Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 10

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Chapter 10

Naina came in the room and saw karan sleeping.. she didn’t disturb him.. and slept beside him..
Slow and steadily morning dawned in.. and karan was the first one to get up.. he found naina sleeping beside him, and looked at her angelic face..
Karan to himself,” who ll say looking at her that she speaks so much? That she’s so immature yet so mature.. she looks so innocent while sleeping.. my angel.. naina, soon am going to say you my feelings..”
He got up and went to the washroom to freshen up..
Meanwhile naina woke up.. and she didn’t find karan on the bed,”aree where did he go?”
Suddenly karan came out in his towel..
Naina seeing him couldn’t take her eyes back.. yet she screamed,”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………. Karan”
Karan,”aree who said u to wake up.. I thought u r sleeping.. now close your eyes..”
Naina,”aree u should be careful na, u know u live with a girl now..”
Karan,”girl?? No no no.. a mad girl..”
Naina turned his side to speak but screamed,”karan jaldi karo.. “
Karan,”haa haa, hogaya.. ab bolo..”
Naina,” from when am I mad?”
Karan,” hehe.. this is known to everyone naina.. it’s a gk question.. from ur childhood..”
Karan,”okk bye…” and he ran out..

Naina,” ye chhaate wala akdu changed so much.. cant call him akdu now.. anyways naina, u r late.. get ready..”
She got ready and went down.. and found everyone staring at her..
Naina,”ma, di.. why everyone is staring at me.. karan, atleast u say something..”
Nk,”waah, u r saying as if u don’t know what happened..”
Naina,”papa, did I do anything wrong?”
Sandhya,”no no.. u r very pure.. we see that.. naina.. doubting me for once didn’t give u peace right? That this tym u searched my room??”
Naina,”woo masima.. actually my intension was not that.. actually I was not getting my ear ring that day, so thought if it fell in your room??”
Sandhya,”then why I am not getting my old phone naina?”
Naina,”masima, how r u so sure about me only?”
Sandhya was speechless.. she was finding words..
Karan,”yeah masima, any proof??”
Sandhya,”waah, this house is giving me a nice feedback.. u all r doubting me.. and karan u too.. u r believing this cheap bundi girl..”
Karan,”masima… pls.. I request u not to say such things to her.. pls..”
Nk,”waah karan, u r beside ur wife.. arre what about the masima who took care of u since childhood.. this girl, naina.. she came only a few days back, and u r listening to her.. taking her side.. till date u didn’t stood for urself and now u r speaking against sandhyaji for an outside girl?”
Karan,”she’s not any outside girl.. she’s my wife, my life and the bahu of this house.. and most importantly she’s my friend.. I don’t doubt her intentions ever.. if she does anything, she does it for everyone’s betterment only.. not like u, my so called dad who thinks about himself only..”
Nirmala was happy that there was someone to stamd against all the odds happening with herself and her bahus, and felt happy for naina.. meghna kunal khyati and dadaji smiled..
Kunal,”yes dad.. I also trust naina, I want proof masima..”
Sandhya,”I knew u all wouldn’t believe my words.. I have proof.. that is khyati herself.. she heard naina thinking to check my room.. khyati tell everyone..”
Khyati, meghna, kunal and naina got shocked and speechless..
Khyati,”haa wo masima is right..”
Nk,”see I knew it..”
Karan was shocked and looked at naina..
Khyati,”dad let me finish.. actually I had some misunderstanding in hearing.. I only heard that naina bhabi was saying I have see in masima’s room if I get it or not.. and next when I asked her later she said she was just finding her ear ring..”
Sandhya was shocked,”khyati.. u said..”
Khyati,”sorry masima, I said u that naina bhabi came to your room, but later torgot to inform u her real intention.. am sorry.. its coz of me u all scolded masima..”
Dadaji,”its okk.. sandhya ji, from next time please don’t misunderstand this girl”
Karan,”yes masima.. see here it was not her fault.. still she is crying.. she is clean at heart masima.. pls accept it.. and don’t misjudge her.. naina, wipe out ur tears.. and come to the dining to have breakfast..”
Meghnal, nirmala, khyati and dadaji smiled at karan..
Naina,” yes, ma lets go in the kitchen..”
Meghna,”chiku, forgot me?”
Naina,”di…” and hugged her..

Meghna,”pagli don’t cry, one thing is clear, this karan loves u a lot.. he cant withstand anyone against u..”
Naina,”what di, don’t tease me.. its nothing like that.. karan ko koi aur kaam nhi hai kya..”
Meghna,”accha so my sis wants karan to have time to love her..”
Naina,”mmcchh di…”
Nirmala,” arre naina, meghna is right.. see karan changed so much.. that to coz of u.. and always standing for u..”
Naina,”ma, actually we started with friendship only.. and he..”
Meghna,”what u didn’t tell me that u both turned friends.. not done chiku, hiding things from me..”
Kunal came in..
Kunal,”arre naina, karan is calling u..”
Naina,”yeah, di am coming..”
Naina goes..
Kunal,”ma, meghna karan loves naina, this is the main thing.. he said he ll say naina soon..”
Nirmala,”what.. its so good..”
Kunal,”ma, but don’t tell anyone.. pls.. only between we 3 and karan..”
Nirmala,”okk baba..”
Naina came back..
Naina,”what jeeju.. u r so mean.. u could have said u need alone thm with di.. I would have gone.. what was the need for this prank..”
Kunal pulled naina’s nose..
Kunal,”ainvayi..” and went out..
Naina,”di, tell ur husband not to play prank on me..”
Meghna,”awww chiku..” and hugs her..

At the breakfast table..
Kunal,”karan, this breakfast table looks so precious, afterall u r here na..”
Kunal,”sorry dadu.. but naina, hatsoff yaar.. I mean the thing which masima couldn’t do u did it yaar.. no one could bring karan down, and u within few days made karan have breakfast in the dining..”
Nirmala,”yes naina.. u r a gem..”
Karan blushed..
Meghna,”naina, serve karan.. ur friendship ll deepen..”
Meghnal looked at sandhya and smirked a bit.. sandhya was fuming..
Sandhya to herself,” really hatsoff naina.. I was the person who made karan out of the family, and u r destroying my each and every plan.. u ll pay for it..”
Khyati,”naina bhabi, thank u.. but don’t think u r my bhabi.. I hate u till date and ll hate u..”
Nirmala,”khyati have food..”
Dadaji,” I have an important announcement.. see karan and kunal’s marriage jappened around a month ago, and no one planned for their honeymoon.. strange..”
Meghna was blushing.. and kunal smirked at her.. naina was feeling shy.. and karan too..
Dadaji,”so young generation, where u want to go? “
Meghna,”anywhere u want dadaji..”
Dadaji,”okk so, paris?”
Kunal,”oohhh dadu, u r so cool.. its so romantic place.. I love u dadu..”
All laughed.. and meghnal blushed..
Dadaji,”so u r going for 15 days.. okk.. start ur packing, u ll leave after two days..”
Naina got an idea..

After the breakfast, nirmala, nk, and sandhya went to office in their car, and meghnal took leave so they stayed at home..
Naina sent khyati, meghna and kunal msg, meeting right now in di’s room..
At meghnal’s room..
Meghna,”where is naina? She called us.. now where is she?”
Naina came,”di..” and closed the door..
Kunal,”haa naina, say..”
Naina,”di, jeeju, khyati.. see I ll have 15 days with karan alone..”
Kunal,”haa naina, do u want to plan something with karan, haa..”
Naina,”chhi, jeeju listen first.. alone means away from masima’s sight.. i know whole family will come to see off us at the airport.. I was thinking.. if out of 15 days me and karan will be at paris for 5days, next 10days I can come back to india.. and I ll take vishal bhaiya with me, he ll do karan’s treatment.. and once it starts I ll make sure about karan’s medicines for next 3 months.. so I was telling jeeju u pls arrange one return tckt for me and karan after 5 days of our going date..”
Kunal,”its awesome naina.. u r so genius.. u need to be called topper.. don’t worry cute sali, return tckt ll be arranged..”
Naina,”tysm jeeju.. see we ll land back at delhi, and take a hotel.. and I ll call vishal bhaiya there..”
Meghna,”but naina, for what treatment??”

Naina was shocked, she forgot meghna didn’t know about karan..
Meghna,”naina, say..”
Kunal,”I ll say meghna..” and he explained meghna..
Meghna,”naina, u hid it..”
Naina,”di, don’t tell it to mumma..”
Meghna,”but naina, ur life ll be destroyed..”
Naina,”see di, I don’t care.. I know karan is only in my fate.. nd moreover I promised to fight for him.. I promised him di, that I ll never leave him.. I promised him, I ll understand him in bits and pieces.. how can I leave him.. u know na, I always fulfill my promise.. and I need to fulfill this for him, afterall I love him di..”
Meghanl was shocked about her confession..
Khyati,”naina di, not fair, didn’t tell me..”
Naina smiled and blushed and went out..
Kunal,”khyati even ur karan bhai loves her, but don’t tell her, karan ll propose her..”
The trio smiled..
Meghna,” I wish everything gets fine between them..”
Kunal,”it ll.. naina and karan r together.. no one can separate them, not even masima..”
Kunal kissed meghna’s forehead..

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