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After two days

It is the day of Swasan’s marriage. In these two days all rituals and arrangements have finished on right time. These days are hectic for both families because this much short span period one marriage will do is not that much easy. But thankfully everything has happened perfectly and at right time. And now all are busy on marriage preparation.

To see Sanskar’s condition the marriage is happening in MM. This marriage has kept private. Only family members, some relatives, friends and business associators are present for giving their blessings to be this newly wedded couple. But Maheswaries haven’t compromised anything on Sanskar wedding because it is the marriage of their dearest son. How can they neglect it . So now everyone have engaged on their work how will the marriage look be so perfect. For this they have decorated full MM in Sanskar’s favourite flowers . Today MM is looking like a bride itself.

Where Maheswaries are happy for Sanskar their Gododia’s have broken down for Swara.

In Sanskar room

Laksh is busy to get ready Sanskar on his marriage sherwani where he is playing with his favourite toy chota bheem. ( oye kitna innocent hai banda shadi ke din bhi chota bheem se khel raha hai. He is sooo cuteeee ). Now he is all ready for his marriage. He is looking dashing hot on his marriage clothes. The blend of golden and maroon colour sherwani is giving extra charm on his personality. He is looking hot and at this time cute also. To see his cute smile and childish behaviour anyone will adore him .

At this time Sujata entered inside the room. To see her son as a bridegroom she is feeling happy inside her heart. Today her dream has fulfilled to see him like this. How from far her eyes were longing to see her son as a bridegroom no one can’t imagine also? She was just waiting for this day. Now she is happy because today her son is entering a new phase of his life. Sujata took some kajol from her eyes and spotted it behind his ears.

She sat him gently beside her on his bed and caressing his hairs gently. Where she was explaining him now onwards how he will behave with Swara and how she is going to be became part of his life.

Sujata : ( said softly ) Sanskar

Sanskar: ( now also busy playing with his toys ) Hmm

Sujata: You know today is a big day for you and your dost Shona. Today you both will bind on a pious relationship. Today you will marry with her.

Sanskar:( said excitedly looking Sujata) today I will marry to Shona. So now she will stay with me in my room. I have seen some movies after marriage the girl stays in boy’s room. Tell na mom now Shona will always stay with me .

Sujata: ( Nodded her head as a yes ) yes beta from today she will stay with you.

Sanskar:( clapping his hands) urrey my dost will stay with me. Now I won’t feel bore. She will play with me , talk with me and go to park , market with me . We will roam the city together .

Sujata: Yes beta, you will do . But listen me first.( cupping his face) From today she is not your friend only . Because from today you are going to bind on another relation with her. And this relation call husband wife’s relation. Today you will give your name to her . ( sanskar was nodding his head like he has understood everything) . My Sanskar is a good boy na. ( where Sanskar nodded his head vigorously ) So you will treat with her as a gentleman. Won’t irritate her and mostly you will behave nicely with her. Ok ( Sanskar just nodded his head as he has got her mom’s point)

In Swara’s room

All are seem looking happy for this marriage . But for one person her life has stopped at this time . She is none other than our Swara. She is aimlessly looking her own reflection on the mirror . She is looking beautiful in her red lehenga where silver stones and white pearls have worked on it. Her golden necklace, jhumkas , nosepin and maangtika are enhancing her beauty more. Her waist chain which she has wore on her flat slim cylindrical white cremy waist is increasing her beauty more. Everything is looking perfect on her look. But is it true everything is looking perfect? No her smile is missing on her face . For which she is not looking a alive . Now she is looking like a lifeless body. Who has became ready for others not for her.

Now she is glancing herself on the mirror and thinking where did she do the mistake? For which mistake she got this big punishment. Like every girl she had also dreamt on her marriage. Like other girls she doesn’t believe in fairytale . Because she is a realistic person who believes on real. But that doesn’t mean she thoughts anything like this for her life . However her life has ended like this. In these two days she has tried many times to convince her parents to stop this marriage. But everytime she has failed. She was never thought her own parents, whom she believes her strength and more from this world will take a decision for her life like this.

Now she is looking her hands where has placed henna . And the colour of henna has turned into blackish brown colour and the ” S ” letter is enhancing from middle on her palm whom she is hating most now . To see her henna colour she is getting flashback on her maa’s word where she said ” SHONA , AGAR TUMAHARI SHADI KE DIN MEHENDI KA RANG GEHRA AYAGA TO JAAN LENA TUMAHARA PATI TUMSE UTNA JYADA PYAR KAREGA ” . Those her maa’s word is ringing in her mind . When she heard it a small flush has been spread on her cheek . But now she hates it the most.

Swara’s chain of thoughts broke by a door open sound where she found Ragini ,her sister has stood near the door in a crying face. She immediately rushed towards Swara and hugged her from her backside. Now Swara is looking Ragini through mirror.

Ragini was crying to just holding her sister. Because in these two days she has seen a broken Swara. Once who has never learned to be get tired today she has lost in front of her life . She can’t see her strong Swara like a looser. She will do something for her sister. If she won’t do anything today then she can never meet her eyes with herself in her whole life . How can she forgive herself to see her lovely sister pushing in a darkness by her parents. She knows , she isn’t strong like her sister but today she will be strong for her sister. She stops this marriage by hook or by crook.

( so last part the person is Ragini who was seeing Swara outside from the room)

( arsha dear this time you are wrong ? and gayatri you have guessed right dear)

Ragini: Shona, why you agree for this marriage. You are not belonging this life Shona. Specially you, who perfect every sense in her life.

Swara: What can I do di ? Where my own parents aren’t wanting to listen anything? Then what will I do? Today I am feeling helpless.

Ragini: ( in a surprise voice) who are you ? You are not my Shona?

To listen her questions Swara immediately parted her from hug and turned to face her.

Swara:( in a choking voice) I am your Shona, di. How can you tell me you don’t know me?

Ragini:( said angrily) because my Shona hasn’t learned to give up from any conditions . But you are doing this . Then how will I believe, you are my that Shona. ( said softly ) Shona don’t think others. This is your life. Just be think yourself .

Shona:( said irritately ) then what will I do di? Tell me what will I do?

Ragini : ( said in a cool voice) run away from this marriage

Swara is looking surprisingly to her di . In her dream also she can never think her di will give this advice.

Swara: But di run away is not a solution.

Ragini: I know . But now it is only the solution.

Swara: How can I run away from my marriage. Maa an…

Ragini:( interpreted in middle) it is not a marriage Shona. Stop calling it is a marriage. It is only a suicide. I know you think about maa, papa and society. But you don’t bother about them. Believe your di , she will handle everything here. You just run away from here.

Swara: But how will I ?

Ragini hold her hand and said: Let’s go

Both the sisters came downwards where everyone busy on marriage preparation.
Ragini went to near Sumi to take her permission to go outside. First Sumi denied but after sometime she agreed .

Ragini: Maa, today Swara’s marriage. So I want to take her temple . As you remembered na maa, how everytime we are going to temple to take blessings from god on Shona’s every succes . So it is a big day for Swara . you don’t feel today also she must go to temple to taking blessings before entry in her martial life

Sumi: I know beta. I will also happy if you would go there. But after one hour marriage will be started. So now how will I allow you to go outside?

Ragini: Don’t worry maa, we will return back before marriage. So now we will have go

Sumi in a heavy heart gave permission to them. After got the permission Ragini rushed towards exist door holding Swara’s hand where Swara was only watching her maa in her teary eyes.

At temple

Ragini: Go Swara. Go from here. I can only do this for you. Now you will go alone from here. ( took out some money from her saree which she hidden it in her saree fleet). Now I have only this much money beside me. You take it. After some days when the matter will cool down I will inform you . That time you will come back. Now go from here ( little pushed her from her)

Swara turned to leave where her eyes are red due to crying continuously. When she was going to downstairs she heard her di called from her back

Ragini: Swara

Swara turned her face to look her sister where Ragini rushed towards her and taking her a bone crushing hug

Ragini: I will miss you Swara

Swara:( hugging her back) I will also miss you di. And I love you

Ragini: ( parted form hug and cupping her face) I love you too and kissing her forehead. Now you go from here . Before anyone know about you ,you just go .

Swara nodded her head and slightly picked up her red lehnga and started to run.( I want to see her once in this position where she picks up her lehenga and run )

After 1 hour


Sumi moved one corner to another corner tensely . And her eyes are scanning the entrance. At that time Ragini entered in MM. Sumi immediately rushed towards her and searching Swara who is missing now.

Sumi:( tensely) where is Swara? She went with you na. So where is she now? Tell me. Why you are silent?

Ragini: She has ran away from her marriage

Sumi: ( surprisingly )What? What did you say? No it can be happened . My Shona can’t do anything like this

Ragini:( said angrily) but you can do with her like this. I am happy for my sister. She has taken a good decision for her life. I am happy she has ran away from this so called marriage

Sumi: Ragini , how are yo….

Interpreted by a voice which coming from behind: What , Swara has ran away from this marriage

After half an hour

Outside all guests are gossiping with each other and guessing what will be happened for which this marriage is happening so late.

And inside MM everyone are present in hall and thinking what will they do now? Where Sumi and Sekher has bowed down their heads and hearing harsh words from Sujata. Where all the time AP was trying to control her but she is failing everytime. Today how can she control Sujata , where she has known that what is Sanskar matter for her?Where all are tensed there one person without any tension playing with his toys. He is none other our Sanskar who doesn’t understand anything why his family members are looking so much tensed. And why her mom was shouting on Shona’s parents?

Sujata: Wow Sekher ji for you and your family now we will tolerate this much humiliations. If Swara wasn’t agreed for this marriage then why did you approve this marriage. We weren’t forced you for this marriage then why did you do this drama ( without Laksh , Sekher and Sumi no one have known about this deal)

Sekher folding her both hands and going to say sorry when he heard a voice : Maa papa

Everyone turned their faces towards the voice where they got to see the most unexpected person at the entrance .

Only one name come from everyone’s mouth: SWARA


Precap: Something interesting is going to happen

So now tell me , how is the chapter. I am waiting for your comments. So give it quickly. So I will give you the most await part of this SS. So till then good by and take care.

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