Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyanka takes Mala inside house. Saachi gets very tensed thinking if Mala sees Sushanth, there will be a big problem. Prabath asks Viren how is his friend Rajgadia. Viren asks who Rajgadia, reminisces a man introducing himself as Rajgadia from Mumbai. He asks from Mumbai. Prabhath says now he remembered, grins and leaves. Viren stands confused. Aran tells Diwakar that he is looking very handsome in bright waist coast and asks if he can fix rose. He tells same to Viren.

Saachi gets very tensed seeing Priyanka mingling well with Mala. Priyanka packs cake in a box and asks Mala to take it for Sonu. She calls Sushanth and tells Mala that she wants her to meet her jovial husband. Saachi gets more tensed. Aryan calls Saachi and tells her how he convinced Viren and

Diwakar to fix rose in waistcoat. Saachi nervously says look and repeatedly looks at Mala and Priyanka. Sushanth walks towards Priyanka. Mansoor drops juice on Mala by mistake. Priyanka says she will take her to clean up. Saachi rushes and say she will take Mala jiji and takes her away. Mala says she felt good meeting her family and says she will go now. Saachi says okay and silently takes her away in front of Priyanka and Sushanth. Mala does not notice Sushanth at all even while walking from a close distance.

Saachi then thinks she should inform Sushanth about it right now. She walks to Sushanth and tells she needs to talk. He asks what. She says her friend, her blood pressure drops due to fasting, and she falls unconscious. Whole family watches her falling down and rushes to her. Diwakar calls doctor. Viren hurriedly gets water. Doctor checks Saachi and says she has not eaten since 2-3 days and her blood pressure has fallen very low, he gave her injection.

Viren gets very angry and asks Saachi why did she fast for 3 days, if someone forced her. She says for her family’s prosperity as one of her friend did same and it worked. Aryan reminisces Saachi avoiding food. Sarita shouts why did not she eat for 3 days. Viren says whole family did not even notice it all, this is how they are taking care of Saachi. He tells Saaachi to come and stay in his house for some days. Saachi says she is happy in her house with her family and does not want to come anywhere, it was just some weakness and she is fine now. Kusum tells Viren let us go now.

Precap: Viren warns Aryan that he kept quiet because of Saachi and if something happens to Saachi again, he will not even listen to Saachi. Sarita yells on Saachi why did she do such a big drama.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    lol..bechara aryan ek to waise hi itna confused aur shocked tha ki ye ho kya raha hai..upar se bechare ko free fokat ki daant bhi khani padi..kya mila 3 din bhukhe reh k..Kuch thk to hua nai ulta aur bigad hi gya..very good..bina soche samjhe kaam karne se yahi hota hai.. ???

  2. Mrs Christine Pillay.

    Very stupid.Y all this drama with no results.Too slow.

  3. chant chichi but….really getting stupid, she will be martyr like last time to save her for no use….

  4. Hola people whats up saw after one week vrat drama khatam hua finally.
    If educated people like sanchi keep doing foolish things like this listening to foolish people then the end result s that she herself is going to b humiliated.

    Bas ab sasuma ne toh maika bhi chudwa diya sanchi ka.very gud girly.
    Once sarita knows that mmala s staying @ sanchis place then dont know what will happen.only gud thing s aryan s with her in mala issue.

    1. Vishakha

      hey ?? welcome back.. really missed your comments ya..

      1. I was so angry with the writers where sanchi takes the vrat challenge that didnot want to see ersk but yday watched that aryan s helping sanchi in mala issue so watched yday s epi.

      2. Vishakha

        its ok watch it ya..it’ll be nice only..

      3. Yes yah i was not watchg episodes but i was tapping n news reg ersk to check whats gog to happn .its fun yah chatting with u all here.

      4. Vishakha

        even we missed chatting with you dear..

    2. Vishakha

      haan yaar she was really stupid in this matter..but finally khatam hoga aaj..and one more idiotic promise she’ll do..and aryan will as usual sweetly handle everything..I just want him to know all the blunders of kaki..

  5. Sethias r really behaving foolish these dayz prabhat blaming viren without giving explanation was so silly.actually i was laughing.thy r accusing prople without telling them what wrong thy hav done.

    1. Vishakha

      I was laughing seeing viren’s expression ki yaar ye banda kehna kya chah rha tha ???

      1. Tru?? actually nitesh sir was brilliant.

  6. I think saanchi ab sant ban jayegi. Bechara aryan i really feel sorry for him.

    1. Vishakha

      haan aaj phr daant padegi bechare ko for no fault of his..

  7. Vishakha

    Pata nai is kaki k blunders kbhi samne ayenge bhi ya nai.. ?

    1. JenniferAndrews

      Aa jaayenge,agar saanchi ko aur kuch hua to aryan will not take it.
      He lovesvher too much.And I think neelima saanchi ko kuch sunaayegi aur aryan will not bear that

      1. Vishakha

        aana hi chaiye yaar..at least this time he should know ki kaki told to do this vrat..

    2. Uska sara kala chitta ek din bomb ki tarah phootega n her asking baba if sanchi kundali mein fault then vrat drama aur phir viren ke samne khot drama .ek din big bomb blast.

      1. Vishakha

        I’m eagerly waiting for that blast then.. ???

  8. Sarita ne toh pura 360 degrees turn le liya hain yaar yeh to nilima se bhi dangerous nikli.atleast nilima jo hain woh muh par dikha deti hain lekin sarita pehle toh kitni sweet thi aur ab omg.typical saas.

    1. The way she s scolding sanchi agreed she did mistake but her intention is questioned how typical saas? Agreed thy were embarassed but viren s not angry bcoz she fasted but angry coz noone in the house including aryan knew she s fasting.lekin sarita s just angry as thy were embarassed but cant she b happy that she did it for family.

      1. Vishakha

        true..sar pe chot aryan ko lagi thi lekin uska asar uski mummy pe ho gya lagta hai ???

      2. Actually she s angry on herself i think that she could make out that sanchi s w/o food / water as she s so preoccupied with finding reasons to b angry in sanchi….? n she s removing her frustration by blaming sanchi as she knows now babasa will ask her how com lafies in the house dont know abt sanchi fasting.
        Now if aryan s angry n sanchi for not telling him @ vrat i second his stance.he s n a tight pisn infront if his father m father in law poor aryan

      3. Vishakha

        ya actually his anger is justified..he was the only one who actually noticed ki sanchi didn’t eat anything..ab agar wife hi jhut bole to isme uski kya galti..thoda gussa to banta hai..

  9. According to spoilers i think prianka s pregnant aur ab agar use mala ke bare mein batayenge toh another twist ayega aur bada wala ??

  10. Actually me n my mom v both did not watch ersk 4 whole week i didnot let her watch as if i dont n she does thn she tells me what happened n didnt wanted to know as i was angry. N after yday sanchi fainted my mum was like itne jaldi sanchi pregnant kaise ho gayi .???i said to her cant b as she didnot knew abt vrat thing she said to me we didnot watch 4 one week kuch bhi ho sakta hain ?? n todays news s prianka s pregnant we both r ???

    1. Vishakha

      ????? Ye show Itna bhi fast nai hai dear..bechara aryan ek kiss to kar ni pa rha pregnant hona to bht dur ki baat hai.. ??? but for sure aage drama bht hai..

      1. Vishakha

        and waise bhi is week dhang se dikhaya hi kahan..Tuesday skip kar diya aisa lag rha hai Kuch dekha hi nai..

      2. Tru yah lagta hain aryan ko hi vrat rakhna padega sanchi ke saath akele time spend karne ke liye somone always spoils his mood ??

      3. Thy hav been married 4 a month now lekin bechare ghar ki problems hi solve ksr rahe hain.??

      4. Vishakha

        na na baba..sanchi ne vrat rakha tab Ye MIL Itna chilla ri hai..galti se aryan behosh ho gya to ye to sanchi ka murder hi kar degi ???

      5. Vishakha

        waise bhi is show me behosh hone ka reason Chal rha hai..ek k baad ek sab behosh hi ho rhe hain..

      6. Kahi viewers hi behosh na ho jaye ???

      7. Inke twist pe twist ??

      8. Vishakha

        one month to hume dekhte hue hua hai..but show me to dikhaya tha na ki three months ho gye..Abhi to puri life baki hai..prb solve karne me hi guzarni hai inki zindagi ??

      9. Vishakha

        you read my mind this time..actually when I saw the e24 segment jab end me Bola na ki show me bada twist aane wala hai maine exactly yahi socha tha ki ye log ek twist khatam krte nai hain aur dusra shuru kar dete hain kahin hum hi behosh na ho jaye dekhte dekhte.. ???

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