Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 16

Hii guys, after a long time.. sorry for making u all wait.. I ll not blabber much..
Here u go,

At jaipur,
Sandhya to herself,”I have to do something.. naina and karan are coming closer.. meghna and naina bond is to be broken.. what to do?”
Khyati came inside,”masima, I just cant take it more..”
Sandhya,”what happened khyati?”
Khyati,”masima, this naina bhabi.. she and bhai went to honeymoon, and you didn’t say anything? I wish I could do something..”
Sandhya,”relax khyati beta.. be calm.. let naina do this honeymoon.. who knows, this is her last chance to visit abroad.. let them come back, I assure you naina and meghna’s bond will break..”
Khyati smiled,”are u sure?”
Sandhya,”I promise you.. but now I need to go to office beta.. take care of urself and bauji.. afterall this nirmala is also going to office na.. I don’t know who put this thing into her brain, that she must go to office..”
Khyati,”masima, all wanted ma to go.. arent u happy??”
Sandhya,”ofcourse.. I am getting late.. so bye darling..”
Khyati,”bye masima..”

Sandhya left.. khyati also left for her room..
Khyati called naina..
Naina,”hello khyati how r u? Everyone’s fyn right?”
Khyati,”di.. relax.. all r good. U say.. how are u, bhai, bhabi?”
Naina,”yeah.. all are good.. say any news?”
Khyati,”yes di.. are bhai and bhabi with you..”
Naina,”meghu di and jeeju went for a walk.. but me and karan are here, wait let me keep the phone on speaker..” she kept the phone on speaker..
Karan,”khyati, all good?”
Khyati,”yes bhai.. well I have a news..”
Naina,”khyati make sure the doors of your rooms are closed..”
Khyati,”yes di.. I closed them.. now listen.. you know masima’s so cheap.. masima has problem with mom going to office also.. I have some doubt.. that masima’s responsible for dad’s such behaviour..”
Karan,”itna niche kaise gir sakti hai masima.. I wish I could kill her.. khyati.. she didn’t harm ma right? And whats her next strategy?”
Khyati,”bhai, she told she ll break naina di and meghna bhabi’s bond, and ll make her wrong in front of everyone’s eyes, so that all throw her out.. but bhai, pls always trust naina di.. remember, if u can touch us, that’s only cause of her.. bhai, I wont talk to u ever, if u let naina di alone.. I promise that..”
Karan,”khyati, I also promise u dear, I ll never ever come into masima’s sayings.. I ll always trust naina, meghna bhabi, kunal bhai and u, whatever may come.. don’t worry..”
Khyati,”thank u bhai..”

Naina,”ok ok, no more emotional talks.. khyati listen.. where’s masima now?”
Khyati,”she went to office bhabi..”
Naina,”sure khyati? Means cross check once again, we are on hold only..”
Khyati,”okk bhabi.. wait..”
Khyati went to sandhya’s room, noone was there.. she went downstairs and asked the servants who replied her in negative.. and she searched the whole house once again.. she called nirmala at office and asked.. nirmala told her sandhya was at office.. khyati came back..
Khyati,”di, she’s in office..”
Naina,”okk.. khyati.. listen go to our room.. there on the table u ll find a pen cam.. it is of blue colour.. go right now..”
Khyati went and took the pen..
Khyati,”yes di.. got it..”
Naina,”now listen, go to masima’s room.. in the pen stand u ll find a similar pen, go and replace it..”
Khyati,”hold on bhabi..”
Naina,”and take your lappy..”

Khyati did as she was asked..
Khyati,”I kept the pen.. okk now open your lappy, and connect the pen with bluetooth.. and the video will be recorded.. u ll do one thing.. send one copy to each of us.. and one copy to vishal bhai.. coz if we are caught, then, masima will target us only.. she can never think that bhaiyu can do it.. got it?”
Khyati,”di, u r genious..”
Karan,”IIT topper afterall..”
Khyati,”bhai and di, now stop ur cute wala romance and let me do my work..”
Karan,”yeah yeah.. send the video at the interval of 2.5hrs..”
Naina,”yeah karan’s right.. and listen keep a watch over masima.. where she’s going n all.. and tomorrow, try to check her phone when she ll be in the bathroom..”
Khyati,”relax di, now don’t be sherlock holmes, else bhai will kill me for destroying ur cute chota sa honeymoon..” and she chuckled..
Naina and karan blushed..
Karan,”kuch zyada hi ud rahi hai, let me come back.. then I ll see u..”
Khyati,”okk okk, now bye.. enjoy and yeah, yesterday that proposing scene was good haan.. bhai u and that romantic.. hm hm..”
Karan,”oye, how did u see it?”
Naina,”duffer, this is meghu di and jeeju’s work.. let them come back.. I ll kill them.. khyati for now bye.. and take care of everyone..”
Khyati,”bye bhai and di..”
And they hanged up..
Khyati to herself,”now lets see masima, who wins?”

At paris
Naina,”karan, I just hope everything gets fine soon..”
Karan,”relax naina, if nothing gets fine, then do your badtameezi a bit, and everything ll be fine..”
And he gave an idiotic smile.. naina threw a pillow..
Naina,”karan.. ohh sorry, mr akdu.. dont call me badtameez.. I m not badtameez..”
Karan,”arre, I didn’t know my wife can look this cute.. if I knew then I would never had called her badtameez..”
Naina,”huh, all know am cute, only my patidev realised today.. its so sad..”
Karan,”ohho balike, apko itna dukh pahucha.. toh thik hai, apki pati k sath aj lunch date pe chali jao, apka mood thik ho jayega..”
Naina,”what? Lunch date? Today?”
Karan,”yes my love.. be ready by 12 noon..”
Naina,”what about di and jeeju? Lets call them also!!” And she smiled..
Karan,”yaar, privacy needed.. di and jeeju.. let them have their honeymoon also.. just inform them and naina, dare u call them..”
Naina,”okk okk karan..”
Naina called meghna..
Meghna,”yes chiku say.. any problem?”
Naina,”di, me and karan are going for lunch date today.. so I had to inform u.. we ll just leave after around 1.5hrs..”
Meghna,”ohho, lunch date n all.. romantic wala right?”
Naina,”di, idk.. he said rest is surprise..”
Meghna,”okk have fun chiku.. we ll also be going out and now we r on our way back.. we ll be at house within 15 mins..”
Naina,”okk di.. see ya..”
Naina kept the phone.. soon meghnal returned.. both the couples got ready..

Naina’s outfit: http://carriebradshawlied.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/carriebradshawlied8.jpg

Meghna’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e1/0a/50/e10a50da41d4ba8bf698b36c3016fc80.jpg

Karan’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/37/cd/99/37cd993967840715cadf1fd5f1e0ae29.jpg?noindex=1

Kunal’s outfit: http://goodguyswag.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/afternoon-semi-formal-dress.jpg

Kunal and karan were waiting.. meghna nd naina came down.. kunal and karan got mesmerized by their wives..
Karan,”bhai, naina’s so gorgeous..”
Kunal,”chup, meghna is so gorgeous.. see..”
Karan,” no bhai.. look at naina..”
And they were fighting..
Meghna,”we both sisters are gorgeous..”
Naina,”yes di, so for this reason only both brothers are always after us..”
Karan,”I have no issues naina.. u r very pretty.. but ur heart is more pretty, so I can be always after u.. I have no shame to say that to the whole world.. that yes, I am behind my wife..”
Naina blushed..
Meghna,”aye haye devar ji.. nyc haan.. now go u both.. else date will turn out to be your dream only..”
Naina,”di, bol do na, u want to spend tym with jeeju.. I can go if u say that also.. “ and she smirked..
Meghna,”chiku.. bye..”
Naina,”bye di, bye jeeju..”
Kunal,”have fun my Sali sahiba..”
Nairan smiled and left..

Kunal,”so mrs topper.. can we also leave?”
Meghna held his hands and pecked his cheeks.. and said,”ji patidev.. we can..” and laughed..
Kunal smiled.. they also left..

Sorry guys, today this much only.. I ll post soon.. hope u all enjoyed it.. thank you guys..

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