Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Viren goes to Sethia house. They all fume seeing him. He touches Daadi’s feet and says they must be thinking he came next day itself again. Daadi asks him to sit. Neelima says today is Saachi’s muh dikhayi ritual and she has to get ready. Viren says he is going. Daadi says he came to meet Saachi and can meet. Saachi hugs him emotionally and he leaves.

Prabhath fumes in front of Neelima what Viren thinks of himself, if he speaks sweetly, will they forgive his mistake. Viren goes home. Chandra says he should not have gone there. Viren says he has to face them somehow. Kusum says it is good they did not punish Saachi even after so many mistakes. Chandra asks Viren to not go there until issue settles down. Prabath continuews fuming and even Neelima

starts and says if Saachi’s family comes again, she will not keep quiet. Priyanka comes and says colony ladies have come for Saachi’s muh dikhayi.

Saachi gets ready in red sari and asks Aryan to help her fix her sari pleats. He tries to fix pleats with pin. They both start looking at each other’s face. Neelima and Priyanka enter and smile seeing their romance. Priyanka coughs and says 21st century husband should learn to fix sari pleat watching online videos. They both then take Saachi to living room with pallu on her face. Daadi does muh dikhayi and gives jewelry set followed by Sarita and Priyanka. Neighor lady tells Sarita she got a beautiful bahu who got so much dowry. Family fumes hearing this. Saachi confronts lady and says her babasa is against dowry and her papa gave business loan and not dowry, which babasa will clear soon, so she should not come to any conclusion without knowing the fact like her grandfather did. Lady yells bride is so arrogant. Sarita says her bahu is telling truth. Family feels proud of Saachi.

Saachi goes to her room and cries. Chandra calls her and asks if muh dikhayi ritual went well. Saachi says no, neighbors bathmouthed about her sasural, but her sasural people are so good. Chandra says people will badmouth, they have to forget it and move on. Priyanka comes and Saachi asks if she spoke too much. Priyanka praises that she is a tigress and spoke well, she needed a devrani like her. Saachi says she is so good and says she cannot see family’s pain, especially babasa. She knows they area all sad. Priyanka says she made her senti, they are very happy to get her, especially her as she is getting a friend as Devrani. Saachi smiles. Priyanka asks if she is ready for next ritual, she has to prepare some sweet. Saachi asks what she should prepare. Priyanka says she should ask Aryan. Saachi says she will prepare babasa favorite dish. Priyanka says okay then mission lauki ka halwa.

Saachi changes her sari. Aryan comes. Saachi says she is preparing babasa’s lauki ka halwa and will prepare his favorite dish later. Mansoor comes and asks her to give grocery list for halwa. Saachi gets tensed and says she will give him later and tells Aryan that she does not know to cook. He asks what…

Precap: Saachi serves lauki ka halwa to family. Family hopes Saachi should not get her father’s qualities. Nishanth says halwa is looking good. Saachi comes and says it should be as it is her papa’s reciepe. Family gets angry hearing this.

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  1. Vishakha

    he is happy with her nature but he is unable to show his care and love..I hope he realise it soon that he has been too harsh on sanchi before its too late..

    1. This nilima s gog to b a barrier betwen aryan n sanchi.

      1. Vishakha

        that is for sure..she never liked sanchi anyway.. ? but I hope not right now..Abhi waise hi misunderstandings are more than enough to create a distance..

  2. r eapeat it 1: 30 pm

  3. Hope misunderstandings get sorted out soon… Dying to see old Aryan…

  4. Why this chandra s getting so involved in sanchis family every 2nd day picks up n calls this s not rite .sanchi was gud today whn she mentioned that her family is getting humiliated everyday. Though poor girl doesnot know bua has done half of the damage.

    Aryans dilemma s he n his family s hurt insulted n public n his love for sanchi whose family was responsible 4 this humiliation beautifully potrayed by KV.

    Though now what wud happen s his family will stand by sanchi as gud humans thy r but aryan mi8 feel a bit left out as he openly cannot njoy his married life watching his father n n other hand unintentionally wil b hurting his love sanchi .
    Things can only get back to normal whn the truth s out in front of both families n i think bua shd initiate as viren will never go n tell that his sister s responsible. But he will only keep n apologizing to sethias which will not b the solution.

    1. Vishakha

      I don’t think bua will tell that its her fault because to accept our mistake first we should realise that we have done something wrong and going by her nature she will never realise..I guess we need a third person now to come and handle everything..

      1. She has realised her mistake n thats the reason she told viren n kusum that she told mausaji abt it n she also s guilty that bcoz of her truth s out n sethias had to face humiliation thats the reason i think every now n then she asks saanchi if sethias r normal with her.

        But problem with her s her ego s big she thinks its not a big deal as viren has helped sethias financially.

        The way she said to aryan that sanchi should not b punished the tone in which she said clearly sent that msg to aryan n so he was furious.

  5. Ankita Choudhury.

    Why aryan is bhihaving saachi like this nd why he is blaming saachi, in this situation all fault is of saachi’s bua then why aryan is punishing saachi for this, we all want aryan should behave with saachi like a husband nd wife should behave.

    1. This is actually human behavior. Just imagine when the incident happens. That Mousa was shouting against Sethia family & Viren is not a single word spoken. At that moment, Sethia family will definetely assumed that Viren must share this topic with Mousa and he revealed everything in front of all the society & relatives in terms of anger. Since then, Sethia family is believing that all happens because of the promise / assurance being broken by Viren. Although, Sanchi is trying to clear her family image & to calm down Sethia family in the way of creating happiness in their face, but since she is always mentioning her family names particularly about Viren, its really disturbing Sethia family particularly Aryan as he thinks because of his marriage all this happens. This is my point of view.

      1. Vishakha

        true..actually problem Ye hai ki jab sanchi Aur viren ko bolna chaiye tha tab unhone nahi Bola..they should have spoken up and defended sethias when Mausaji was accusing them..tab to Bola nai..Aur ab every now and then sorry bol bol k they are not letting Aryan and his family to forget everything..agar us time muh khola hota to possibly Aaj sorry nai bolna padta..that’s what I feel

      2. According to me with mausaji jijaji n his puppet r equally responsible for this mess as thy kept on pinpointing abt small things n badmouthing abt virens efforts abf wedding arrangements .which git mausagi furious.yess viren n sanchi should have come fwd n spoken abt it n also i think prabhat shd not keep n badmouthing abt viren whn he also clearly tld jijaji at the wedding venue not to badmouth abt viren.abt arrangements.
        I think sethias n mittals shd sit down n sought thus out peacefully instaed of avoiding each other.

        Viren s rite unless he faces them how s problem gog to b solved.

      3. Even ic ths was a normal wedding w/o business loan this jijaji n his puppet wud hav kept insulting virens family .actually diwakar also tld his relatives that food was gud but thy kept on their wingy attitude which got mausagi furious n bua by telling truth to made it worse.

      4. Yess sanchi is unintentionally hurtinv sethias by mentioning her dads name which s quite normal as no girl will ever b able to forget her family after marriage.so its gog to b a hard way for sanchi to gel with the family infact gettibg along with aryan s the first hurdle she has to overcome.

      5. Actually mausa mausi jijaji n his puppet shaadi mein aakar aag laga kar chale gaye and sethias mittals r facing the hear ?

      6. Vishakha

        unka kaam hi aag lagane Ka tha and they did their job perfectly..and yes aise log hote hain real life me bhi jinka kaam hi jhagda karana hota hai..I myself have seen such people and experienced the pain and irritation of having them around..so as actors they have done a great job because wo actually Bht irritating lag rhe the and I’m happy ki at least now they have gone ??

  6. The Chandra anti & nelima r so disturbing

  7. Old Aryan ka come back karna sahiye jald se jald. Misunderstanding ko khatam kariye ab toh. Purane wale cute couple ArChi ko dekhne he ab toh….

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