Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air-Episode 13

Hi guys.. I know the link is showing chapter 14 but its 13.. actually that it went wrong.. I submitted same part twice.. anyways sorry..
Here u go..
Next day at chauhan house
Vishal came to see off his sisters. He was on his way to delhi, going to prepare for karan’s treatment.
Vishal,”good morning uncle, aunty, dadaji.. and took their blessings..
Nirmala,”mrng beta, come na.. have breakfast”
Dadaji,”yeah, bahu is right..”
Khyati came right there.. vishal looked at her and smiled.. she too smiled back..
Vishal,”no, aunty.. I just came to see off chiku and gudiya only.. no need to panic..”
Khyati,”what is there to panic.. breakfast is ready only.. and moreover ma is asking so sweetly and lovingly, to keep her words only have something..”
Vishal was astonished to find khyati so matured.. he was quite impressed.. afterall this is for the first time she behaved as a matured person.. and moreover, the way khyati said vishal couldn’t deny..

Vishal,”okk aunty.. for u only am joining the table.. but where is chiku and gudiya..”
Naina, karan, meghna and kunal came down with their luggages..
Naina,”bhaiyu..” and she ran to vishal and hugged him..
Naina,”bhaiyu, u forgot me and di right? U don’t call me also.. how’s mama, mami, and mumma.. also vaibhu..”
Khyati,”started the famous bundi talks.. bhabi, cant u keep ur mouth shut.. u r going to ur honeymoon, so pls don’t take that low standard cheap place name..”
Khyati in mind,”sorry di, and bhabi.. I didn’t want.. but what to do its necessary..”
Naina, meghna, kunal and karan were hiding their laughter, but vishal’s blood was boiling..
Vishal,”hey you.. khyati right? Don’t insult my place, okk..”
Naina pressed vishal’s hands and made him calm.. khyati felt helpless.. she just looked into vishal’s eyes and was seeking for an apology and got lost in it.. vishal on the other hand, couldn’t understand anything and as if he heard khyati’s apology, he just assured her with his eyes.. but their eyelock was interrupted by sandhya..
Sandhya,”how dare u cheap boy from bundi to insult the daughter of this house.. no manners u learnt?? How to talk? Talk with respect with khyati.. else I ll forget u r naina and meghna’s brother..”
Kunal and karan was boiling in anger.. meghna held kunal and calmed him, whereas naina held karan, and assured him.. nirmala was shocked to see naina holding karan’s hand but didn’t say anything..
Kunal,”ma, we r leaving.. its almost time for check in..” and all took blessings..
Dadaji,”sandhyaji, say the driver to take out car.. and vishal beta, u go with them.. first the driver will drop them at airport and then u at station..”
Vishal,”thank u dadaji..”
Khyati,”karan bhai.. I ll also come with u to drop u at airport..”
Naina,”yaa sure khyati..”

Khyati,”no one asked u..”
Sandhya smirked..
All got into the car.. karan was sitting beside the driver.. and kunal, meghna and naina at the middle portion.. and khyati and vishal at the extreme back with the luggages..”
And all left for the airport..
At airport
Naina,”khyati, take care of urself as well as ma, dadaji, papa and do ur work and inform us..”
Khyati,”don’t worry naina di.. I ll do it..”
Vishal was shocked..
Vishal,”aree, sometimes before u couldn’t withstand her, and now calling her di.. whats the matter??”
Khyati laughed.. and meghna explained him everything..
Vishal,”I see.. so that was ur plan.. I am extremely sorry khyati.. I didn’t know that, unnecessarily I shouted on u.. pls forgive..”
Khyati,”arre why r u asking for forgiveness? I seek an apology to all of u, for using those harsh words which I shouldn’t have used..”
Naina,”ohho khyati, I ll beat u now.. I told u many times, everything is fair in love and war, and this is war.. and bhaiyu, what’s this.. u r doing lyk a child?”
Vishal,”no.. am a man..”
Kunal,”vishal, we r getting late.. its almost check in time.. we gotta go.. bye bro..” and he hugged him..
Karan,”vishal bhai, see I ll hug u soon.. till then a handshake..” and he forwarded his hands covered by gloves..
Vishal,”naina, my prescribed gloves?”
And they shaked hands.. and the four of them left leaving khyati and vishal together..
Vishal,”so miss khyati, I must say u turned matured..”
Khyati,” thanks to naina di..”
Vishal smiled.. they started chit chatting on their way to the station..
Khyati dropped vishal to the station and left for home..

Sorry guys for the little update.. and extremely sorry since not so nairan or meghnal scene.. but next part ll be treat to read.. so keep waiting.. I ll post next today only..

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