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Purshotam gets ready to leave for his house and says Diwakar he will go now. Sarita says he should have stayed for some days. Diwakar says yes he would have. Purshotam says even now he is not happy. He touches Daadi’s feet. Daadi blesses him to get a grandchild soon. Purshotam taunts Diwakar this is called blessing and says he would have stayed if he had not to take care of his lands and stores. He calls sethu ki chamchi/Priyanka and she emotionally hugs him. Diwakar says if she cries, he will stay back. Priyanka smiles. Purshotam says he wants to go seeing her smiling face and asks where is Aryan. Aryan comes. Purshotam says though he is well educated, if he needs any suggetion regarding marriage life, he can call any time. He gets into car and leaves.


Purshotam leaves, Sarita says Purshotam was so jovial. Diwakar asks Aryan to go and bring Saachi. Aryan says he will not go there after they insulted babasa so much. Diwakar says they cannot punish for Saachi for her family’s mistake, she is entilted to get the respect of bahu of this house and says if he does not go, people will badmouth which neither of them would like. Aryan says he will go then and leaves.

At Saachi’s house, Viren prepares gobhi ki kheer and gobhi ke pakode in his usual jovial style. Saachi speaks to servants and says she knows they want to say they were missing her and asks them to go and have sweets. Aryan enters reminiscing Viren’s uncle insulting Diwakar and slowly walks in. Saachi sees him and stands. Tanu and Vaibhav ask Saach if she will just stare or let jiju come in. Aryan enters and greets elders. Viren asks Aryan to come to kitchen direct and see what he is preparing for him. Kusum asks why is he calling damadji there. Chandra says he will not listen and asks Aryan to go. Aryan goes into kitchen. Viren says he is heating oil to prepare gobhi pakoras. Aryan says it is already overheated. Viren slows falme and says yes….

Daadi sees Mansoor sad and starts fighting with him to change his mood. Priyanka and Sushanth pass by and ask what is happening. Daadi says he is fighting with her and says he is sad since Aryan’s marriage. Mansoor says servant’s face is owner’s mind’s reflection, when Diwakar is so sad, how could he. Daadi asks to do something. Mansoor says it is not that easy. Daadi asks Priyanka and Sushanth to cheer up Diwakar somehow as she cannot see her son sad like this.

Viren tells Aryan that he did not tell anyone about Diwakar’s loan and does not know how it got leaked, he tried to explain Diwakar so much, but he did not understand. He asks Aryan to explain his father and asks him to forgive me. Aryan says he himself told just now boiling oil needs time to calm down. Viren nods yes. Saachi watches standing at a distance.

Aftre sometime, Saachi and Aryan get ready to leave. Viren asks if they cannot stay here, they will enjoy a lot. Chandra says whole life is there to enjoy, let them go now as their family is waiting for them. Viren sadly says okay. Saachi says she will leave now. Tanu asks when she will come back. Kusum asks Aryan to wish his family on her behalf. Chandra asks him not to punish Saachi for whatever happened during marriage.

Precap: Aryan angrily tells Saachi that he heard a lot of her family’s nonsense and if he hears her family badmouthing about his family again, he will not keep quiet.

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  1. Avishi

    When the misunderstanding gOnna stop ???

  2. Aryan is not being a good husband at all. His parents told
    Him she did not do anything yet he keeps yelling st her. Goodness

  3. can reapeat it at 1:30 pm

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