Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 22


All were shocked at sandhya..
Dadaji,”sandhyaji, is this the way to talk.. have u forgotten everything?”
Sandhya,”ohh come on.. forgotten and me.. I guess nirmala u have forgotten.. ur promise to me.. so I did all these so that u all remain dependent on me..”
Nirmala,”sandhya, I kept my promise.. I always loved you as my sister.. and what u did? U betrayed me.. took away my son’s life.. wanted to prove my daughter, naina wrong.. how can you sandhya??”
Sandhya,”waah.. are u that nirmala, who never speaks harsh.. and betrayal.. what u know about betrayal.. u r the one who betrayed me..”
Sandhya,”nand kishore chauhan.. just shut up..”
Sandhya,”u stop there.. for u my plan got ruined.. cheap girl.. how dare u ruin my plan..”
Karan,”excuse me, how dare u ruin my life.. how dare u eye my naina.. how dare u eye my family.. HOW DARE YOU?”
Kunal,”karan.. calm down..”
Meghna,”am with karan.. masima, how could u?”
Karan,”arre, inhone, masima sabd ka apman kiya hai..”
Sandhya,”stop there karan.. do u know, what ur dear mom did with me? Let me say..”

Flashback is shown..
In a hospital, nirmala is being taken to the OT.. she has her labour pain.. the baby would be born anytime.. outside OT, nk and dadaji is seen pacing around.. at the same time another woman(sandhya) was brought in the hospital by her friend seema.. she was also taken inside the OT..soon nirmala gave birth to a baby boy and sandhya too.. but nirmala’s son was not breathing.. doctor came out..
Nk,”doctor how s nirmala and baby?”
Doc,”nirmala is fine and baby is a boy.. but he is not breathing, we are shifting him in icu.. we need to do the treatment..”
Treatment for the baby began, but the treatment didn’t had to last long.. the baby was alive only for 22 hrs.. this news shattered nirmala.. she was thinking what she ll say to nk.. she was crying a lot holding her baby.. but the baby was taken and kept in morgue.. next to nirmala’s bed was sandhya..
Sandhya,”hii.. am sandhya..”
Nirmala,”am nirmala..”
Sandhya,”I heard about your baby.. it was sad to hear..”
Nirmala,”what will I do now? Itni mushkil se ek baccha aya ghr mei, lekin woh bhi bhagwan ne le li..” she sobbed..
Sandhya came up from the bed..
Sandhya,”nirmala, jo hota hain acche k liye hi hota hai.. don’t remain upset..”
Nirmala,”what will I tell my husband..”
Sandhya became sad,”husband.. u have one.. lucky people have husband.. u know, 3months ago, my husband expired, and now there is no one called family to me.. only me and my son.. no job nothing.. how will I care for my child.. the whole world will spit on me.. my son ll be called fatherless.. what will I answer my son..”
Nirmala,”when ur son has such a strong mother, then nothing can harm him..”
Nirmala,”see I have an idea.. u can give me your son.. he ll get identity too.. u can also come with me in our house, u ll get job, u can be with your son all the time.. and I promise I ll take care of him like my own child.. I ll shower him with love.. like this ur son ll get rights and also an identity.. moreover, u ll be an integral part of my family.. i assure u that..”
Sandhya,”but nirmala..”
Nirmala,”no ifs and buts.. u r my sister only.. I can do this much.. never u ll say that u don’t have family..”
Sandhya,”okk nirmala..”
Both smiled..
Flashback ends..

Sandhya,”and that my son is kunal..” everyone got shocked..
Sandhya,”kunal, my son..” and she hugged kunal, who didn’t hug her back..
Sandhya,”beta, for once u call me mom.. am dying to hear this.. kunal, say pls..”
Kunal,”stop it.. (to nirmala) mom, say this woman is lying.. say na that am your child.. am your son.. (to karan) karan, say mom to say the truth.. she loves u the most..she ll listen to u.. (to nirmala) mom pls once, say this woman is lying.. pls..”
Nirmala,”she is not lying.. kunal ur biological mother is she only..”
Dadaji, nk, karan, khyati, meghna and naina were stunned..
Kunal,”no.. this cant happen.. mom, u r lying.. to save this woman’s lie, u r lying.. this can never happen.. she can never be my mom.. never be my mom.. I don’t consider a cheap woman like her as my mom.. never.. mom.. if u r not my mom, then its fine.. I would loved to be called an orphan than son of this cheap woman.. I hate u Mrs.. Sandhya Singhania.. I just hate you..”
Kunal,”mom u could have said once before.. I wouldn’t mind being an orphan.. but u hurt me mom.. now I understand why u love karan more than me..”
Nirmala,”no beta.. I don’t consider u any stranger.. I love u like my son karan and daughter khyati.. see khyati never complained about loving karan more.. its just that karan was ill and so I was worried for him.. but I love you equally..”
Kunal,”mom, this wound would require time to heal..”
Nirmala,”see u still called me mom.. I am your mom kunal.. a mom isnt just the person who gives u birth, but its that person who loves u selflessly, protective for u.. palne posne wala insan bhi ma k saman hoti hai.. beta, rest is your decision..”
Sandhya,”kunal, see this woman is so selfish.. I knew she ll do this things.. for this only I made karan ill.. made karan’s confidence down, and since I created his problem, so I knew what was the medicines and for that reason I made karan aloof.. he never confide himself to anyone except me.. I wanted karan to get scolded and taunted by his own father.. because the day karan came, my importance started to get low in this house.. and I was scared that nirmala will forget my son.. so I started this plan, so that u get her and nk’s attention kunal.. see this proves that I am ur real mom.. I only care for u..”
Kunal,”stop it.. dare u speak a word against my mom or my family.. to me she(pointing towards nirmala) is my mom.. and this(to karan) is my brother, this(to khyati) is my sister and they(to nk and dadaji) are my dad and dadu.. and since this is my family, I order on behalf of them, officer, pls arrest this woman..”
Kunal,”haan, before leaving I want to ask.. why did u do wrong with meghna.. u r calling me your son.. cant u see my happiness? She(to meghna) is my happiness, my life, my everything.. u wanted to spoil her career.. troubled her at office.. why?”
Sandhya,”coz I hate her.. I didn’t want a middle class girl from a cheap city like bundi to come in your life.. this nk, just for his bussiness staked my son’s life.. only for the land deal, made u marry this cheap girl and nirmala, she didn’t even bothered to ask me once..”
Kunal,”and she never should.. coz she is my mom, and she has the right to decide the best for me.. I am happy that she didn’t ask u about it.. mom thank u.. and karan naina, u both are free to make this woman out of the house, coz due to her, my brother suffered, he was away from the family..”
Karan,”but bhai…”
Kunal,”u call me bhai.. and since am elder, its my order.. and inspector, pls after she is thrown out, take her to the police station and make sure she never comes out of the jail..”

Karan headed, held sandhya and dragged her out.. the inspector was taking her away..
Sandhya,”kunal, u cheated me.. being my son, u supported them.. i ll never forgive you all..”
Kunal,”I ll not forgive u.. never ever..”
Kunal turned and ran to his room and closed the door.. and sat down and was crying.. nirmala came..she knocked the door..
Nirmala,”kunal, open the door.. pls beta.. open.. see.. never ever feel alone.. am your mom kunal.. and u r my son.. karan, he’s your brother.. who suffered a lot.. u r elder, u need to stay strong.. u need to take care of karan, khyati, meghna, naina, ur dadu, and ur dad’s.. beta pls open the door..” and she sat down crying.. both son and mom were crying.. meghna watched this, but didn’t disturb them, coz she knew this tym a son needed only his mother..
After a while kunal opened the door.. he found his mother sitting on the ground.. he held her, helped her get up and brought her to the room and made her sit on the bed..
Kunal,”mom, I am elder, I need to take care of everyone right? Karan, khyati, meghna, naina, dadu, dad…”
Nirmala,”yes beta..”
Kunal,”and u.. mom am sorry.. I hurt u a lot today..”
Nirmala,”no beta.. u can never hurt me.. I know that.. u r my most wisest son.. how can u hurt anyone..”
Karan entered the room..
Karan,”ohoo, he is wisest.. then what am i?”
Khyati also came..
Khyati,”I knew it.. and me..”
Kunal,”sabse bada idiot..” and he smiled..
Khyati,”huh.. bad bhaiyu..”
Kunal,”mom, remember, when we were young you would make us sleep on your lap.. today I want to sleep on your lap..”
Nirmala smiled and gestured him..
Karan,”me too..” and gave a wide grin(remember the cute smile of samridh)
Khyati,”and me..”
Nirmala,”u both also come..”
They all lied on nirmala’s lap.. she caressed them, and those 3 were fighting like children..

Nirmala thanked god for giving such lovely children..
Naina and meghna saw them..
Meghna,”chiku, let the brothers sleep together..”
Naina,”and we both together in our room.. lets go..”
Meghna,”all is well..”
Naina,”that ends well..”
Both smiled..

Hope you liked it.. more twists to come.. have patience.. enjoy reading.. I ll try to post soon..

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  1. Great episode

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    like it?????? i just love it…. wow…. kunal is sandyhas son never saw that was coming. i wish kunal never change for the sake of good. 🙂
    if you don’t post soon I will scerars in your day dreams too 😉
    just kidding…. but seriously post soon 😀

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    Aaaaw! The cutest and just aaaaw chapter ever! So well written, I absolutely loved it! ?? inside your amazing work! ❤?

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  4. Wow that was really a very nice twist awesome …i actually didn’t expect that???????

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      Me too.. i just started writing and idea came.. thank u so much..?

  5. Titli, I am glad to say this I’m big fan of your ff. l like the story way and twist

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