Ek Rista Aisa Bhi

Hi friends. I know you are very angry on me because I haven’t posted this story from a long time. As you all have known that I was busy on my other stories so I became late. So for this a big sorry from my side. So now I am stopping my bakbak and starting my story. I know all of you will forget this story. So I am giving you the previous part link .

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Part:- 2

Story starts Sanskar is missing and Swara known about it at morning.

Swara immediately ran towards the backwards of the garden where she thrown the chocolate ?. When she reached there she couldn’t find Sanskar. The backwards of the garden is looking like a mini jungle type. There so many big trees and bushes have present. And the garden is very big also. So it is very difficult to searching someone. Here Swara started to search him everywhere but till now she couldn’t find him. Now 15 minutes has already passed and here Swara hasn’t got any clue about Sanskar. With each every passing seconds Swara is feeling guilty more for her behaviour. Now she is praying to god, to return back Sanskar with safely near his family . At this time she heard some barking sound from at a corner of the garden. She immediately ran towards the direction. Here two street dogs are barking under a mango tree. When Swara followed their gaze why are they barking to looking over the tree. She became freeze to see the scene.

Sanskar has sitted on a branch to hold the stem very firmly. He is looking pale where his eyes are looking red for continuous crying and many tears marks are showing on his face. And now he is looking very tired . Now a little sobbing sound escape from his mouth due to tiredness and continuous crying .

Swara’s monologue: I think he has sitted there from very long time. For continuously crying now he is tired. To see him like this I am feeling bad . I have done a big mistake to punish him for his childish act. I am really very bad.

Swara came back to sense when she heard some noises. Yes now Maheswari ‘s family has been come here with their guards. Immediately guards ousted the dogs where Laksh and Ram helped Sanskar to come down from tree. To see his mother Sanskar ran towards her and hugged her tightly. After ousted the dogs, the guards back to the Maheswari family.

Laksh: ( shouted on guards )How did the dogs come inside the garden?

1st Guard: Sir, the back gate was opened. So on that way ,the dogs entered inside the garden

Laksh: ( said in angrily ) and you won’t check it. If today anything would happen with my bhai , I don’t leave you both . why have we kept you both? For the security damit . And you were enjoying there, for that you couldn’t see when bhai reached here. Today you both fired from your job. To listen this the both guards were giving a horrible look at each other.

Ram: ( placed his one hand on Laksh shoulder) relax Laksh. Now Sanskar is fine . Now leave this topic here. And see to Sanskar, to watch your anger how is he looking frightened? So now stop this matter here and Sujata ( said looking towards Sujata ) you take Sanskar inside the home.

Everyone came inside home with Sanskar, where Sanskar has hold Sujata very tightly in fear. InSide MM , everyone are trying to calm him. But Sanskar is holding his mother more tightly with each passing seconds.

Sujata: ( said caressing his hairs) Sanskar, why did you go there?

Listen this question now Swara was sweating very badly.

Sanskar:( said with a little sobbing because for continuous crying now he is tired ) Cho…co …lat…e ( again continue his sobbing segment)

Sujata: If you wanted chocolate then you ask me na beta . Why did you go there?

Now Swara closing her eyes very tightly and praying to every gods for spare her this time only . She won’t do this type of mistake in her whole life.

Ram: Sujata , you don’t see how much he has scared now? But you starting your favourite chart section with him. For god sake stop it now. And please pick him inside his room. Sujata and AP left there to taking Sanskar with them. After that everyone left to their own work. Here Swara take in a deep breath and thanked to god for spare her and keep this matter secret .

In Sanskar room

AP, Sujata are calming Sanskar where Ragini has stood holding a glass of water. Everyone are trying their level best to calm him. But Sanskar is continuously crying for fear. After 1 hour , now Sanskar has became stable but his charm has lost somewhere. Now everyone are tensed. And Swara is more guilt for her deeds.

At evening

After this incident, no one is not leaving Sanskar alone for a second . Everytime one member is staying with him. Now Sanskar is looking pale. Till now he hasn’t overcome from that incident. Everyone are feeling bad to see him like this. If it becomes other days then till now you would listen his many funny and nonsense talks and jokes which bring a smile on your faces. The house would fill on his laugh and giggle sounds. But today he is looking pale and lifeless which has increased Swara’s guilt more. Now she wants to face him . She wants to say sorry him. But she wasn’t becoming success to tell him “SORRY” . Because she was becoming incapable to go near him . As everytime someone will present beside him . So that everytime she returned back from the entrance door of his room. But now she is determinant , whatever happen but she will apologise to him today .

At 7 pm in MM

Now in Sanskar room no one is present with Sanskar because everyone are busy on their respective work and Sujata, till now who was beside Sanskar’s room with him now she has come down to bring some snacks for him. This is the right time for Swara to apologize him. Without wasting a minute she entered his room where he is playing with his favourite toy chota bheem . Where chota bheem is fighting with Kalia. When he saw Swara immediately he leaved his hands from toys and covered his face in his palms. When Swara saw this , she felt bad because for her now he is looking like frightened and pale. When Swara went to give him a chocolate he moved backwards on the bed and hidden his face below a pillow like this he can see to Swara from his corner of eyes.

Sanskar: ( said in a fear voice ) I don’t want chocolate from you. I know, you won’t give me. You are very bad.You will throw it outside of the window. And then you will tell me, you go and search it. And there the dogs will bark on me. They are very bad. They are having big big teeth. Once mom was told me , if dog will bite me then I will take 14 injections on my tummy. But there two dogs has present. Means if they will bite me I will take ( started counting on his finger) 28 , yes 28 injections on my tummy. My little tummy will having pain . ( now he has hidden his face totally below the pillow) So I don’t want your chocolate. Now you go from here.

To listen his talk , now Swara is having tears in her beautiful eyes. Without a single word and with a heavy heart she turned to leave from him. But at this time she saw something and a smile kept on her face.

After 5 minutes when Sanskar couldn’t hear anything he took his head up a little bit, where he found only darkness. When he was going to shout ,he could see a little dim light has befallen on his adjacent side wall. He saw there a big shadow, who is coming towards to harm him. When he was going to close his eyes, he saw chota bheem came and started to fighting with the shadow. After some minutes bheem defeated the shadow. And then they both shake hand with each other. This time light came and Sanskar was looking the person in his widen eyes now who is shaking hand with chota bheem.

The shadow means Swara ( ya it is Swara who was playing the shadow act) who came near to Sanskar and forwarded her hand and said: See your chota bheem killed that witch. And now they became friends. So you will also become my friend because that evil has died inside me.

Sanskar:( said childishly) Really now you won’t harm me and tease me like before. And you will become my friend like bheem.

Swara: Yes

Sanskar: ( immediately hold Swara’s hand and shaking his hand with her) Done. From now you are my friend like chota bheem. Then give my chocolate. Because mom said when we start a friendship we should start it from sweets.

Swara Forwarded chocolate where Sanskar grabbed it immediately. He unwrapped it and forwarded a chocolate piece near her mouth. Where Swara accepted it whole heartedly.

While eating the chocolate Sanskar said : But till now I don’t know my friend’s name

Swara: ( pulled his cheeks) you know, you are so cute. And about my name, my name is Swara. But my close ones call me Shona. So you can also call me Shona, ok

Sanskar:( pulling her cheeks like she pulled his cheeks before sometime) and your friend’s name is Sanskar. And I have no nick name ( made a sad pout) Everyone call me by this name.

Swara:( think sometime) then ok. I am keeping a nick name of yours. Sanky, how is it?

Sanskar:( clapping his both hands) sanky, it is a very nice name more than Sanskar

To see his antics Swara is laughing loudly and Sanskar to see her happy he also joined with her laugh. Where both are busy in Laugh two pairs of eyes were watching whole scene. After that they left from there and entered in an other room.

Laksh: ( the one pair eyes owner is Laksh) chachi ji, ( second pair of eyes owner is Sujata ) you saw that , from beginning I am trying to understand you this thing only . Only Swara can handle Sanskar. No one else. See from morning till now Sanskar was not talking with anyone. But now he is laughing whole heartedly from his heart. It has only became possible for Swara. Now also you will say Swara isn’t fit for Sanskar. But for me, we can’t get a girl rather than Swara who can care him like her.

Sujata:( said after thought something deeply) I don’t know anything. I want only my son’s happiness. If you are thinking, Swara is perfect for Sanskar then I have no objection on this marriage. Then she left from there.

Laksh took a deep sigh because from beginning of his marriage with Ragini , he is trying to convince Sujata to accept Sanskar marriage proposal with Swara. But everytime she has denied. She can’t trust anyone in Sanskar ‘s matter. For this only till now she has managed all things alone about him . But today after saw the Swara ‘s care she agreed for this marriage.

Laksh immediately bring out his phone from his trouser and called to Sekher . Where Sekher has putted the phone in loudspeaker for which Sumi was also hearing their conversation.

Laksh: Hallo papa, this is Laksh

Sekher: Haan beta tell. Everything is fine na . Swara reached there safely. She isn’t troubling all of you na. You know na , she is very na….. ( interpreted by Laksh)

Laksh: Dad, I have called you for our deal. ( Now Sekher and Sumi were looking each other very tensely ) you have remembered it na. So after one week you come here with Swara’s horoscope. Because after one week, our chaplain will come. So he will match the horoscope between them and let out a good day for their marriage. So we all have waited for your family . Then cut the call and thrown his phone on bed.

Laksh’s monologue:-

I know Swara, when you know about your marriage with bhai you will angry on us, specially on me . But I am helpless. I need you, mainly bhai need you. Your love , care will cure him. When first time I saw you in temple at this time I had chosen you for my bhai. Only you are the one who will bring my bhai from this darkness.

Flashback starts:

Swara and her family have come to temple for praying and thanking to god because today Swara has topped in her university. This time in same temple Maheswaris also have come for praying Sanskar ‘s wellbeing.

After finished the puja , when Swara and her family were returning from temple Swara saw a lame man is struggling to climb the temple stairs on so much difficulty. Swara went to near him and helped him to climb the stairs which was seeing by Maheswaris. At this time Ragini came to call Swara where Laksh got to know that Swara is Ragini ‘s sister. And he had also known that Ragini loves him from her college life. But that time he wasn’t interested on love and other things. Because at that time, he was wanting to focus only on his career and will make it like his bhai . But now when he saw Swara he wanted her for his brother. Because for him, she is the girl who can ameliorate his bhai’s health. So first he convinced his own parents for this marriage with Ragini and Swara with Sanskar. Then he convinced Sekher for this marriage by the sake of Ragini’s love. And he made a deal with Sekher, he will marry with Ragini if they will agree Swara’s marriage with Sanskar. (so all are right about deal . So this is the deal , which has made between Sekher and Laksh )

Flashback end

I know when you will know about your marriage with bhai you will angry on us. But trust me Swara, you won’t get a life partner like bhai. When you know about him na you will fall in love with him. And believe me Swara I will never think bad for you. I really think you as my own sister. And a brother can never think bad for his sister. I know now you can’t understand anything. But after time passing ,slowly slowly you can understand of your this brother’s feelings and will forgive me too for my deeds.

Laksh monologue end


Precap: Sekher and Sumi’s conversation about Swara’s marriage and swasan’s some happy moments

Hi friends in previous part I read all your comments where some readers have demanded to make Sanskar as a really mad not like serial who would be acting on his madness. If you ask me then till now I won’t think about Sanskar character. This idea just came in my mind ,how or in which condition a perfect girl will marry with a mad? How a family will accept this type of proposal where they will grown up her daughter like a princess? So take this concept I have written it. But I think after two or three episodes I will show Sanskar character. So now tell me I will go with my own ideas or I will go with those readers idea. Please tell me . Now I really want suggestion on Sanskar ‘s character.

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    I know all of you want an another part of my OS ” A relation only made from heart ”
    I want to tell all of you that till now I am not finding any idea about it. So when I will get ,I am promising to all of you I will must give it to you. And thanks for your support.

  3. aww swasan moments were sooooooooooooooo cute hmm its true that no normal girl would want to marry a mad guy if we think practicallyand about sanskaar’s character there are many ffs in which he is mad and later gets treated and they live a happy life so why not try something new else its your wish and i would be reading it in any of the cases

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  7. Rosey

    I’m sorry to say that but I don’t like Laksh’s selfishness I mean ok he want to make Swara married with Sanskaar but he can talk directly like this keeping her in darak is not good and about Shekar and Shomi I don’t like there character a single bit just got Ragini they sold swaras happiness
    Well Swasan moments were awerson and cute one

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    Nice story dear 🙂

  9. nice story..loved swasan’s cute moments..
    bt dont like laksh’s character in dis story..
    he is acting so selfish..i can understand that he loves his brother a lot bt dat does nt mean he can play with swara’s life..
    he is actually playing with ragini’s emotions also..
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    Superb ?? yeah i did not like laksh character. But u can continue the story as per ur plan seema. Im hoping for it….

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  13. Parulkashyap

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    1. Seema

      Thanks arsha dear. I am not angry on you. But now I am really fed up to see every comments. Its a Swasan story yaar why all of you are saying you don’t like Laksh for his selfishness. And when I told he is not a selfish. Now I am feeling very bad and low to see all of your comments. Sorry if I would hurt u in my words

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        I read ur note only on ur latest part..
        Jus one advice no1 is showing hatred towards u n ur story… all readers jus shared dere pov… its ur story n its not lyk evry1 share same pov…
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      Thanks yaar to understand me. And yes I will show all of you some interesting things in this story. So just trust on me. And after 3 or 4 parts much more is going to happen interesting. So just wait and watch dear.

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