Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita says Saachi that she knows Aryan will not be hers until Saachi is alive, so Saachi should die. If Saachi wants to get Aryan out of jail, she has to die, then she will marry Aryan. She holds knife on Saachi’s throat and says she has to die. Saachi pushes her and asks else, what will she do. She says she can do a lot, she knows. She will defame Sethia family and can even get Aryan killed in jail. She warns to die in 2 days, else she knows what she can do.

Aryan tells Sushanth that he is living for Saachi, else he wants to die after all these incidents. Sarita at home as usual blames Saachi for Aryan’s condition and problems at home. Priyanka asks why she is telling this. Neelima says she cannot blame Saachi for all wrong reasons. Sarita as usual yells that Aryan

was not like this because, because of his regular fights with Saachi, he changed. Neelima says she cannot blame Saachi for Aryan’s behavior with her. Sarita yells she cannot understand as her son listens to her, but Aryan does not.

Saachi walks on road reminisces Nikita’s words. Viren calls her and asks not to worry, he is with her always. She asks not to worry about her, she will handle everything and asks to take care of himself and mom. He asks why is she telling this. She says just like that and disconnects call. Viren informs Kusum and says he does not know why she told this. Saachi then meets Aryan and gets emotional. Aryan also gets emotional. Aryan is then taken back to his cell.

Next day, Viren and Kusum reach Sethia house and tell Saachi was talking weird yesterday. Diwakar says he is not at home since yesterday and calls his contacts. Someone informs that he saw Saachi yesterday. Viren gets a ccall about Saachi’s accident and rushes. Whole Sethia family and Viren/Kusum rush to the spot. Constables stop them. Inspector says Viren that this looks like suicide and not accident. Ambulance wardboy gives bangle. Diwakar reminisces gifting this to Saachi. Dead body is taken in ambulance.

Sushanth informs about Saachi’s death to Aryan. Aryan shatters hearing news and cries that Saachi cannot leave him alone. Nikita watches news about Saachi’s death in a car fire accident and laughs that from today, Aryan is hers.

Precap: Nikita climbs terrace and threatens to suicide. Sarita promises her that she will make her Aryan’s wife. Nikita smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. this is actually a fake death made by saachi and now saachi will come in her new form Malvika where everyone will think that she is a look alike of saachi. This malvika/ saachi will behave just the opposite of saachis behaviour. she is planning all this to trap nikita and bring out her true colours in front of everyone because saachi knows that once nikita gets to know that saachi is no more, she will try to come close to aryan and this is the only chance where she can reveal her true face infront of everyone where nikita will get trapped in saachis plan and will expose the truth by herself

  2. i just hope aryan also knows saachis plan and is just acting to break down that saachi is no more. I hope he does fake marriage with nikita because if nikita marries aryan then there will be a very big disaster in the sethia family . This sarita does not even realise that the girl who has got her son arrested in a false case is going to make her bahu. she is more foolish than saachi

    1. Yeah even i hope so after all they are supposed to finish this track as the serial is going to end soon.

  3. Nikita is spoiling theserial it’s not interesting anymore

  4. oh no Nikita go to hell.u r just unbelievable. I hate u.

  5. Guys sorry I couldn’t comment since 3 days. I was really sick. But now I am better. I can’t understand maasa’s problem what does she want? Agar koi bhi problem ati hei to maasa Sara ilzaam Sanchi ki upar kyun thop deti hei??? I know Sanchi is not dead its only her drama to expose Nikita but yet maasa. I mean Sanchi KO mare huye ek din nahi guys aur woh Nikita KO apni ghar ki nahi banane chali. I really hate that witch Nikita and budiya maasa ?????

  6. I hope malvika bring this show in a interesting track. So that we can at least watch this show.. I have really big hopes from malvika. ???

    1. Vishakha

      Don’t worry..its gonna be interesting..archi and kakisa have teamed up against nikita..hopefully good track..

      1. Yeah I saw on you tube. Sanchi , kakisa and Aryan are one team. And I think now we will get to see something really interesting..

  7. Yeh programme aaisa hai,hamesha twist in the tale:)
    maasa bhi na, kitna hone ke baad nikita ko bahu bana chhate hai

  8. haan.. kakisa ne v join kar li archi team. iss nikita ki band baja do and sarita bewakoof ko eisa sabak sikhana ki woh khandan word v muh par na laye. but plz dont forget to gv us archi scenes… plzz

    1. I think we will get archi scenes. It would be hidden romance.so it would be fun.Aaj kya ersk nahi ayega???

  9. No doubt the actors of the serials are good but the writer has no idea to write a good story , initially the starting story was good but now it only becomes a concept of miss understanding.In my view the name of serial should be changed from ek rista saghidari ka into ek rista galatphami ka.Now each character in the serial is only victim of galtphami.There is no time table of this serial, sometimes it broadcasted only for only fifteen minutes and some friday or other they no broadcasting as it seems to be the writer and director have no good material to make this serial and spoiling the carrer of all its actors.

  10. Story line has defect, but Sony TV spoiled the show in my point of view . neither Sony TV tried to make the show off air in Jan nor the story reversed to a usual telly serial such as triangle love story, negative side of saas and Southan dramas and main leads new avatar to gain trp

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