Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air-Episode 14


Nairan and meghnal checked in the airport.. and soon they landed at paris..
Naina,”wow.. amazing.. this place is full of life.. karan, hope u also start living like this.. having fun..”
Karan,” that a bit impossible naina.. coz till masima’s in the house, we cant live like this.. “
Naina, “forget masima for these 15days..we ll enjoy here..”
Karan,”really u want to enjoy?”
Naina,”yaa.. a lot..”
And naina smiled.. karan also smiled at her..
Kunal,”accha lets go.. we are going to stay at our house..”
Naina,”yaa.. lets go..”
They went their house at paris.. the caretaker welcomed them..
Caretaker(I ll denote him with C from further),” welcome kunal sir.. karan sir..”
Kunal,”good evening.. listen this is meghna, my wife and this naina, karan’s wife.. “
C,”welcome mam.. come I ll show you your rooms.. and steve, pls take their luggages.. “
Karan,”yaa lets move in..”
Meghna,”naina, karan, u both take rest for now… we ll also take a nap.. then we ll meet here at lunch..”
Kunal,” ahan, get ready for lunch, we ll go out.. there’s a great restaurant here.. “
Karan,” okk bhai.. naina, lets go..”
Naina,”yaa, bye jeeju and di..”
All went to their rooms..

In nairan’s room..
Naina was unpacking their bags..
Karan,”arre naina, what r u doing?”
Naina,”offo karan, unpacking the things.. so that we can get the things very easily..”
Karan,”I didn’t know my wife is so intelligent..” and he back hugged her..
Naina,”karan, anyone ll see us..”
Karan,”offo naina.. this is our honeymoon.. u ll fear here also..”
Naina blushed..
Naina,”karan, am hving work to do..”
Karan,”naina.. u ll work later.. now pls sit with me.. and chat with me pls..” and he made a bechara wala face..
Naina,”okk.. say..”
Karan,”my naina badtameez, I love you.. so, I want to ask u.. when I get cure, can we come for honeymoon again? Coz this time, it wont be fun.. next time we ll go back with good news.. whats say??” And he grinned..
Naina slapped his hands,”u wanted to say this.l besharam..” and she stood up..
Karan,”aree naina.. say na, how many do u want? See I want a big family.. 4 babies.. what about u?”
Naina,”karan..” and she blushed..
Naina,”stop teasing me.. now let me sleep a bit.. am very tired..”
Karan,”okk naina, I ll come to this topic later.. u sleep and I ll sleep too..”
They both took a nap..

In meghnal’s room
Meghna,”kunal, pls take rest..”
Kunal,”see this is called honeymoon.. amd here rest is minimum and fun is maximum..” and he winked.l
Meghna,”besharm.. now sleep.. am tired..”
Kunal,”okk princess..” and he kissed meghna’s forehead.. and they slept..

At the lunch
All got ready and came down..

Naina’s outfit: Click Here

Meghna’s outfit: Click Here

Karan’s outfit: Click Here

Kunal’s outfit: Click Here

Naina,”di, u r looking so gorgeous..”
Kunal,”ur di is gorgeous only.. but u r super cute.. and u r looking pretty in this dress..”
Naina,”jeeju, u r looking great..”
Meghna,” arre, somebody compliment my devar ji.. karan, u r looking handsome.. more than kunal..” and meghran laughed out..
Kunal,”okk okk.. lets go..”
Karan, “bhabi, getting that burning smell?”
Meghna,”yeah, its so strong..”
Naina,”di, don’t tease jeeju.. jeeju am with u..”
Kunal,”see now what this Sali and jeeju jodi does.. come naina.. let them be here only..”
And naina and kunal left hand in hand..
Meghna and karan also followed them.. kunal sat on the driver seat, and asked naina to sit beside him.. meghna and karan were at the back seat..
They reached the restaurant..

Waiter,”welcome.. pls come in..”
Kunal,”a table for 4..”
Waiter,” yess sir this way..”
They went and sat at a corner table.. meghna and karan were on one side and kunal faked anger and so sat with naina..
Kunal,”well naina, what ll u have?”
Naina,” I ll have a veg noodles soup along with macaroni pasta with extra onion.. and salad..”
And kunal ordered for him and naina..
Karan,”bhabi what ll u have?”
Meghna,”anything u wish..”
Karan ordered his and meghna’s food..
Naina,”jeeju, now u r doing a bit more.. talk with di na..”
Kunal,”no naina..”

Meghna got angry.. and went out.. she was standing outside, suddenly a few local boys came up..
Boy 1,”hey beautiful, want to go on a date?”
Meghna didn’t react..
Boy 2,”ohh so madam ll not reply” and he was about to hold her hand but kunal came..
Kunal,”she’s my wife, u cheap..”
Boy 1,”I see but it seems like she’s lonely so we thought to give her company..”
Kunal,” she don’t need ur company.. u can get lost..”
Boy 1,”baby, if u feel lonely then call me” and threw a chit..
Kunal couldn’t take anymore.. he slapped that boy and said,”LEAVE”
The two boys left in anger.. and kunal hugged meghna..
Kunal,”I am sorry meghna, I was just faking anger.. if I knew this would happen, I would have never faked anger.. am sorry..”
Meghna,”its all right.. I got scared when they came to hold my hand..”
Kunal,”no one can touch u until am with u..”
And the two hugged for sometime.. nairan watched them and prayed to let them always be like this.. naina kept her head on karan’s shoulder..
Naina,”karan, di is lucky.. I wish they remain like this..”
Karan,”and we too…”
They smiled..

I ll try to post another one today.. if not today then tomorrow.. I hope u all enjoyed it..
I ll gear up the story within a few episodes, coz I think am dragging it a bit..

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