Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka Review: Just another customary family oriented drama


Rajshri Productions’ show Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka started airing on 8th August 2016. The story is about two distinct individuals, who are similar just by heart and loving families. Aryan and Sanchi are the lead characters, who meet for an arranged marriage alliance. They both dislike each other at first. As marriage joins two families, the couple is given one more chance to know each other well, so that their opinion can change.


Aryan and Sanchi get married and then they face some disharmony between their families. The couple shows special bonding and understanding, which makes them get through the odds. Aryan and Sanchi try to get their families together by facing struggles. The story will present how they stand up and take an initiative to share duties and unite families.

Main Characters:

Aryan Sethia:aryan

Aryan is a loving, caring and good natured guy. He belongs to a rich and influential Sethia family. He is just 24 year old and done his MBA. He joined his family business and working hard, following his father’s steps. Aryan is very fun loving and still rooted to family. Aryan is not much serious about his life and alliance with Sanchi. Aryan dislikes Sanchi initially and doesn’t regard her of his type. Aryan wishes to get a life partner matching his mindset and living style. Aryan turns immature at times. After marrying Sanchi, Aryan gets a big change in his life, where he turns into most understanding life partner.

Sanchi Mittal:

Sanchi is 22 year old fun loving and carefree girl. She is a fashion designer and works in her father’s company. She makes everyone proud by her generous and good nature. She is smart, independent and likes to make her own decisions. Sanchi is much pampered by her family. Sanchi cares and respects her family a lot. She is straight forward and sometimes her nature causes problems in her life. She also gets a wrong opinion about Aryan initially, but later falls in love with him. Sanchi then gets determined to smartly manage her married life and inlaws, weaving a beautiful relation.


Kinshuk Vaidya as Aryan Sethia
Shivya Pathania as Sanchi Mittal
Sooraj Thapar as Aryan’s father Diwakar Sethia
Surbhi Tiwari as Aryan’s Mother
Nitesh Pandey as Sanchi’s father Viren Mittal
Pubali Sanyal as Sanchi’s Mother
Waseem Mushtaq as Sushant Sethia
Sunayana Fozdar as Priyanka Sushant Sethia
Minoli Nandwana as Sheetal Agarwal

Story So Far:

ekrisht6Sanchi is shown with her supportive and well bonding family. Aryan too shares a great rapport with his family and friends. Sanchi and Aryan are shown similar, as they go out on their bikes to meet their friends at night. Sanchi’s dad Viren gives her green signal to go out at night without any worries, and shows great trust on her. Even Aryan’s uncle lets Aryan go off and is very dramatic. Aryan and Sanchi meet outside, where Sanchi first gets an impression that Aryan is very arrogant and then she feels he is kind hearted. Aryan saves a puppy who comes in between his way. Sanchi gets impressed seeing Aryan.

ekrish2Next day, Aryan and Sanchi’s family members are shown respectively. Both belong to loving families, where there is much respect and belief residing in hearts. A common pandit gets Aryan’s picture to Viren and tells him about Sethia family coming to Jaisalmer for attending a friend’s wedding. Viren agrees to meet Sethias. Pandit takes his nod and goes to talk to Sethias. He tells Sethias about Sanchi’s proposal for Aryan and gives Sanchi’s picture. Sethias too like Sanchi and Mittal family, knowing the fact that Viren has built his business empire just by his sincere hard work, and no cheats and tricks for reaching quick heights in business. Sethias also get ready to meet Mittals in the wedding. Aryan sees Sanchi’s picture.

ekrish13Sanchi and Aryan doubt on each other’s nature, and check their social network profile to know more. They don’t get any info via website, and think to meet in wedding itself. Sanchi and Aryan leave for Jaisalmer along with their families. Both the families stop at the same resort to have lunch. Aryan and Sanchi are close, but do not see each other. Aryan’s cap falls and Sanchi picks it. She tries to return his cap, and he leaves till then. Sethias reach the marriage venue. The bride Sheetal’s family welcomes Sethias and Mittals. They get to know about some dance competition and prizes for winner. Aryan and Sanchi miss to see each other once again. Aryan congratulates Sheetal for her wedding. Sheetal is Aryan and Sanchi’s common friend. Aryan asks Sheetal about Sanchi’s nature and looks. Sheetal asks him to meet Sanchi tomorrow and know everything directly.

ekrish11Later, Sanchi meets Sheetal and asks her about Aryan’s looks and nature. Sheetal smiles and asks Sanchi to know herself by meeting Aryan tomorrow. Aryan and Sanchi try to catch a glimpse of each other. Viren wishes that Sethia family accepts Sanchi heartily. Even Sethia family wishes same, that Mittals should accept Aryan. Viren sees Aryan looking for Sanchi, and Aryan’s father Diwakar catches Sanchi looking for Aryan. Aryan and Sanchi make silly excuse to avoid answering elders and leave. Viren and Diwakar feel Aryan and Sanchi are made for each other. Sanchi applies haldi to Sheetal and some haldi falls on herself. Everyone comment that Sanchi will get married soon.

ekrish9Diwakar tells Aryan to say everyone that he is holding a good designation in family business. Aryan does not want to lie, as he recently joined business. Uncle tells him that small lie is allowed. Sanchi and Aryan greet each other’s families. Sanchi and Aryan are left to talk to know each other’s likes and dislikes. They both act as very sweet natured and talk with respect. They both make an opinion and think they can’t marry each other. Sanchi and Aryan do not like each other as their choices and nature do not match. Sanchi’s family is positive that this alliance will happen. They tell their families that they will not marry, as they are very much different. Aryan finds her very much cultured, and Sanchi finds him unsuitable for her. Their families explain them and request them to think once again.

ekrish14Viren asks Sanchi not to hurry in taking decision. Diwakar tells Aryan that they will not refuse so soon and asks Aryan to meet Sanchi once again. Viren also asks Sanchi the same. A rich guy Rishi Patni, owner of Patni textiles meets Sanchi incidentally. Sanchi slips and he holds her hand in nick of the time to save her from falling in the pool. Rishi starts liking her. Sheetal introduces Rishi to Sanchi. Sanchi helps Sheetal in her dress and jewelry selection. Rishi spots Sanchi and takes her pictures in his phone. Aryan sees Sanchi’s pictures in Rishi’s phone. Rishi makes excuse of clicking it by mistake. Rishi’s family is also searching for a good alliance for him, whereas Aryan and Sanchi’s alliance gets to a halt.

ekrish10Viren thinks its good if this marriage does not happen, as he does not want to send Sanchi away from him. Sanchi gets emotional hearing him. Aryan’s family tries to convince him to accept Sanchi. Aryan and Sanchi have their own reasoning for their dislike and refusal. Aryan and Sanchi’s families dance to prepare for the competition. Sanchi helps Viren in his practice. Later, Sanchi and Aryan go to the library to pick music Cds. They see each other and show their different nature of being calm and composed. They try to leave from library to avoid each other, but end up getting locked in the library for one hour. Aryan gives her a cup of coffee, and sees his cap which fell at the resort. Sanchi does not know the cap belongs to Aryan and gets mistaken about him. The peon opens the library door and they both go their own way.

Our Take:

rishtaRajshri Productions often brings the same type of family oriented shows. The families have all the essential factors that drive the relations forwards. Right from their movies to their telly shows, the characters are shown of good virtues and persona. The families are expected to be exceptionally good, with no negative character in them. Such is the case of Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka. The show would remind the viewers of Rajshri movies, and the slow and steady romance between the leads, which viewers can enjoy with great musical score in background. The leads Shivya Pathania and Kinshuk Vaidya have more to show on acting front. There is nothing much amazing of their chemistry to take notice of. The supporting cast is fairly put up. Rajshri movies songs playing in appropriate scenes would revive some good filmi memories in Rajshri fans. Concept wise, there is nothing new in the show. Story went on a good pace in the first week. Viewers will find scenes simple and already seen before. The show lacks in creating any huge excitement.


Just a modern touch to the old traditional families seen before in Rajshri shows. The future tracks are known, and there is less predictability or suspense factor to drive the curiosity. One may follow the show to enjoy the filmi romance with good family entertainment.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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  1. i feel that they r too young for marriage and i seriously believe in “OPPOSITES ATTRACT” .if one person is childish the otherr one should be little mature.but here both the leads r similar
    P.S: i believe opposites attract bcoz i see a living example everyday in my parents:)

  2. and the hero is tooo filmy yaar but the heroine is okay with her acting.she is looking more better than her previous show

    1. but she looks thoda older than the hero

      1. Tru agree saanchi looks older than aryan .

  3. the story plot is good… but in my opinion the story track is going on very very slow……otherwise i don’t have any other complaints about them……

  4. I am just loving this serial.

  5. its so goody goody….. its not interesting!!

  6. I really love ek rishta sajedaei ka. It really brings out how a couple can understand each other very well…….

  7. I like this show. It is unlike other saas-bahu shows. As of now it is good. I watch it as stress buster. After daily routine with chaotic mornings to busy afternoons, this show makes me look forward to the evening. I like it so far. I hope they improve the dialogues though.

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