Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 23

Morning arrived.. nirmala woke up and found her children sleeping peacefully.. she adored them.. sunrays fell on kunal and he woke up and found himself on his mother’s lap.. he smiled at his mother..
Kunal,”good morning..”
Nirmala,”morning beta.. get up quickly.. and get ready for office and come down..”
Kunal,”okk mom.. but before that…” kunal got up, took the glass of water kept near the bedside and splashed it on karan and khyati..
Karan,”tsunami.. I ll die… save me..”
Khyati,”oh my god, its raining.. inside the house?”
Both karan and khyati got up with a jerk.. and stared at kunal and nirmala.. kunal started laughing.. nirmala smiled at these 3 siblings..
Karan,”mom.. this is bhai’s idea no?”
Kunal,”so? What did u think? Only I ll get up and leave mom.. no dear.. u too need to get up..”
Khyati,”but bhai like this.. not done..”
Karan,”yeah bhai nhi jallad hai jallad.. ruko bhai.. u r gone..” and he ran behind him with his famous umbrella..
Karan,”khyati go that side..” and they were running making the room a complete mess.. meghna and naina came hearing the noise..

Meghna saw the room and was shocked.. nirmala joined her two bahus..
Meghna shouted,”kunal..”
Naina shouted,”karan…”
Meghna,”kunal, what’s this.. u r elder.. what u did with the room.. u made it a mess.. they are younger to u.. they can do it.. but u.. grow up..” and she kept on scolding him..
Karan and khyati smiled..
Karan(to khyati but kunal was able to listen),”khyati, humme toh pehle hi bhabi ko bulana chahiye tha.. now see how kunal bhai’s class would be taken..”
Khyati,”yeah bhai..”
Karan,”lets chill and enjoy..”
Naina came forward..
Naina,”karan.. I heard what u said.. u r having fun seeing ur bhai getting scolded right?” And she kept her hands on her hips..
Karan,”wo.. main..”
Kunal,”haa naina.. he was saying that he is having fun seeing me get scolded..” and he grinned.. meghna slapped his arm..

Kunal,”aahhh.. husband ki dhulai..”
Naina,”di, leave jeeju.. this karan is the lead.. I know he only started..”
Karan,”arre.. no naina..”
Naina,”no.. I know what u r..”
Karan,”arre why are u becoming hitler.. listen to me first..”
Kunal,”don’t say my Sali hitler.. this meghna is the biggest hitler..”
Naina,”karan am hitler..”
Karan(whispered to kunal),”bhai its not the tym to fight amongst ourselves.. else our wives will kill us..”
Kunal(to karan),”yeah right.. idea.. khyati..”
Karan and kunal,”khyati..” and they turned to find khyati already escaped..
Naina and meghna glared at them..
Karan,”dkho naina.. bhabi.. we will help to clean this room..”
Kunal,”yeah karan is right..”
Karan,”yeah but bhai started it first,, we were sleeping and he splashed water on khyati and me.. so …”
Kunal,”abe, oye.. we just now decided that if we need to escape from these two hitlers we should be together..”
Naina and meghna,”ohhh.. hitler.. u both ll finish the work within half n hour.. else we ll show u, how hitler used to rule..” and they left laughing..
Karan,”yaar bhai.. where r we stuck?”
Kunal,”don’t know.. lets do the work..”
They both started the work..
Karan,”bhai, khyati was also responsible but she escaped..”
Kunal,”yeah right.. I ll not leave her..”

They finished the work and went into their room.. freshened up and got rady and came down..
Nk was in the hall.. kunal and karan came down.. followed by meghna and naina..
Karan,”good morning dad..”
Nk,”good morning beta..” he smiled..
Kunal,”dad good morning..”
Nk ignored kunal..
Nk,”nirmala ji, babuji..”
Rest all came down..
Dadaji,”nk, what happened?”
Nk,”I have taken a decision.. from today onwards karan will come to office with me.. he will also get involved in my business..”
Naina smiled at karan.. kunal, meghna and rest all were happy..
Kunal,”dad that’s great.. karan, congratulations bro..”
Nk,”why are u so happy? Listen to my further anouncement.. kunal will not be involved in my business from today onwards..”
Nk,”I am not your dad.. so don’t u call me dad.. and u both… kunal and meghna.. t will be better if u leave this place soon.. u have no right to stay here.. till u find a new place u can stay here..”
Meghna,”but dad, yesterday kunal stood for u.. against his own mother.. considered her(nirmala) as his hmother and you as his dad, then why u are not considering him as your son..”
Nk,”he is not my blood.. and nirmala, she betrayed us.. all of us.. so if she swants she can also leave the house..”
Kunal felt miserable.. he shattered.. he broke down.. karan and khyati were crying.. naina had tears.. nirmala could not utter a single word..

Dadaji,”nk, only blood relations doesn’t matter.. relations made by heart is for lifetime.. nk, listen ur heart..”
Nk was getting emotional.. his heart wanted to let them stay here.. coz he always loved kunal more than anyone..
Nk,”babuji, I only know relations are made from blood..”
Kunal,”dad I always loved you.. pls tell me where my love got less for u.. I know am an orphan.. but u r my dad..”
Nk,”I am not ur dad..”
Nirmala,”fine.. I ll leave with kunal..”
Meghna,”no ma.. u stay here.. this house needs a caring hand.. which is you..”
Karan,”dad its alright.. I am not gonna join the business then only u ll understand what position kunal bhai held.. and yeah.. am leaving with bhai..”
Naina,”yes.. me too..”
Kunal,”no karan.. after I comes u.. u need to take care of everyone.. u both.. u cant leave with us.. any problem call us.. we ll be always here..”
Naina,”but jeeju..”
Meghna,”no but cheeku.. kunal is right.. see my cheeku has grown up.. she needs to take care of everyone.. ma, papa, dadaji, khyati, and karan’s.. so cheeku.. u both wont come..”
Karan,”bhabi bhai.. pls call me whenever u need help.. I am always available.. and pls call when u reach the place..”
Kunal,”sure.. meghna(he tried to sound strong.. but he was not..) lets go..”
Meghna nodded..

They left the place..
Karan,”waah.. mr nand kishore chauhan.. u know, I never regarded u as my father.. I never wanted to listen to u.. I never trusted u.. coz I knew u r a damn selfish man.. but my bhai.. kunal.. he always regarded u his idol.. followed u.. trusted u.. and what u did.. u know, after all what masima did, I somehow started to trust u.. I knew u werent that bad.. but again u proved me wrong.. this time not only me, but whole family.. I ll never forgive u dad.. never ever..”
And he left for his room..
Nirmala,”naina, beta go to him.. he ll close himself in darkness.. go support him..”
Naina ran to the room.. karan was crying..
Karan,”bhai.. I was so wrong.. its my fault.. why u went.. we both didn’t spend such long time with each other, but I love u a lot bhai.. had I not been rude since childhood, we both would have spend a great time..”
Naina rushed in.. and found karan kneeled down and crying holding his and kunal’s pic.. he heard him taking the blame..

Hope u guys r liking it.. If not, then say, I ll end it soon then.. and sorry for any typos..

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    1. Titli

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