Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan calls Saacchi and informs her that Vaibhav got injured and is admitted in a hospital. She informs family and whole Sethia family rushes towards hospital. Aryan apologizes Vaibhav for hurting him by mistake and not informing reaason for breaking alliance. Vaibhav looks at him silently. Sushanth takes hhim away and says they should leave before Mittal family reaches here. They both walk. Mittal family enters and Saachi looks at him with eager eyes. Aryan comes to parking lot and says Sushanth Saachi was having so many questions in her eyes. Sushanth says it is not right tieme to speak to her.

Mittals take Vaibhav home and Viren asks why did he go to question Sethia’s, they must be having strong reason for not telling the reason. Kusum asks him to go and rest. Sachi takes Vaibhav in. Kusum says she does not what is in Sachi’s fate. Aunt says Saachi will get better alliance than Sethias and in fact she has someone to someone. Viren says they should give some time to Saachi.

At Sethia house, Priyanka informs Daadi is not opening door even after a lot of knock, she never used to lock door. Family gets concerned and knock her door repeatly. Daadi comes out and family says they were worried for her. She gives some moral gyaan to family and says they should not lose hope and goddess laxmi will return to their home soon. Priyanka says they should celebrate with god’s birthday with a cake. Family agrees.

Rishi plays guitar. His parents praise him and dad says his friend’s daughter is a good singer, they will make a good pair. Rishi says Saachi is his first choice.

Sethia family gets a birthday and ask Daadi to cut it as she inspired them. A man delivers letter for Diwakar. Prabhath receives it and worriedly informs family if they don’t pay debt within 1 week, even their house will be auctioned.

Precap: Saachi asks Aryan whhy did he break relationship. Viren gives money cheque to Diwakar. Diwakar says he cannot take it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ha.thats the way.finally the episode for which I was waiting for will be shown on monday.pleazz serial wale whatever I.e.bhaiya or didi abto sayan ko milado.kitna wait karwanyenge.fans ki jaan lenge kya?

  2. FictionfanAnu

    Finally!!! Please get Sayan back soon!! Precap se lagta hai Viren Uncle ko sab pata chal gya…Achha hi hai…Ab please jldi se Monday ko sari problems khatm kro…

  3. Nyc precap

  4. Thank to the script wale bhaiya. ….finally sayan will be together soon….

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