Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Viren angrily leaves when Saachi denies to walk with him. Aryan follows him and apologizes for not taking care of Saachi properly and promises that he will be very careful hereon. Viren starts word lashing him. Kusum asks him to calm down and and get into car. Viren continues and gets into car. Kusum asks Aryan not to feel bad about Viren’s words as Viren is very sensitive regarding Saachi and cannot see her in trouble. She gets into car and leaves.

Sarita angrily yells at Saachi why did she make such a big drama and spoilt Priyanka and Sushanth’s wedding anniversary. Priyanka says it is okay, for her Sushanth and her togetherness is most important. Sarita continues yelling. Diwakar comes with juice and snacks and stops Sarita. He makes Saachi sit on

sofa and feeds her juice. He says when Viren yelled at him, he did not get angry as any father would react same way. She is like his daughter now and why did not he see notice her fasting for 3 days. He apologizes her on his and his family’s behalf. She gets emotional and asks not to apologize her and touches his feet. Neelima silently watches everything and does not utter that she forced Saachi to fast.

Viren at home fumes that Saachi lied to protect her family. Chandra says she is sure Sarita or Neelima must have forced her to fast and reminisces fight with Neelima in Panditji’s place. She thinks of meeting panditji tomorrow.

Neelima apologizes Saachi that she had to bear Sarita’s anger because of her and says she iwll inform Sarita the truth, else Sarita will blame only Saachi. Saachi says no need for that, her intention was right and they both want peace in this family. Neelima thinks fasting is incomplete though and she needs to talk to panditji again.

Aryan reminisces Saachi’s words that she is fasting since 3 days, saachi avoiding food, etc., and feels why did not he ask her. Saachi enters and says they both need to be together and family. Their romantic nok jhok starts.

Saachi goes to Mansoor and asks if he knows Mala. Mansoor says no. She says Mala is searching Karan since 7 years and has a child from Karan, Sonu. Mansoor stops and tells her story how Mala and Sushanth married in temple and wanted to inform about them to family, but due to natural calamity, Mala’s whole village destroyed and Sushanth thought she is dead. He somehow moved out of sorrow in a long time and married Priyanka. Saachi says they both will get Sushanth, Priyanka and Mala out of the mess. Mansoor asks is it possible. Saachi says yes. He asks if she informed Aryan about this. She says not yet, but she will right now.

Precap: Saachi shows Mala and Sushanth’s locket to Aryan. Aryan shows it to Sushanth. Sushanth stands in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    feeling sad for Aryan..sbse daant khani padi use..and his anger is completely justified..sarita to leave..she is hopeless..I hate her..diwakar is the sweetest FIL I have seen till now..neelima k paas ab bhi dimag nai aya which was expected..lagta hai bua phr se koi kaand karne wali hai..and I hate you sony for skipping an episode this week..ab phr 3 days wait karna padega..

    1. Bua ko already nilima pe shak hain
      Kaand toh hoga lekin yeh sab mala kk saath bahar aa gaya toh viren ka bhi koi bharosa nahin.already naraz hain aur pata chala chachi ne vrat karvaya hongaya satyanash.

      Aur sarita toh taiyaar hain sanchi aur uski fsmily ko blame karne ke liye.
      Aur ek blame sanchi par aur aryan.angry young man ban jayega ab apni maa ke khilaaf.let c

      1. Vishakha

        wo to hona hi hai..jhagda to Abhi Shuru hua hai..Abhi to bht Kuch bahar aana baki hai..dekhte hain hamara angry young man kise chose krta hai wife ko ya apni hopeless ammaji ko ?? I’m sorry I have started hating her to the core because of her expressions..kaise muh banati hai baap re..

    2. Sarita toh zakhmi naagin ban gayi hain uske pati ne sanchi se maafi joh maangi kab dasegi pata nahin.gud luck saanchi ?

      1. Vishakha

        uski to yaar baat hi mat karo..I told na she is hopeless..bete ki chot se dimag pe asar ho gya hai usko..and bina sach jane blame karna to inki khandani beemari lagti hai..

  2. ye show itna speed speed twists la rahe he. kya hogaya he in logo ko. ek prblm ka v solution nhi in loho k pass but new new prblm la rahe he. Sanchi Aryan thak jayenge bisre. romance ka toh mauka hi nhi mil rahe he. ab toh lag rahi he ye show ka nam ‘ek rishta problem ka’ hona sahiye tha… Monday thoda ArChi moments dekhne milenge sayad

    1. Tru ek rishta problems ke saath sajhedaari ka.

      1. Hanuman end nahi karenge as it has highest trps aftr kapil show n krpkab s sony fav show .so chances ersk ke hi hain.band hone ke.fingers crossed.

      2. Only edkv timeslot s available rite now but 2 serials r coming so one has to go krpkab will not beyhad s doing well.hanuman s doing well so reh gaya ersk ??

      3. Vishakha

        yes among them one is historic show to use 9 pm k pehle hi rakhenge..that’s what sony has said..Dekhte hain kya hota hai..

    2. Vishakha

      I have a feeling ye log jaldi khatam karna chahte hain..I just hope i’m wrong..

      1. Hmm there r some new serials lined up for sony dont know what timeslot thy r gog to b in ?? So may b u r rite .actually krpkab n ersk r at same trp now .beyhad n hanuman s doing gud so unke mahaepisodes ho rahe hain but not these 2 serials.

      2. Thy hav a pattern of twists factory may problem ghar ka problem solved .ghar ka problem solved factory mein problem.?

      3. Vishakha

        Sony has confirmed they are not ending krpkab..so only this and hanuman is left..lets see..

      4. Vishakha

        kaun si prb solve hui hai yaar..ek bhi to solve nai hui..haan pattern prb create karne Ka zarur hai.. ??? logon k meetings aur offices me files lined up hote hain..inke prbs lined up ho rhe hain..

      5. Vishakha

        I just hope they don’t end this show abruptly like edkv and bbkd..although I didn’t watch those two shows Lekin phr bhi achanak se khatam karna is not good..and Abhi time hi kitna hua hai ise start hue..at least one year to chalana hi chaiye..

      6. I just c a lil.hope as ersk trps hav been pretty stable @ 0.5 since day 1.whereas bbkdh n ekdv thy kept dropping. And ersk has been having twists since thy started so lets be +ve.

      7. Atleast shd run for another 5 to 6 months we’ll get to c more of kinshuk ?

      8. I think that peshwa serial wil cm in place of hanuman n eijaz khan ka koi serial hain wil com in ekdv timeslot.provided yeh sony wale crime patrol dikhana band karde 1030 slot mein.

        Aisa lagta hain hain crime patrol channel.pe sony serial aata hsin whole day crime patrol dikhate yaar yeh log.how boring ?

      9. Vishakha

        ya lets hope for the best..and hopefully it replaces hanuman and not this because hanuman ko kafi time ho gya hai and ye to 6 months bhi nai hue hain..

      10. Vishakha

        sab unhi k liye dekhte hain yaar..just love to see them together..but ya performance vise to mujhe sab ache lagte hain is show me..

      11. Vishakha

        oops sorry Ye wala ? msg $b k liye tha..

  3. ya ryt. agree. ye show sayad jald hi khatam honge. 2 new show aa rahe he na. isliye itna speed ja rahe he. I just hope they prove me wrong… ye show dusre channels ka hota toh satad 1000 episode tak kar lete. but sony channals ka tym hi nhi he sayad

    1. Vishakha

      agar aisa hua and if they end this show abruptly then this will be my last show on sony tv..iske baad phr main sony ka koi show nai dekhungi for sure..

  4. mujhe v nhi dekhni aur koi show. Kinshuk n Shivya k liye dekh rehi thi itne din. hope they will not dissapoint us…

  5. Vishakha

    waise guys inki prbs ko dekh k aisa lagta hai jaise archi ek super couple hai..jaise superman hota hai waisa..Matlab Ye log ek sath office ki prb solve karenge Ghar ko bhi bachayenge dono families ki misunderstanding bhi dur karenge apne bhai ki life ko bhi track pe layenge..its as though they have so much work ki din k 24 hours aur saal k 365 days bhi kam pad jayenge.. ?????

  6. true story….

  7. Vishakha

    holidays are so boring.. ?

    1. Tru v boring 830 kab bajenge ayr kab yeh ersk chalega.

      1. Vishakha

        Hmm exactly..usi ka wait kar ri hun..

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