Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air-Episode 15


At paris..
The four of them returned to their house.. and they decided in the evening they would go to visit the famous Eiffel tower..
In the evening four of them came down..

Naina’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/4f/ea/c1/4feac160ae58c3444d9e54cc95ded744.jpg

Meghna’s outfit: http://www.nafdress.com/assests/images/new-little-black-dress-fashion-women-casual-dress-2016-summer-1531613.jpg

Kunal’s outfit: http://www.outfittrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/black-male-casual-outfit-11.jpg

Karan’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/75/dc/d6/75dcd6e73dbaa920966e0d919fc60dc1.jpg

They complimented each other.. and left for the visit.. at the eiffel tower, kunal went on his knees and proposed meghna(actually in an iv sahil said that he would propose his gf at eiffel tower).. naina clicked their pictures and sent it to khyati.. meghna accepted kunal’s proposal, all people there clapped for them.. meghna felt embarrased..
Naina,”jeeju, u r so romantic.. di, u r lucky haan.. warna, see my destiny, got married to a boring person..” and she made a puppy face..
Kunal chuckled..
Kunal,”ohh my Sali.. karan, why u upset my cute Sali?”
Karan,”aree, ask her that day when I proposed her, I did all the arrangements myself.. wasn’t that romantic?”
Naina blushed..
Meghna,”karan, waah, too romantic..”
Naina,”di, u r my di or his? Always taking his side!!”
Karan,”accha, feeling j right? Huh, my bhai also always takes ur side, remember that..”
Naina mocked him.. and left angrily..
Karan,” offo naina..” and he left behind her..
Kunal,”so cute..”
Meghna,”yeah, young love.. “
Kunal,”pehla pehla pyar hai.. pehli pehli baar hai.. “ and both laughed..

Naina went away and was standing alone.. karan came to her..
Naina didn’t reply..
Karan,”naina pls na.. sorry.. pls maaf kardo na..”
Naina still didn’t reply..
Karan took out his gloves from his pocket, and wore them.. and back hugged naina..
Karan,”naina.. pls..” naina didn’t say anything and closed her eyes.. both remained like that for sometime..
Karan whispered in naina’s ear,”I love you naina.. pls always remain mine, don’t think of leaving me ever..”
Naina opened her eyes,”I love you too karan..”
Karan’s grip on naina’s waist became more strong.. they forgot that they were in public, but a bit isolated from the crowd..
Karan opened his eyes..
Karan,”look at the sky naina.. you are like the stars who came in my life and made it bright.. before you came, my life was dark.. u know naina, I didn’t know how to live life with happiness.. whenever dad insulted ma, I couldn’t say anything.. whenever there was a joke cracked around, the topic was mostly me, so I couldn’t laugh around..my dad always made fun of me.. and masima, she always faked her support for me.. noone cared for me.. ma couldn’t care for me, coz of masima, who never let my ma come near me.. and also with the fear of dad.. khyati sometimes took care, but she’s also a little girl afterall..and kunal bhai, dad kept him away always.. everybody took me for granted naina, everybody thought me as a nalayek.. I was always deprived of love naina always.. please naina, don’t leave me ever.. please..” and tear fell of from karan’s eyes..
Hearing whatever karan said, naina also couldn’t stop crying.. she also started crying.. kunal and meghna who came to see naina and karan, heard karan’s confession.. meghna cried and kunal felt really bad for karan.. kunal was about to go to nairan, but meghna stopped him..
Meghna,”let them be by themselves for sometimes.. they ll come, lets wait there..” and they left from their..
Naina came out of karan’s hold, and turned towards him.. naina took out gloves and worn them.. she wiped out karan’s tears, karan kissed naina’s hands.. naina held karan’s face..
Naina,”karan, please don’t ever say such things.. I am and I ll always be with u.. I promise, I ll share everything with you.. we will solve every matter.. chahe dukh ho chahe sukh ho, I ll always be with you karan.. u also promise that u ll never hide anything from me”
Karan,”I promise to be with u naina, I promise to love u more than myself, I promise u I ll always share everything with u.. I love u naina.. I wont be able to leave without u..”
Naina,”karan, don’t say such things.. I love u too.. I ll never leave u.. now lets go.. di , jeeju must be waiting.. it is quite late now..”
Karan,”naina, wait..” he took naina’s hands out from gloves and bent down on his knees, and took out the ring and made her wear it..
Naina,”this is for u.. I love u..”
Naina smiled.. he took out a chocolate from his pockets and gave her..
Karan,”its auspicious to start any new thing with sweet, but here I have this only..”
Naina,”its all right..” she made karan eat the chocolate and ate herself.. and came to meghnal..
Naina,”jeeju, di, we should go back, it late..”
Kunal,”yeah lets go..”
All went home and had dinner..

In nairan’s room
Karan wore his medicated outfit, and gloves..
Both retired to their bed..
Karan,”naina, thank u..”
Karan,”coming in my life..”
Naina,”then one thanks to u for the same reason..”
And naina came near karan, and kept her head on karan’s chest..
Naina,”my pillow” and hugged him tight.. karan chuckled at her childish behaviour.. and wrapped his hands around her and both slept..

Guys hope you enjoyed.. actually am having my exams.. so I ll post a bit irregularly for next two weeks.. sorry guys..

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  1. Manvinahar

    awww… so cute. loved the nairan scenes, especially the pillow one in the last 3 lines
    thankyou for posting a chapter today
    keep writing and loved the chapter

    1. Titli

      Hehe.. actually i wrote the whole epi.. then i felt, arre chalo let me add this cute scene.. and i dotted it down.. means it came as an instinct u can say..

  2. Hepsibha

    Its K Ya.. Nice episode I love it.. Al d bst 4 ur exms titli

    1. Titli

      Thank u fr ur wishes.. means a lot.. and thank u for loving it..

  3. Tamihna0808

    Aaaaw! I loved this! Seriously you write so well and your ideas are just awesome! I didn’t comment on the last part but I really really liked it! Continue your amazing work! Don’t worry if you can’t upload regularly as long as you give us your mazing work to read, we’ll be very happy! Loads of love! ?❤??

    1. Titli

      Its just about 2weeks.. after 23rd i ll update regularly.. and thank u for ur support, else i wouldnt have been able to write..

    2. Titli

      And about your comment.. i dont mind.. coz u comment regularly.. sometimes it happens that maybe u need to login again(like me, actually am very lazy. So sometimes i skip commenting) but i know u love my ff.. so a big thank u.. and am waiting for ur ff too..

  4. Wow super episode especially proposing scene of meghnal and nairan. Keep writing & post as soon as possible☺

    1. Titli

      Aww, thank u so much.. i ll try dear..

  5. Hi dear I slient reader of ur ff today episode was super dear ur all episode was super I know u will be busy this week because of exam do well ur exam .??
    Update next part dear love lotsss..??

  6. Threemaimai

    my exams are finished and urs starting.. good luck… 🙂 do your best for the exam just like you put your efforts to the ff. wonderful epi with many sweet seance…. love it

  7. Mukthi

    its very nice one…. i reallly loved it…. you are a awesome writer.. continue………….. 🙂


  9. I love it dear it was really good loved nairan scene please post as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and as I told story is becoming more interesting day by day I love it

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