughts. Each and every episode presented a new side to the relationships and was amazing in its own way.
    The episode I am commenting on presently is one of the finest pieces of literature I have ever come across. The dialogues and actions were fabulously conceptualised and presented. The emotions were wonderfully captured and portrayed in the form of magical dialogues and actions. Utterly amazing..

    1. Titli

      Wow.. i must appreciate your vocabulary yaar.. u r too good.. and thank u for making me amazing, coz its the viewers who literally make us complete writers.. so i want to thank all people who appreciate writers like us.. and u minerva, i feel u r commendable in vocabulary.. u can also start ff.. it ll be fun for u also, and readers like me.. i want to mention 2 names who inspired me- threemaimai and tamihna.. i ll request you to go through their ffs too.. they are just mindblowing..
      Thank u once again..☺️✌?

  10. Pratha

    Hey Titli get well soon
    Sorry for d late comment as I’m really busy searching my college

    The update was nice n sweet

    Keep updating

  11. Hi….. sorry for not commenting on previous chapter in loved the chapter very much and get well soon and post next chapter and eager to read the next chapter

  12. felin bad for maghnal…episode was awsom dear titli…end get we’ll soon tak care…

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