Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 2

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Chapter 2

Naina,” di, actually u know na karan is not interested in talking with anyone, so it’s a small try so that he can talk freely, express his feelings, laugh heartily and share his emotions with all.. but di, where were u? Anything serious?”
Nirmala, “yes, meghna.. where were u? Was it emergency? U r okk right?”
Meghna, “yes mom, relax.. chiku don’t worry.. am fine.. just went to bundi to meet mamma.. and….” Her face fell..
Naina,” di u didn’t tell me.. but what happened, u look sad.. is mamma okk?? Di say na..”
Naina was crying.. just then karan, masi ma returned from hospital, and hearing naina’s shout khyati nd dadaji rushed to the living.. karan saw naina crying.. he moved two steps towards her, but then retreated his path back..
Dadaji,” meghna, what happened?”

Meghna,”dadaji nothing much.. I think u all know what happened on my marriage day.. my tauji came and insulted mumma.. chiku u remember at that time I promised to return back the money with interest.. I returned the money and got back the property papers and gave it back to mumma.. but mumma did not take the papers, and she returned back the papers to taiji and gave me back the check.. I m hurt chiku..”
Sandhya,” meghna, how did u get money? Now I get it.. u r here to take money and give it to your mom, mama nd mamis right? Cheap girl.. what more can we expect from you meghna?”

Karan,” stop it masi ma.. let bhabi finish her saying.. m sorry masi ma.. but pls don’t allege her..”
Meghna,”thank u karan.. but masi ma I didn’t take money from kunal or locker.. I took a loan, which will be cut off every month from my salary.. I am an independent girl.. I ll not use my position or designation for these works..”
Just then kunal enters,” u r right meghna.. I m with you.. don’t worry.. come meghna.. u must be tired..”
Naina,” yes di u go.. I ll bring coffee for you both.. take rest di.. and don’t feel upset..”
Meghna nods and kunal took her to their room.. and said,”my beautiful.. don’t remain upset.. u know na I can’t see u upset..”

Meghna,” kunal I m sad thinking mamma rejected me.. why? Can’t I do this much for her? After marrying does a girl leaves all the responsibilities towards her own mom and family..”
Kunal,” sshhh meghna, u speak so much.. now listen.. maybe mom thought something.. and u know na if papa knows how he ll react.. so for your safety only she did this.. don’t be angry.. she ur nose turned pink.. now my topper looks a joker..”
Kunal,”meghna….. now smile.. and call mom once.. she ll feel good.. don’t remain upset..”
Just then naina knocks the door..
Kunal,”hii beautiful.. come in..”
Naina,”sorry to disturb u both.. but ur coffee..”
Meghna,”chiku.. come sit..”
Kunal,”ya ya come na.. sit.. and see circus with me.. see my topper’s nose is pink.. she is the joker.. come, jeeju and sali gonna enjoy..”
Meghna,” kunal u r gone..” and she was running behind kunal.. and kunal was not gonna come so easily to her hands.. naina was laughing..
Karan watched this from outside.. and felt relieved watching naina to smile.. and remembered her crying face on the hall and went to his room..
Karan went to his room and was thinking about him and naina.. their first meet, how she helped him and their marriage and was smiling.. naina entered and found karan smiling.. she thought,” what the hell, is karan smiling.. my god, he can smile also?? Or am I dreaming??”

She told karan,” u can smile also.. I did’nt know that an arrogant person like you can ever smile..”
Karan got embarrassed.. and got up to leave.. but stopped at the door.. and turned back,” wo naina, I thought a lot.. and came to a conclusion.. can we be friends?”
Naina was shocked.. “omg karan, am I dreaming?? What u thought?? First tell then I ll think of frndship..”
Karan,”wo.. actually..i thought that u r not that bad.. we can be friends.. and u were right it was really a good feeling when I sat for breakfast today with everyone.. but you know.. I cant do this alone.. so I need a friend.. and in the home only I m comfortable with u and masi ma..but masi and my friend, looks odd.. so I thought to do friendship with you..” and he looked down..
Naina smiled at his childish behaviour.. and went forward, covered her hand with a dupatta… and shaken hands, and said.. “friends karan..” karan was delighted.. he thought.. I don’t know why but my heart wants to trust u.. but I fear of your future naina.. I really don’t want ur future be destroyed.. but at the same tym I cant let u go.. what is this naina? What u did? I felt as if I was stabbed when u were crying in the hall.. what is happenning naina?? What???

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    Nice one titliiiii.really a very good descriptive epi..loved karan and kunal i today epi..it was short but sweet
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    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. yaa i ll think.. but cant post till tomorrow evening.. actually tomorrow i have jee xam.. so.. i ll post soon..

  3. It was mind blowing i love it. Please post as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter

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    Hii Tittli…. I like ur ff….. I too have my JEE xam but on 8th(ol9) so all

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    I’m a huge Meghnal fan!! And this was such a treat to read! Loved it all! I love both Meghnal and Nairan but more Meghnal side! Awesome update and cannot wait for the next one! Really good! ❤??

    1. Dont worry, there ll be both meghnal and nairan.. but maybe nairan 51% and meghnal 49%..

  6. Threemaimai

    “I don’t know why but my heart wants to trust u” my fev line.
    awesome titli… love it waiting for nxt one

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