Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi and Aryan get into romantic chat over phone. Viren’s uncle and aunt discuss that Chandra was hiding something from them and they need to know. Aunt says this house is so peaceful and they are being pampered here while their children don’t even care and hate them, if they can stay here permanently. Uncle says he will speak to Viren about it after Saachi’s marriage.

Viren sits thinking. Chandra asks if he is not yet ready, what is he thinking. He says uncle and aunt think Sethia’s are very rich, how will they tell them about Sethia’s financial crisis. Uncle comes and says dollar rate has come down 3 rs and few days ago was 2 rs high. Viens ays it happens regularly. Uncle asks why their face turned nervous when he came. Viren says

nothing like that.

Ganesh idol is established at Sethia house. Ladies tell Sarita that she gifted silver jewelry, so they need much better gift this time. Daadi says they will. Everyone get busy with arrangements. Daadi tells Diwakar that she does not want to see any of her family members sad. Diwakar says she can trust her ship captain, he will not let her down.

Ganesh idol is established in Saachi’s house also. Saachi wears yellow dress. Viren gets emotional seeing her. Pooja comes and apologizes Kusum for coming late. Kusum says it is okay. Pooja does some mistake. Aunt starts yelling at her that she does abshagun always. Kusum says even Saachi does mistake and she does not scold her. Aunt says Saachii is daughter of this house and Pooja is bahu, so she cannot make any mistake. Kusum says Pooja is also daughter of this house now. Pooja starts. Pandit performs pooja. Saaachi peforms all the rituals. Pandit ties thread on her wrist. Tanu asks pandit to tie it tightly. After pooja, daadi says thread will not be removed until marriage finishes.

At Aryan’s house, pooja starts. Aryan performs all the rituals. Whole family sits and pray Ganesh idol. Nishanth asks pandit to tie thread on Aryan’s wrist tightly so that Saachi bhabhi should not break it. Rituals continue in both houses.

Precap: Nishanth tells Neelima that they need lots of turmeric to apply on Aryan. Diwakar says nobody will play turmeric holi in this house. Prashanth ensures Nishanth and others not to worry, they will celebrate Aryan’s haldi asi they wish;.

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  1. Not at all up to the mark .more sayan scene is required after all we are watching it for them.

    1. we could wait some more days to see archi scenes :-C

  2. Vishakha

    I don’t think their scenes will be more because pehle hi bol diya they can’t meet..And Itne functions k beech me baat bhi kaise karenge.. ?

  3. It seems interesting.

  4. Vishakha

    Anyway the story is going to be interesting as sanchi’s relatives will urge to call off the wedding based on monetary issues but later when Aryan meets them they’ll be so much impressed by him that they’ll ask sanchi to marry only him and no one else..wow.. ??

    1. Thats interesting news.i cld not watch for last 2 days but not much ArChi scenes as individual rituals r on .need to catch up n missed episodes.

  5. According to written updates if mausi n mausa stay n mittal house forever thn gud luck to poor puja n to sanchi as well as bua n mausi n mausa too much interference n sanchis married life .hope sanchi draws a line so that these 3 cannot interfere beyond a limit.
    But b4 that this bangar sir issue s to be solved let c drams galore coming r way.stay hooked people.

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