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Sorry friends I know some extent I have behaved rudely in last part. But thanks all of my lovely readers who cleared my misconception. Actually I thought, you don’t like the story line. You are just hating this story for which you showed hatred in your comments. But last chapter when I read all your comments I got to know that you have shown your hatred on Laksh character not on my story. After read your last comments I again read those comments and my confusion cleared now. So i am sorry for it. But it’s good na because for this I cleared my doubts . Or else this misconception would grow more and it creates a huge disturbance between us. So again sorry and thank you. And don’t worry about Laksh I have thought something good for him. I think you will also like it. Now come to the point I have kept something for all of you at end . kindly read it carefully . Now I am stopping my bakbak and starting my story.

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After one weak

At MM Now no one isn’t denying Swara to spent her time with Sanskar or to take him somewhere . Because they trust on Swara and mainly they are seeing a drastic improvement in Sanskar’s condition after Swara’s arrive. So every morning and evening, Swara goes to take Sanskar outside for a walk. And now both
enjoy each other company.

In this whole week swasan have come very close to each other. They spent their most of time together. Swara also like his company because like her Sanskar is also a chatter box who loves to chatting everytime . And moreover in majority cases their liking and disliking are also same . They both love to icecream crazily but every flavour not a special one . Sanskar choices every flavour as a kid. But when it comes to Swara then she gives a logic for her choice . She thinks when we love someone we accept him with his all flaws and perfection like that when we love something how we will choose it by some flavour or by some brand. For this only she loves her favourite ice-creams in every flavour .

One week passed . So today Sekher and Sumi will come to MM to fix the Swara’s alliance with Sanskar. Today Maheswari ‘s chaplain ( kul guru, so now onwards I will use guru ji instead of chaplain ) will also come to fix a marriage date for swasan.

Afternoon at MM

All are busy their own work because today Sanskar ‘s marriage date will fix with Swara. But one person was seeing all this confusingly. And that person is none other than Ragini. Till now she hasn’t known anything about swasan marriage. Today also she hasn’t known that her parents are coming her inlaws house .

After one hour Sekher and Sumi reached in MM. To see her parents Ragini became surprised and she rushed towards them . She just hugged her parents. She wasn’t believing on her eyes . Her parents have stood in front of her eyes.

Ragini: Maa, papa how did you come here? I mean You haven’t informed me about it .

Laksh: ( come near her and hugged her in sidewise) because I told them don’t tell you about this. I was wanting to see your happiness when you will see your parents in front of your eyes . And For this only I made this surprise plan. And now see I am seeing this bright smile on your face. ( Ragini slightly blushed on her complement ) You liked it.

Ragini:( Happily said when rested her head on Laksh chest ) I loved it Laksh . Thank you for this surprise.

Where Sekher and Sumi are happy to see her daughter’s happiness. But what about Swara. When they thought about it a sadness covered to their hearts.

Maheswaris welcomed Sekher and Sumi inside the MM whole heartedly. Other side Sumi was searching Swara but wasn’t finding to see her

Sumi: Ragini, where is Swara. From when I have come here I am not seeing her. She hasn’t in home.

Ragini: No mom she hasn’t in home. She has been outside with Sanskar. She didn’t know that na today you and papa will come here . If she knows about it then she never goes outside.

Sumi:( said in a fake smile) ya I know.

Ragini:( said happily unknown the seriousness of the matter) you know mom nowadays I am feeling Swara is loving Sanskar more than me. She is spending most of her time with Sanskar. Now I am feeling she hasn’t come here for me but She has come here for Sanskar. Now I am really jealous on Sanskar who has snatched my lovely sister from me.

After listened Ragini ‘s talk Sumi wasn’t understanding what she should react on Ragini’s talk . She should laugh or cry. Her chain of thoughts broke when Sujata called her because their kul guru has been reached in MM. After took blessings from their kul guru they sat on sofa where MM ladies are busy to serving their guests.

In Swasan side

In park

Swasan have sitted on a bench where Sanskar is eating his favourite DMS chocolate like a kid. The chocolate has became spread all over his face. To see him like this Swara laughed loudly on him. And then cleaned his face in her hanky . After cleaned his face they again sat there silently and enjoying the cold fresh breeze and the view of the park . Sanskar offered his chocolate to Swara which she accepted it in whole heartedly.

After sometime when Swara called Sanskar but when she didn’t get any response from him she looked towards him . Where she found he is looking somewhere very carefully. When Swara followed his gaze she got to seeing a couple are eating icecream. Where the girl is sharing her icecream with her boyfriend and in return her boyfriend gave a peck on her lips. The girl hugged him shyly.

Swara: you want this icecream

Sanskar: nodded his head as a no

Swara: then you want anything else

Sanskar: ( cutely) nodded his head as a yes

Swara: I know you want to eat panipuri right

Sanskar: again nodded his head as a big no

Swara:. Then juices

Sanskar: again a no come from Sanskar side

Swara: ok I got it. You want coconut water. Right

Sanskar: ( saying loudly ) no I don’t want anything from this all

Swara:( said in little bit irritate) then what you want Sanky

Sanskar:( forwarded his finger towards the couple) I want a kiss like him. She shared ( pointed his finger towards the girl ) her icecream with that boy and the boy gave him a kiss. Like this I shared my chocolate with you so now I want a kiss here ( showing his lips towards Swara)

Now Swara widen her eyes to hear his demand for a peck those also on his lips . She was feeling awkward to hear it. But in this whole week she has very well known that how much he is adamant when it comes on his requirements . Avoid to create a scene Without further think Swara gave a peck on his cheeks ( what you thought Swara will give a peck on his lips??? then you will wait for some more episodes) .

Sanskar: ( said innocently ) You cheated me. Why did you give me kiss here ( pointed towards his cheek ) You weren’t seeing there the boy kissed here ( pointed towards lips) so you give me a kiss here like her.

Now Swara is feeling awkward to hear his demand. So she was avoiding eye contacts from him and trying divert his mind from kiss and to lessen the awkwardness between them.

Swara said: Sanky , the boys give the kiss on lips and girls only give the kiss on cheek. I am a girl na so that’s why I gave you a kiss on your cheek. Now you understood. ( Sanskar nodded his head like he understood everything) Sanskar I think we are late. Let’s go everyone must be waited for us.


DP: Guru ji, they are girl’s parents ( showing his hand towards Sekher and Sumi) . And you know about Sanskar very well . So we want you match swasan horoscopes and draw a suitable date for their marriage. And we want you select a near date for their marriage.

Now Ragini is fully surprise to listen DP’s talk. She is not understanding anything. They are talking about Swasan marriage and her parents is not having any problem with this marriage. And how her parents accepted this proposal. As she knows that how much Swara is perfect on her life and Sanskar , he is a mad who doesn’t know anything. And mainly which thing surprising her more that is her parents . why her parents aren’t denying to this marriage? How can he accepted it for their princess?

Guru ji took both the horoscopes and started match them. Everyone was looking towards guru ji in eagerness where Sumi was praying to god save her daughter from this marriage and both the horoscopes not be matched

Guru ji: ( after matched both the horoscopes he looked towards both the families and then starting to said) till my whole life I haven’t seen this type of horoscopes .

When Sumi heard this a smile automatically came on her face. For her if their guru ji will deny and won’t give approval for this marriage then they won’t agree for it. But her smile faded to listen next words of the guru ji.

Guru ji: I have never seen this type of heavenly couple who have just made for each other. No one can apart them from each other. Even they want themselves to apart from each other then also destiny won’t allow them to become apart from each other. They have come in this earth to become one. So they must be one. No one can stop to unit them. So DP I don’t think they need any auspicious day for their marriage. When you will marry them it will become itself one auspicious day. But if you want then after 2 days is very good day for their marriage. You can fix this day for their marriage.

DP: Ji guru ji as you said Sanskar and Swara marriage will happen after two days.

Now Sumi is totally heart broken. She somewhere thought and prayed that the horoscopes aren’t match with each other. But after listened guru ji talk her little hope has also shattered.

At this time swasan entered in MM. When she saw her parents she immediately rushed towards them and hugged them tightly. After two months she is meeting with her parents. This time DP introduced her with guru ji. Swara took his blessings. Guru ji gave her blessings to Swara and was looking towards swasan with a smile. Then guru ji leaved from there.

After half an hour

Everyone has sitted on sofa in hall and they are thinking , how will convince to Swara for this marriage within two days ? Because now this is the main problem for them . Everyone were seeing each other in a tensed look .

Sekher broke the silence and said: Shona I want to talk with you.

Swara:( said happily) Haan papa tell me what you want to tell?

Sekher: Not here. You come with me.

Sekher dragged Swara inside Ragini’s room. Where Sumi just following them. When they entered inside the room Sumi locked it from inside.

Swara: What did happen papa ? Why you brought me here like this. Why are you looking so tensed papa ? Will you tell me what has happened here? Maa you tell me what has happened?

Sumi: (trying to say in her chocking voice) sh…o..na your da..d and I have fix ….ed ( couldn’t finish her sentence and looking helplessly towards Sekher)

Sekher : ( in a stern voice) we have fixed your marriage. ( Swara surprised to listen about her marriage ) And after two days your marriage will happen ( take a pause then said) with Sanskar

Swara is now fully surprise . First her marriage has fixed that also with in two days. And the bridegroom is Sanskar . Now she was not understanding how to react on it ? To listen it unknowingly a lone tear escaped from her eyes . She wiped it immediately from her eyes.

She rushed towards her maa and hugged her tightly and said : Maa please don’t do this with me. You tell to papa, how can I marry with Sanskar? He is a child maa, he doesn’t understand anything about a relation. I know he is a good person. But how can i marry with her maa. Maa please don’t do this with me. ( Again went to near Sekher) papa ( cupping his face) I am your princess na then how will you do this with your princess. Papa don’t give me this much big punishment. I have done any mistake then tell me na I will never repeat it. But don’t push me away from you , from maa and from my family.

Sekher: Its final Shona your marriage will happen with Sanskar in this two days.

Swara: ( said in loudly) but why? If you want then marry me with a beggar . I will marry him happily but not with Sanskar. He hasn’t know what is the meaning of marriage? He hasn’t known that, What should a couple keep a relation each other between them ? So how can I marry with her papa. Maa ( looked towards Sumi) why aren’t you saying anything? Why have you kept in silent.

Sumi : ( patting her hairs ) I can’t do anything beta. Just forgive your mom who couldn’t keep her promise.

Sekher : Now we are going to downwards and tell them about our decision. And both Sekher and Sumi left from the room . After 10 minutes . They came back to hall where Maheswaries waited for them. Sekher gave their approval for this marriage where Sumi was looking all this helplessly.

Swara sat with a thud on the ground and crying very badly. She wasn’t believe her own parents have fixed her alliance with Sanskar who is mentally unstable. Who hasn’t known about marriage and about its custom and mainly who hasn’t known what is a couple and what relation they share with each other. How she will marry with a person who hasn’t known the meaning of husband and wife. How her papa can do this with his princess and how can her maa do this with her Shona. ( to remind everything now she is crying more where one pair of eyes were seeing her helplessness and tears are flowing from eyes also .

Precap: Swara’s marriage is going on in full swings and Swara ran away from her marriage in her marriage day.


So now I am having two news for all of you. One is good and another one is bad.

Good news is , I will give more two episodes back to back in this 3 days. And I will show you swasan marriage in this two episodes.

Now the bad news is, after two episodes I will take a break. Because I am going somewhere. So I will hold this story for some days because I don’t know when I will back. So just enjoy your vacations and tell me how is it ?

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