Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhav gifts jalebi box to Diwakar and says papa sent jalebis as he likes it. Diwakar asks Mansoor to take and keep it aside. Sarita takes it and says they will have it later. Mansoor takes it and says he will taste younger bahu’s maika’s jalebis and tasting it says it is very tasty. He serves everyone and asks Diwakar to taste it as whole family does whatever he does and even Aryan. Diwakar tastes jalebi and says it is very tasty. Aryan and whole family tastes next.

Saachi gets ready to go to her parent’s house. Aryan says she is looking very pretty. She says she does not want to go away from him. Neeti comes and asks if she can come in. Saachi says yes. Neeti says she is looking very pretty and says taiji is calling her down. Saachi goes down

aand hugs all ladies. Sarita asks her to tell her namaste to her family. Saachi looks at Aryan. Vaibhav greets everyone and gets Saachi into car. Aryan comes and wishes Saachi bye. Saachi leaves.

Viren and Tanu eagerly wait for Saachi. Tanu asks why are they taking so much time. Viren says if they stopped on the way and are having gol gappe. Saachi comes running and emotionally hugs everyone. Kusum asks if she is fine. Saachi says yes. Tanu says they are all tensed regarding her. Saachi says she is happy. Vaibhav asks them to stop making his sister emotional and feed her something. Kusum says Viren made rasmalai for her. Viren’s uncle and aunt come with their bags. Saachi asks if they are going so early. They say yes, they came for her marriage and create such a big issue. Saachi says her family adopted her well. Viren touches their feet and asks them not to go sadly, they came for happiness and should go happily. Vaibhav goes to drop them to station.

Chandra and Kusum take Saachi and asks if she is happy. She says she is very happy and her family adopted her well. She tells about doodha bati ritual and laughs. Viren says he told Sethias are very good people and gave the respect they give to their bahu. Chandra asks why is she looking sad then. Saachi says she is happy and reminisces Aryan being angry on her.

Saachi goes to her room and waits for Aryan’s call. Aryan in his room thinks if she has reached home safely. Tanu comes and asks Saachi if jiju did not call her yet. Saachi says he may call soon. Chandra calls Tanu and she leaves. Saachi sadly thinks she is missing Aryan so much, they should not have fought. Aryan in his room thinks he should not have misbehaved with Saachi. Saachi says she is missing Aryan. She imagines Aryan there who says she remembered him and he came. He says he was missing her so much. She says even she was, she is happy seeinng old Aryan. She realizes it was imagination. Tanu comes and starts chattinng and says she missed her a lot. Saachi says even she missed her and hugs her.

Priyanka and Sushanth come and asks if something is wrong between him and Saachi. Aryan says everything is fine and asks Sushanth to tell her. Sushanth says even he missed Priyanka when she went to her maika. Priyanka asks him to make at least a courtesy call. He says no. Priyanka says she herself will call. She calls Saachi and asks what is happening there. Saachi says she is chatting with Tanu. Priyanka says Aryan is ready to become saint for her. She gives phone to him and asks to speak. Sushanth takes her away. Aryan says Saachi. Chandra comes with sari and Saachi’s phone falls on bed. Chandra asks Saachi if her in-laws are keeping her well, if not she will speak to them. Aryan fumes hearing this. Saachi says bhabi is on call and sees call disconnected. She says her in-laws are too good. Aryan fumes that they made mistake and are thinking opposite.

Precap: Diwakar asks Aryan to go to Saachi’s maika and bring her. He says he will not go.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It is so boring nowadays I want saachi and aryan to be together

  2. is bua ki to main… ????

  3. JenniferAndrews

    Yaar their marraige was not enough or what now this bua will add fuel to the fire

  4. All problm is jst becoz of dis bua g … :/ :/ dnt knw ye misunderstanding kb khtm hogi … 🙁 🙁

  5. Why am I not surprised that Bua is seperated anymore; with this attitude and she was main troublemaker by telling maussa;
    How come they did not show her ex…. at wedding; maussa was a handful!

  6. firstly for getting trp they were reapeating at1:30 pm and now they had trp then they r not reapeating it isn’t its going boriiingg toooo

  7. ??????????????reapeat

  8. it is 2nd yrkkh

  9. Vry emotional episode.. I literally cried when saanchi was missing Aryan in her room.. Aryan plz don’t misunderstand saanchi.. She’s tooo good..

  10. jagriti goel

    This serial should come again at least 2 times noon 1:30 pm. ..

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