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Part :- 7

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Story ended, Sanskar hugged Swara tightly where Swara was giving shock look

Swara: Sanskar leave me. What are you doing? ( trying to free herself from Sanskar ‘s grip who is not interested to let off her from the hug )

Sanskar: ( said childishly )No I won’t leave you. From past two days no one was allowing me to meet with you. All were telling me you are my bride , I will meet with you only after our marriage. But I was wanting to meet with my best friend , I was wanting to play with her. You know,I was missing you very badly.( said with little sob ) you don’t miss me dost. ( freed her from hug look into her eyes for his answer)

Swara became little uncomfortable by his gaze. Yes,now Swara is uncomfortable by his gaze. It is true, mentally he is a kid but physically he is a man, who is having a very good build up body and abs. And the room who has decorated romantically for them is now feeling her nervous more.

Swara:( said nervously) I am tired . I am going to change my dress. You also change yours . Immediately she went to washroom and took deep breath to calming herself inside it . After freshen up she came from washroom where she found to see , Sanskar is going to sleep on bed

Swara:( said loudly) stop

Sanskar gave her a confusion look where Swara came near to him.

Swara: You can’t sleep on bed with me.

Sanskar: Why? Everyday I sleep on my bed. So today also I will sleep on it. This is my bed but I am allowing you to sleep on it because mom has told me from now onwards you will stay with me always . So I have no problem if you will sleep on my bed then why you are opposing me to sleep on it

Swara: I can share bed with you. So from today onwards I will sleep on bed only

Sanskar: Then where I will sleep? ( gave her a questionable look)

Swara: I don’t know. You think yourself and moved towards bed and slept on it covering herself fully in blanket

Sanskar: ( think sometime) ok I am going outside to sleep with my mom and leaved to go

At this time swara remembered her first day in MM ” I WOULD NEVER ASHAMED YOU” where she said these words to her di. Immediately she sat on bed and said: Stop there . ( sanskar turned his back towards her front) you can sleep on bed but ….

Before she complete her words Sanskar jumped on bed and took her in his embrace tightly and sleep .

Swara shocked by his act.She couldn’t understand anything because everything happened in few seconds so she couldn’t protest him . When she protested to free herself he tightly hold her more . Now she has slept totally on him.

Swara: Sanskar , what are you doing ? Leave me

Sanskar: No I won’t leave you. Because everyday I sleep like this with my mom. So from now onwards you sleep with me like this because till when someone doesn’t hug me I don’t sleep at night.

Swara is now hell tired to protest him because first of all her mental trauma and next for her marriage busy schedule.

Now she has slept on Sanskar ‘s embrace where her head is resting on his heart. She is listening his heart beats which is now calm for his sleep. But for her sleep is far away from her eyes.

Now she is remembering her past days :-

” How she was princess in her family? How her all demands were fulfilling by her parents ? How her life changed in two days? How her parents made her an outsider for her sister’s happiness? They didn’t think for once about her princess. They bought one daughter’s happiness selling other daughter’s happiness. How her own parents could cruel on their own daughter? How her father gave her hand to a mad where everytime he was protecting her from all evil eyes ? Does he trust Sanskar, that he can protect his princess from every evil eyes , from every odd situations? Then why ? And maa, who was having tears to see her little wound and pain now she couldn’t feel her daughter’s pain ? Then why she didn’t try to stop this marriage for once, why?
And mostly Laksh ( the hatred clearly showing on her face when she was thinking about him) how could he play with my sister’s life? How could he play with my sister’s emotions? I never ever forgive all of you because all of you my sister’s life has made a fun. I won’t leave you. And Mr Laksh Maheswari marriage is a game for you na. Everything has happened for you only. I won’t leave you easily. Just wait and watch , what am I doing with you? You gave me two choices, first , if I will think about my life then you will give divorce to my di and second , if i will agree for this marriage then you will give all happiness to my di. You did all this for your mad brother na, now just wait and watch how am I targeting your weak point? If you are a good brother and doing all of this for your brother’s betterment then I am also a good sister. I will save my sister from you. You told me you don’t love my sister. You just marry her for your brother sake. ( said in a determination voice) If you won’t beg for my sister’s love then you will change my name Mr Laksh Maheswari. Then she dozed off in deep sleep.

Next day Swara woke up on early morning where sanskar slept peacefully. Swara freed herself from his grip and looked his face for sometime where she saw ,a cute smile spread on his face. To seeing his cute face unknowingly a smile spread on her face. Some hairs dishevel on his face suddenly a urge came on her heart to brush it. Her hands unknowingly ran through his hairs when she saw his movement she came back to sense. Immediately she went to wash room for fresh .

After one hour when Swara unpacking her luggage Ragini entered inside swasan room.

Ragini: Swara, I want to talk with you now ( in a stern voice)

Swara:( said avoiding eye contact) but I am busy di . I will talk with you later.

Ragini: But I want now. And you….

She couldn’t complete her words for Laksh

Laksh:( without noticing entered inside swasan room) Ragin….( then looked both swaragini’s tensed face ) Anything serious happened here. ( gave a questionable look towards Ragini)

Ragini:( change the topic) nothing just sisters talk. Laksh it is the time of Sanskar’s bath na. You go and bath him. ( hold Swara’s hand) I am taking Swara in our room and there we will continue our talk .

When Ragini turned to leave with Swara but they both shocked to listen Laksh statement

Laksh: From today onwards Swara will bath to Sanskar

Ragini 🙁 said surprisingly) but how? I mean Swara how sh…

Laksh: ( cut her words in middle) Ragini you are forgetting Swara is Sanskar ‘s wife . She has every rights on him. So I am thinking this is not a big problem in a married couple.

This time Sanskar came out from washroom wearing a towel around his waist where his upper part is bare.

Sanskar: ( said childishly) I am ready lucky dost. Let’s go and help me in my bath

Laksh moved towards Sanskar and cupped his face gently : From today your Shona dost will help you on your bath. So won’t irritate her and will obey her every words ( sanskar nodded his head vigorously as a yes) now you go, your friend will reach after sometime ( Sanskar immediately went to washroom)

Now Laksh said to Swara where Swara was giving him ” i will kill you “look : I think now you should go to washroom because Sanskar doesn’t like to wait more. If you want anything just call me and next moment I will be in your side . As I said before you are like my own sister so I mean it ( listen his talk now Swara’s body was boiling in anger but to seeing her sister without any conversation moved towards washroom.

Laksh: Ragini I came here because I didn’t get Mehta’s project file. So you will give me it because I am being late for my office.

Ragini nodded and both leaved from swasan room.

When Swara entered in bathroom to seeing the scene her throat became dried. She gulped her saliva in nervousness. Where Swara is tensed to see Sanskar ‘s wet bare body there Sanskar is unaware of her presence.

Swara: ( in a stammering voice) San..sk..ar

Sanskar:( looked towards Swara) see dost I am bathing come help me in my bath

Swara is sweating very badly to see him like this: Sanskar, y..ou ( searched words how will manage this matter) are a big boy na. So you bath alone. Big boys bath alone only

Sanskar: No!( said loudly stretching the word more) till yesterday lucky dost was bathing me. On one day, how I turned into a big boy? You are telling me lie like yesterday night. You aren’t wanting to bath me like yesterday you weren’t wanting to sleep with me on bed. If you don’t want then go and call my lucky dost , he will bath me. You are very bad dost . Now you don’t love me like before. ( made a crying face)

Without any option Swara move towards him and helped him in his bathing. After bath she dried him by a dry towel and gave him a bathrobe for change .

Sanskar: Now you go. You don’t have shame. How will you see my naked body? I am a big boy na. How will I change my cloth in front of you . So now you go.

Swara was looking him in ” o ” face . From sometime before she was trying to understand it to him and now he is telling it. Before leave the place she shaking her head in disbelieve .

After half an hour after aarti Swara is present in hall with her in laws.

AP: Swara today is your first rosei. So you will prepare a sweet dish for which your relation will become sweeter with your in laws . So what do you have think for preparing in your first rosei

Swara: Kheer

Sujata: Very nice. Sanskar also loves kheer very much

Then parineeta took her into kitchen and gave her every ingredients and leaved from there.

After 30 minutes Swara finished her kheer and moved towards her room when a shadow hidden behind a pillar. After Swara leaved the person entered inside the room and hold a bottle from counter and said: You have made it to increase the sweetness in your relation with your inlaws. I will help you on it . And then added the full bottle sugar in kheer and gave a smirk.

In dinning hall

All have waited for Swara when she entered with kheer bowl. She put kheer in a bowl and was going to give it DP ,AP stopped her in middle.

AP: Actually husband eat the first bite and you will give it to Sanskar till when he hasn’t satisfied on it. It is our ritual. So first you give it to Sanskar .

Swara gave the kheer bowl to Sanskar. When Sanskar took his first bite all were seeing his facial expression where one pair eyes was smirking.

Sanskar:( said in full mouth) yummy, I want more and forwarded his bowl for more. Like this he finished whole kheer. It was yummy. Mom You know na, I love kheer and sweets. And my Shona dost has made it , mixing both dishes. I just loved it . From now onwards I will eat kheer from my friend’s hand only and went near to Swara and kissed her cheek and said : Thank you for kheer and went to his room leave a shocking Swara on his behind

All are happy to see their bonding and waiting when that day will come when Swara will cure their Sanskar with her love, affection and care. But one person is angry because plan flopped again .

Sujata:( said worriedly) now what will we do jiji? Sanskar ate total kheer . Now how will Swara complete her ritual?

AP: Don’t worry Sujata. Every problem has a solution. We will find out a solution for this also. Swara, why aren’t you making tea for us. After all it’s taste also sweet. What are you saying Sujata?

Sujata:( happily said) yes jiji you are saying absolutely right . Swara you make tea for us

Swara went to make tea for kitchen. After sometime she came and gave tea to everyone. Everyone gave her blessings with neg . When she gave tea to Laksh he gave her a envelope. She hold it uninterestedly but Ragini told her to unfold it. Disheartenly she opened it but when she saw the papers happy tears flowed from her eyes. To see her tears all are confuse

DP: What happened beta ? Why are you crying? Laksh which papers are all this ?

Laksh: Papa I have filled Swara’s form for second semistar MBA. Now she can continue her study

Sujata: Whose permission you did all this,Laksh? I want a housewife for my son. Who will care him and stay beside him everytime? I am not understanding, What has needed her education now? After education she will do a job no na. Bhai Saab, now you clear this mess

Laksh : Chachi ,in future Swara want to do a job or not it is her choice. But that doesn’t mean she won’t complete her study.Before marriage she was pursuing her MBA. So dad I think we should allow her to complete her MBA. If she will study that doesn’t mean she won’t take Sanskar ‘s care or will delay her duties towards sanskar.

DP: Sujata, Laksh is saying right . I am also agreeing with him. It’s only about few hours. Then she will stay with Sanskar .

Sujata isn’t happy on this decision but she couldn’t say anything . Because it is bhai Saab’s final decision. Sujata angrily leaved to her room .

Laksh looked towards Swara where some fresh tears are flowing from her eyes . Then looked towards Ragini who returned a ” thank u ” with a flying kiss. Laksh was giving a satisfactory smile to Ragini because first time he did something for his love for himself.

Precap : Don’t know


Friends I don’t know, when I will give you the next part of this ss. Because from now onwards I will busy on my study. Because after three week , I have an entrance exam for which 70,000 students have applied. But the no. of seats only 5,000. Where general girls are having only 300 to 400 seats. It is very tough to be get a seat. And this exam is really important for me and my career. I want to crack it. So please wish me ” All The Best” and pray to god for me. Once the exam will over I will come back again and give you back to back episodes like before. So now bye and have a nice day.

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