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Today I am not doing any bakbak just starting my story. Because today I have not in a good mood to see your last response on this story. But please kindly read the last paragraph .

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Story is starting from Sekher and Sumi. After cut the phone call Sekher and Sumi were looking each other tensely. Where Sumi was trying to convince Sekher for the last time to be denied this marriage .

Sumi: Sekher please you stop this marriage. From starting I was telling you, you just stop Ragini’s marriage with Laksh. It is not a marriage Sekher it is a deal. Laksh isn’t loving our Ragini. He is just using my daughter for his brother ‘s happiness. That time I kept silent for you and for Ragini’s sake. But today I won’t be silent. This is my Shona’s matter. I won’t keep silent like before. You deny them. I can’t destroy my Shona’s life for my other daughter. We are doing mistake sekher. We are doing mistake with Shona’s life. Please stop it now for your princess sake.

Sekher:( said without any emotions ) I can’t. I can’t stop this marriage. U have known about it very well

Sumi:( said in a choking voice) how can you do this with your princess Sekher? What will you say her? You can tell her to see in her eyes you have done this for her well being. ( said loudly) or you have made her puppet for her sister ‘s happiness. Don’t do this with her. She can’t tolerate this things. She trust us Sekher. Don’t break her trust. Please I beg you my shona’s happiness from you. Last time for last time I want this kindness. Save my daughter Sekher save our daughter.

Sekher:( said a bit angrily) what about Ragini ? What about our other daughter Sumi. She can handle this much big heartbreak. She loves Laksh very much . And you know about it. I have understood you the things before also . So now why you are behaving like this. And making it more difficult for me. And I can’t do anything. You know, now I am feeling very much helpless where I am not saving my daughters. When I am trying to save my princess there i am feeling helpless myself for my other daughter. What are you thinking, I am happy to give my princess’s hand with this mad. And you know very well I was also against this marriage but this time I was too helpless. Laksh knowingly brought this proposal in front of Ragini because he known that Ragini loves him and how much she is sensitive. This day I was very happy because my Ragini is going to be marry in some days . But the next day he called me in his office and told me Ragini loves him from her college life and he will marry only when I will agree on his deal. When I got to know about it the ground shift below from my foots .

Flashback start

In Laksh’s cabin

Sekher: Beta why did you call me here like this? Anything serious. You want to tell me something

Laksh: First you take a seat papa. Then I am telling you, why have I called you here?

Sekher sitted on a chair and said: Now tell

Laksh: I don’t know you know about it or not but Ragini and I were studying at a same college

Sekher:( said happily) really that’s good beta

Laksh: And Ragini loves me for her college period

Sekher: ( in a surprise tone )Really. Now I am really happy for my Ragini . She is getting her love . But what about you beta? You also love her right. Arey ,Why I am asking you this ? Obviously you are loving her. That’s why you brought this proposal. I am right na beta.

Laksh:( took a deep breath) actually papa, I like Ragini. She is a nice girl. But this time I was wanting to focus in my carrier . So for this only I was keeping away myself from love.

Sekher: If you don’t love her then why did you give this proposal?

Laksh: For a deal

Sekher:( surprisingly) deal. What kind of deal

Laksh: I will marry with Ragini and I am promising you I will give her every happiness. But for this your second daughter I mean Swara will marry my brother Sanskar

Sekher : ( said in a bit angrily ) Sanskar, but he is a mad. How I will marry my daughter with a mad. I can’t. For my one daughter happiness I can’t stake other daughter ‘s life. So this marriage can’t happen anymore . I think now I should leave from here.

When he leaved to go Laksh said him from his behind: But papa what will you say to Ragini? Now she must be think about our marriage and her married life. How will you tell her that everything have finished now ? Now she should forget me and our marriage. You know that how much sensitive she is. If she do anything with her then what will you say to maa and Swara. I think Swara will also misunderstand you because you chosen her wellbeing for which her sister has suffered like this . So please papa try to understand me. I am promising you, Swara and Ragini won’t having any problem in my home. They will stay there like princesses . Now you go and what is your decision will tell me tomorrow. I am hoping you will take a right decision for your princesses.

Sekher leave from there with a heavy heart. He isn’t wanting, for her one daughter he will stake her other daughter ‘s life. But he knows that, how much Ragini is sensitive . And today he known that she also loves Laksh. And after listen this marriage proposal how much she became happy . Now she must be dream about her marriage. If he will deny for this marriage and she will do anything with her then Swara can’t forgive herself in her whole life. She will think for her only today her sister has took this step. Its better he will be agreed this proposal. This is only the way to save Ragini. And I know when Swara will know about it she will also accept it for her sister’s life. Like this my two daughters life will become save.

After that Sekher told about the deal to Sumi. She also surprised to listen this deal. First she denied it but then Sekher convinced her to say to do it just for saving our Ragini’s life.

Flashback end

Sekher: Now I can’t do anything. We will do this marriage.I am sorry Sumi first time I don’t keep your words and leaved that room.

Sumi said loudly: Sekher please listen me. We will solve it. Please don’t go like this . Please save our Shona. Please don’t clutter your princess life. Sekher please .

Now she is crying very badly.Now she is feeling helpless more than from Ragini’s marriage day . In somewhere she was happy that day. Because her Ragini was going to get her love in her life. But what about Swara. How will she agree for this marriage to know about Sanskar ? How will she break her Shona’s trust.

Flashback start

Swara is packing her bag to go her college for studying MBA. And Sumi and Ragini are also helping her in her packing.

Ragini: Shona now you are going to stay in hostel so behave as a good and big girl. Now you aren’t a small girl. And please be less your talk in front of your friends otherwise they will run from you

Swara: Don’t worry di I will handle everything there. And I will never change for anyone. I don’t care anyone love me or not. For me my family is mostly important who love me so much and hugged her tightly

Ragini:( freed her from the hug) and what about your prince? If he will also not like your this behaviour then what will you do?

Swara: Who cares? If he loves me then he will accept me like this only. I won’t change myself for him

Ragini: Accha tell something about your prince na . Till now you never say about your prince . I know till now you are single. But one day you will love someone na. So I want to know what qualities you want in your prince. Who can say you are getting your prince in your MBA.
Where Sumi was just listening their talk.

Swara: ( went to near Sumi and hugged from her back side) I will never love anyone. This rights is having only my parents. They will only choose to my prince. They will select whom for me I will marry with him to close my eyes . Because I trust my parents. They will only think my wellbeing. So they will choose a best life partner for me like my dad. Hai na mom ( where Sumi nodded her head with a smile. she is feeling proud on her daughter . Now her little princess has grown up who has became more sensible )

Flashback end

Sumi: Caressing Swara’s photo and said cryingly) why were you trusting your parents this much beta? You told me for choosing a best life partner for you like your dad . But see your parents have chosen a mad for you. And your mother is nothing doing for you. Please forgive your parents to destroying your life. I am sorry beta. I am really sorry. ( hugging her photo tightly where tears are flowing from her eyes uncontrollably)

Precap: One week leap. Sekher and Sumi have come MM to fix the marriage and Swasan some happy moments

So now I am coming to the point. In last episode to see your comments I couldn’t understand anything. Means you are just hating Laksh character or you are having some problem in my story. I mean to say you aren’t liking if I will be made him as a selfish or what? Everyone is selfish in this world when it comes on family. In some extent I am also selfish for my family . And when i told , he is not a selfish .And about this story this is a Swasan story not raglak. For his deeds I will give punishment to him . And this is only second chapter yaar. Now only I have started this story. Give me some time and keep trust on me. I will show you everything but keep have some patience. But no you have shown your hatred on this story. So tell me frankly you need this story or I will stop it. If I won’t get sufficient feedback then I don’t know when I will post its next part.

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  1. Rosey

    seriously laksh is totally cheap person using both swaragini but still shekar should have handel matter maturely postv soon

  2. nice..post soon…haating laksh

  3. Phoniex

    Loved your story dear. I am hating lakshya’s character, I know everyone becomes selfish for his family but they don’t have a right to destroy someone else’s life, had Ragini been mad with Sanskar would he married ragini in that situation. Would he had sacrificed his life by marrying a mad girl to make His mad brother marry swara. He is a cheap person. I don’t believe any parents can do this with their daughter. They had a choice of telling Ragini the whole truth, let her decide would ahe go with the deal for getting her live or save her sisters life from ruining. Ragini was loving Lakshya but she had never proposed him or had any relationship with him.

  4. Ishanvi

    awesome chapter and you are right everyone is selfish for their family! Looking forward to your story!

  5. just awesome <3 😉
    post soon dear 😉

  6. Nice..I’m really loving ur story..??
    I just don’t like lucky’s character..I’m sorry if I hurt u bt I’m just saying my pov..I really dnt hv any problem with ur story..I know u ll punish lucky in future..bt plz don’t feel sad..don’t stop this story in d middle..waiting for some swasan scene in
    the next part..continue soon. .??

  7. ur story is awesome dr we dont hate laksh it is just dat in order 2 see his family n frnd he is playing wid 2 girls emotion if swara marry sanky 4 ragini somewiere ragini will feel bad n also if she get 2 know laksh dont lv her . laksh is neither bad nor selfish but he is also not totally right its my opinion plz not change storyline its very good

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Seema here no one had intention to hurt u. They r just hating Laksh n Shekhar’s character only. I agree everyone becomes selfish when it comes to their family. But that doesn’t mean they destroyed someone’s life like this! And Shekhar, he thinks about his SENSITIVE ragini only. Not his princess?? Then why he calls her as princess? And They don’t think about ragini, if she knows her marriage truth, how will she feels? Bcz of her happiness, she destroyed(unintentionaly) her sister’s life, then how can she live happily?
    Seema again I told u these are just our thoughts only. Don’t we have right to write our thoughts? We have no intention to hurt u dear. And we are TRUST U. So don’t be sad dear. Plz continue this story from u thoughts only. Don’t change it.
    I m VERY SORRY, if my words are hurt you!! Waiting for next part dear…

  9. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

  10. Awesome dear I like it don’t stop ur story plz continue dear

  11. Neptune

    hey seema the storyline is really good and when in the last part everyone commented about laksh they just told that they are hating laksh not the storyline dear and as writers have their own pov even readers have their own pov and they were just expressing it if you are hurt then we are really sorry

  12. readers are not hating your story..but hating one character in ur story..
    coming to this part…nice chappy

  13. awesome seema ur story line is good all are liking it plz dont think about stopping this ff.. continue dear update next part soon… update soon

  14. awesome and pls continue..

  15. Soujanya


  16. nice dear

  17. Scooby

    Good chapie…

  18. SNY

    Awesome dr…..
    Next one soon….

  19. Swarna01

    Amazing bt according to dem dey r ri8 avi sabkuch laksh k hath.

  20. Seebu_s

    nice…we r not liking laksh..not ur story?

  21. this part is really emotional and very good also.
    Laksh is selfish becoz he wants his family happiness and he definatly thought about future, it doesn’t mean he ruining swaragini’s )life. He made a deal with Sekhar and he accepted it.
    it is Sekhar mistake fully, he is having full right to accept or deny, he just thought momentary happiness not long term happiness at laksh deal.
    I can’t blame laksh here becoz he is using his luck and thats works.
    Lets take a another situation if ragini tell about her love to swara and swara came to know this deal then she would definatly maaried to Sanskar.

    Just i want to Sanskar is mad in this ff but in actaual life these types of deals happens. even people bring bride for their son after giving money to their family but it doesn’t mean they treat bride badly, she treated normally.

  22. nice..continue soon..

  23. Arshaanya

    Shekhar- i knw wen swara wil come to knw abt dis she wil also acpt for her sisters life n same condition applies to ragini…
    If she came to knw abt laksh z deal dan she wil rjct him…
    I hate shekhar so much…
    Srsly wat kind of parents r dey… for one daughters happiness spoiling othr daughters life ??
    Shekharz explanation is lyk ???…
    Okay so i dun want swara to evr frgve shekhar shomi… even aftr her happy life wid sanskar i dun want her to evr frgve laksh n her parents…
    Laksh shud suffer alot… i mean show somethin later sme situations comes infront of him where his sistr hve to go tru somethin lyk dis..
    N here i want ragini to b strong n shud leave laksh wen he strtd falling for her…
    She shud b strong suprt system to jer sister…
    Continue soon

  24. Simi

    Awesome dear..
    May be they r only hating laksh’s character..

  25. Vyshu10

    Nice…sorry for commenting late…was out of station

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