Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi gets Aryan’s message that maasa has found a girl for him. She calls him back, but Aryan hears babasa calling him, ignores her call and goes to meet babasa/Diwakar. Diwakar tells Aryan that he must be feeling weird that his maasa found a girl so early and he should accept maasa’s wish as last time he selected Saachi and decision was wrong. Saachi from outside throws pebble into room and it hits diwakar. Diwakar looks from window. Mansoor pulls Saachi behind tree on time and asks what his happening. She tells him her and Aryan’s plan. Aryan tells Diwakar due to air, pebble must have fallen. Diwakar asks where is air. aryan says it was and takes him in. He then rushes down and sees Saachi with Mansoor. Mansoor says Saachi told everything and he

is proud of them.

At Viren’s house, Viren tells Saachi that she needs to meet lawyer tonight and finalize divorce papers. Saachi says she needs to go to orphanage with Tanu as she has college project there and asks if he remembers, even she ahd similar project. He says yes. Saachi says why not whole family go to orphanage and distribute giftst to children. Chandra says it is a good idea, she will inform Kusum.

Sarita and Neelima reach orphanage and meet children. Saachi also reaches with Neelima, Chandra, and Tanu. Sarita and Neelima fume seeing them. Sarita asks mansoor to get gifts and oil on all gift boxes. She gets tensed how to gift children these one. Saachi tells Kusum they will not give their gift box to them. Kusum says they are still related and one family, so their dignigity is one. She gives her brought gifts to Sarita and Kusum. Neelima softens, but Sarita continues her arrogance.

Neelima with Sarita reaches home and tells Diwakar that their gifts spoilt, but Kusum gave her gifts and saved their dignity. She says Kusum is not bad as Viren, Chanda, and Saachi. Sarita yells it is thier plan again, Saachi was so arrogant, they will boast about their charity to everyone and tomorrow whole society will talk about it.

Aryan gets sad that their plan failed. He informs Saachi and she says they have to plan something else now. Sonu calls Aryan and shows his drawing with him, Sushanth, choti maa/Priyanka holding each other’s hands and Mala as moon looking at them. Aryan says his thought his noble. Sonu goes to show dawing to Priyanka Saachi hears everything and hopes Priyanka’s anger calms down and she gets back her sister like jethani.

Viren scolds Kusum why did she save Sethias, they are always unthankful and blame them wrongly always even for their help. Saachi changes the topic and cheers his mood. He smiles and says he feels his daughter is back.

Precap: Vaibhav tells Viren that an tartist who had to perform ravan rata is ill. Tanu says even Prabhath plays ravan rata. Saachi says yes very well.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi pradeep busy with work and wedding season.and nothing much happening yah thy r back to square one.lets wait n watch.

    Guess vishakha too had some exams this week.so she might b busy.wherr r others sb muskan malu jessica u all can comment

  2. Vishakha

    Hi guys..sorry pradeep main kal reply nai kar payi..actually I was done with the exam but then I fell sick and I was in hospital for three days..so couldn’t come here.. Waise bhi as Goldie said Kuch khaas nai ho rha to there is nothing specific to comment.. I guess people already know there is a new entry opposite Aryan who is coming very soon.. Going by the updates its gonna be a love triangle but I feel that the new entry should help them instead of creating more prb..And may be opposite sanchi also a guy may come.. I don’t know what’s happening.. Mujhe to pehle hi is plan Ka logic samajh me nai aa rha tha..to maine socha chupchap dekhna hi thk hai..I’m glad you guys were missing us but ya others can comment too..ya phr baki sab bhi confusion me Chal rhe hain?? ??

    1. Hey hi how r u now?? Ya wait n watch with new entries.vaise diwakar kitana bechara lag raha tha helpless.he still looks confused?
      Lets c tk care i might not b able to comment next week .

      1. Vishakha

        I’m better now ? hmm right now to half of them are hopeless and other half helpless.. Even me..ab jab tak baki log comment nai karenge tab tak main bhi nai karungi..till now we were motivating others to comment now let others motivate us ?

    2. Yes actually use lagta hai ki uski vajah se uske bete ko itni problems hui as aryan keh chuka hai ki usse saanchi se divorce chahiye so this time he said aryan ki mere man ka kya hai beta jo tumhe acha lage tum wahi karo i just dont know why mujhe diwakar pe taras aat hai pata nahi kyun lekin in family members mei sabse acha and sensible mujhe wahi lagta hai but now everyone can see pain in his eyes

      1. Vishakha

        I don’t know why but mujhe babasa pe taras nai aata..unka role as of now bht weak bana diya hai..he was shown to be a person jo apni puri family k matters handle krta hai and he knows everything what’s going on..but now here he is looking helpless in front of his mental wife..why..

    3. Vaishu di ab aap kaise ho?? Get well soon missed u bot in previous updates

      1. U all can keep.commenting we wil b motivated reading ur comments.?

      2. Vishakha

        I’m fine dear..when I have brothers and sisters like you all to mujhe kya hoga ?? but now you guys should comment first so that we can reply to you ??

    1. Vishakha

      Oops sorry..same video posted twice..

      1. Mazaa ane wala hai. Happy that bhabhisa and babasa ne sonu ko accept kar liya but i doubt sarita ne kiya hoga? And neeti ka boyfriend vo bhi usse badi age ka and saanchi kidnap something nteresting is going to come. But that sonu wala scene is much awaited

      2. Yess looks interesting.girl.opposite aryan n guy opposite sanchi n nitis bf kidnap sanchi omg twist lane ki aadat gayi nahi.?

        Yaar ye funda samaj nahi aaya thy hsvent finished 6 months of married life staying togethser aur maasa nayi ladki dhoond leti hain.to get seperated thy need to stay together 4 6 months atleast.anyone correct me if i am wrong.or mayb yeh twist last option hain.

      3. Vishakha

        Legally you are absolutely right..it is mandatory to stay for 6 months..but serial hai kuch bhi ho skta hai..and waise bhi Abhi tak kaun sa funda samajh me aya hai jo Ye Ayega ?? so I guess we should wait and watch..two things I want to see..one is sonu and priyanka ki bonding.and aryan ka reaction on knowing about sanchi’s kidnap.. And do you guys know who the new girl is??if not here she is
        I don’t know whether this link will work..if not let me know I’ll try another one..

      4. Vishakha

        I hope after the kidnap neeti too joins archi team like tanu and mansoor chacha..

      5. Vishakha

        Oh ya someone asked sonu’s name right..I guess muskan you only..his name is dwij mehta..

      6. Yes dii i only asked and he is very cute i just love him and the way he speaks he melts my heart

      7. Ya hope so ki niti bhi unki team join karle and archi ke liye jitne supporters honge utna hi acha hoga and ab jaipur fate wale sequence mei bhi sethias ki insult hogi as i have watched in some u tube video that sarita was entering sethia house in anger

      8. So Beautiful

    2. U only tell Vaishu di jab aryan ne hi keh diya (though fake) ki voh saanchi ke saath nahi rehna chahta then how could he force him to stay with her. And the point u raised was correct that ki in starting diwakar was a very strong character as a father a man of principles, tough, strong used to face situations at his best but now they are showing him hepless which are shown by expressions. One reason is he is still unable to beleive that how saanchi can do that as when they went to mittals house when sarita asked him to go back his expressions were of a confused and helpless man and sab log ghar ke saanchi ke khilaf ho gye hai to akela diwakar kya karlega as sethia house mei to humesha hi majority ke basis par decision hota hai. Tabhi hi said ki mere man ka kya hai beta ab to sab ghar walo ko saanchi kuch theek nahi lag rahi. But i totally agree with u ki unone diwakar ka character auddenly bahut weak kar diya

      1. Nahi… Muskan… Agar majority waali baat hoti toh shaadi ke time par majority toh saanchi se Aryan ka shaadi na karne ki thi… par uss waqt diwakarji ne head of the family ke tarah se apne decision bol diya tha aur sabko maan na pada tha… Par ab baat kuch aur hai…. Diwakarji ko Saanchi aur Aryan se iss tarah ka decision accept nahi ho paa raha tha … It may be ki abhi tak confused hai aakhir maajla kya hai dono ke beech me achanak se itna bada jagda (jo ke fake hai yeh hum viewers ko malum hai) ho gaya…. Isliye kuch bhi decision nahi le paa raha hai aur sab Aryan par chod diya… Jo ki ek taraf se Aryan aur Saanchi ne socha bhi nahi tha…

      2. Vishakha

        I was not talking about that dear..this to I agree with you ki jab archi hi aise behave kr rhe hain to he can’t help it.. That’s fine..but before this also sarita did so many tantrums but he didn’t say anything.. That’s what I didn’t like a bit..

      3. Yes guise i agree with u that eg: of marriage was very strong to convince me? pradeep and yes Vaishu di in sarita wala case he should have spoken. Sarita to mouthbacked him also when he said ki yeh is ghar ki reet nhi hai sarita har baat ka faisla ghar ke bado se pooch ke liya jata and tumne aryan ki divorce ka faisla akele hi le liya

      4. Vishakha

        Ye khub hai..divorce hua nai ladki pehle hi mil gyi..thank god real life me aisa nai hota.. ? and as they said ladki achi dikhti hai padhi likhi hai..to inhe koi samjhaye ki aisi ladki ek aise Ladke se shadi kyun karegi jiski already shadi ho chuki hai and divorce bhi dhang se hua nai hai..mujhe legal jyada Pata nai hai Lekin Sirf sign kr dene se ho jata hai kya??

      5. Vishakha

        I mean usne Ye to bol diya ki ladki hamare aryan k liye achi hai Lekin kya usne ye socha ki kya aapka aryan us bechari ladki k liye thk hai ya nai.. Heights hai yaar..

      6. Yes Vaishu di?? literally heights hai yar??

  3. hii guys.. take rest vishu d… finally priyanka ki mamta jag gayi. woh he hi itni atchi and sonu v toh kitna swt batcha he. lets see sanchi keise baskar aati he. weise v serials me toh maximum actresses durga mata hi ban jati he par real life me ye sab rare he bilkul. neeti ko v kidnap kia he kya?? let’s hope fr the best. and ye show sach me khatam nehi hogi 20 jan me??? agar eisa he toh dats will be my bday gft frm them.

    1. Vishakha

      Nope I don’t think its ending..otherwise new entry nai late..

  4. Vishakha

    Guys..waise to main offscreen pics share nai krti..but this one I have to..he looks just wow ???

    1. Yes eveni saw that one he is looking so cute

      1. Vishakha

        Yaar ise kya bolun samajh nai aa rha.. Cute..handsome..innocent..hot..smart..or a mixture of all of these..

    2. Lakshmi

      hey that was awesome so main woh download bhi kara aur dp bhi bana diya
      love u kv

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