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Hi I have again come back with a new story. I want your support here also. So please support me. So now I am stopping my bakbak and starting my story.

Part- 1:-

A girl continuously is ringing the doorbell when the door opened by a other girl. When the other girl saw the first girl she was surprised to see her here. The second girl would understand something first girl hugged her tightly.

First girl : Ragini Di ,( yes second girl is Ragini) how are you? Look I came here after my examination completed. I am sorry I couldn’t attend your marriage due to my exams . But now I will stay with you one month means my whole vacation. I will spend my vacation with you and your new family members.( said in one breath and still hugging her sister)

Ragini: Ok, but before you come at least you inform me na Swara( yes the first girl is our Swara)

Swara:( parted from hug) you aren’t happy di I have come here without inform you or now you don’t want your little sister because now you have got jiju and your new family . For that now you forget me.( kept her both hands around her chest and turned her face another side)

Ragini: ( with a chuckle said) now stop your drama, dramabaz . I just asked you in general sense but I am thinking now I did a mistake to ask you this .

Swara:(said angrily) you called me dramebaz . Ok I won’t talk to you. Give my way I want to meet my jiju( little pushed Ragini and entered in to the house)

When Swara saw the house she became awestruck to see the beauty of the house. It is looking very beautiful and the imported furnitures were giving royal touch and which was increasing its beauty more. To see the house Swara could understand one thing they are very rich. And now she is happy for her sister. She watched every corner when her eyes caught a side . Where a man was reading a magazine silently or we can say he was watching the pictures. Swara was only seeing his back .Without any noise Swara went towards him and closed his eyes from back. Next moment she listened a scream like anyone is crying loudly like a small boy. She would understand something before that the whole family members gathered near the sofa.

One mid forty lady ran towards sofa and sat beside that man. And trying to console him. But every passing second his voice was increasing . An another lady came in front him and gave him a dms. When he got chocolate ? the next moment he stopped his crying.

Swara monologue: He is a little boy or what? Before some seconds he is crying but next moment when he got dms he became quite. Oh god if he is my jiju na then surely I will take my sister with me . I won’t allow my sister to spend her whole life with this mad.

Swara’s chain of thoughts broke when Ragini hold her one arm and pulled her inside her room.

Swara: Di he is a mad. He is my jiju. If yes then don’t waste your life with him. Just pack your bags and lets go from here. Don’t worry I will talk with mom and dad and convinced them for your divorce and let out her phone from pant pocket.

Ragini:( snatched her phone and said in a irritated voice) are you mad. I am happy with my marriage and your jiju. He is not your jiju . He is my devar sa( brother in law), Sanskar. Now stop your assumption and please behave like a mature girl. ( in a calm voice) Swara , they are very conservative. So please don’t do anything like that for which I would be ashamed in front of them.

Swara:( hugged her) don’t worry di,
I would never ashamed you . This is Swara’s pinky promise.

Then both sister hugged each other.

Swara: A perfect girl in every sense. She is a perfect a combination of brain with beauty . But a big chatter box who can’t stay a single second without talk. For this her all friends call her ” bullet train” who doesn’t know how to stop? . She has completed her graduation. She is a topper of her university . Now she is continuing her MBA. Ragini is her life. She can do anything for her sister

Ragini: A simple girl. She loves her family . She was having a crush on Laksh in her college time . Now both have married. She loves Laksh more than her life. She can’t live without him.

Laksh: Son of DP and AP. He is having two brothers and one sister. Sanskar is his cousin brother but he loves him more than his own. For him only he has done deal with Gododia ‘s which I will reveal later.

Sanskar: Son of Ram and Sujata. Laksh is his cousin brother. He is a mad. How or from when I will reveal it later

Maheswari family: A rich and well known family in Kolkata. But very conservative towards the culture.

Gododia family: A middle class family . For them their daughters are their wealth. They have given all freedom to their children. But as a parents they are worried for Ragini because she is very sensitive. For this only they have done a deal with Laksh .

At night everyone present in dinning hall. But the surrounding is pin drop silent which irritate to Swara most. Every minute she is glancing towards Ragini who is indicating keep silent. But for Swara it is impossible to keep silent more than one minute which has known to Ragini. She is a chatter box who chatters everytime. So she is now worried for Swara if she starts her chatter then her in laws don’t like her. But for her surprise Swara has sat quietly from last 15 minutes.
But the silence broke by a clap and laugh sound. Till now everyone was silent but now everyone is happy to see the person who was laughing whole heartedly. The person is none other than Sanskar now who is playing with chota bheem .When Swara saw towards him unknowingly a smile kept on her face.

After dinner when Swara was unpacking her luggage she heard a knock from door. She looked towards the door and saw Ragini has stood with a man .

Ragini: See now I have brought your jiju to meet with you. Laksh she is my sister and ..

Laksh:( cut her words in middle) and my one and only saali saheba right

Swara ( with a smile) right. But di I will say one thing my jiju is very handsome . You are lucky( in a dramatic way) kash like you I will also get a handsome husband in my life.

Ragini:( hitted her shoulder) swara ke bachi tumhe to Mein

Swara: ( caressing her beaten area) so what ? I am only saying truth. ( in a determination voice) I never compromise with my life to choose a life partner. If I will marry then like jiju who will become perfect in every sense.

Laksh: ( in a tense voice) Swara can I ask you one thing

Swara: Don’t be so formal jiju . Like Ragini di now you are also my brother. So you don’t need any permission.

Laksh:( in a serious voice) you love someone

Swara:( took a deep breath) no . I don’t love anyone. My parents will choose whom for me I will marry him. Because I trust them more than myself.

Laksh:( a relax voice) I know it. You never disobey your parents.( place his hand on her head) god fulfil your all dreams and give all happiness in your life. Now you must be tired. So we both are leaving now you go to sleep. If anything you need you tell me directly to think of your elder brother . Ok

Swara: Ok

After raglak leaved the room Swara slept on bed like a kumbhakarna. First she was tired and second she is really a kumbhkarna.

At early morning Swara heard someone is knocking the door continuously. In an irritated face she turned her face other side. But the knock didn’t stop. In half close eye she saw the clock. It is 5:10am.

Swara: Who is here?( in a cried tone) Please give me to sleep.

But the knock is still continuing from outside

Swara: Get up from bed went towards the door and opened it. But for her surprise no one present in outside. She took a sigh and closed the door. When she moved towards the bed again she heard knock sound. Again she opened the door but no one there . Again it happened. Now Swara has became really irritated . So she waited near door but knowingly made foot step sound like she is now far away from door. When she heard the knock instantly she opened the door and caught the thief red handed.

Swara: Sanskar you. You were knocking my door

Sanskar saw Swara in a horrible look like now he is seeing a ghost in front of his eyes who is having two long teeth and two horns in her head.

Swara when didn’t get any response in anger she slapped him and Sanskar immediately closed his eyes. But when he didn’t feel any pain on his cheek he slowly opened his eyes where Swara was a giving ? to him.

Yes Swara didn’t slap him because she remembered how she has promised to Ragini ” I would never ashamed you”. She moved towards her cupboard and let out a chocolate from her bag and showing him

To see the chocolate Sanskar moved towards her but Swara moved slowly towards the balcony . When he reached near her she forward her hand towards Sanskar. When Sanskar forward his hand to hold it she thrown it outside .

Swara : Sorry but it slipped from my hand. ( make a puppy face)

Sanskar without wasting a time ran towards the garden for chocolate ? which is present backside of his home.

Swara: You disturbed my sleep now whole day you search your chocolate ?. Haha ab ayega real maaza and again went to sleep.

Next day morning at 7 am

It is a beautiful Sunday where everyone is enjoying it. But in Maheswari house are busy to searching something. That time Swara come down and moved towards Ragini. But to see everyone’s tensed face she asked Ragini about the matter but when she heard the matter she became surprise

Swara: Ragini di, what happened here. Why everyone is looking so tensed?

Ragini: You don’t know . From morning no one is finding to Sanskar.

Swara:( loudly) what?

Ragini: Swara talk in slow. So for this now everyone is worried. You know na Sanskar ‘s condition. Don’t know now where has he? And leaved the place . Where Swara has stood like a statue.

Now where has Sanskar ? Can anyone find him? Maheswari ‘s can know about it as Swara has behind in Sanskar ‘s missing.

Precap: Myself also don’t know

Friends how is it. If you like it then please give your valuable comments below the comment box for which I always waiting.

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