Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kusum tells Candra that she is remembering Saachi a lot and asks to call her. Chandra calls Saachi, but Saachi does not pick it. Saachi has gone for a bath. Priyanka and Neeti wait for her outside. Neelima comes and asks if Saachi is awake. Priyanka says she has gone for a bath. Neelima’s sees Chandra’s call on Saachi’s phone, fumes and comments. Priyanka asks her to calm down, Saachi may hear. Saachi comes after a bath. Priyanka asks her to come down soon for doodha bati ritual. Saachi seess Chandra’s number and calls her back. Chandra speaks and gives phone to Kusum. Aryan enters. Kusum speaks to Saachi and asks to give phone to Aryan. Saachi gives. Kusum asks if Saachi is not troubling him. He says no, she sleeps a lot and speaks well.

Priyanka comes and asks them to come down for dooda bati ritual soon. Kusum asks Saachi to go and perform rituals. Saachi thanks Aryan for speaking well to her mother. He says he will not misbehave with mother.

In living room, everyone wait for Saachi and Aryan. Jealous uncle comments Saachi’s parents insulted them so much and now she is making them well. Purshotam says bride needs a time to get ready, he should be patient. Saachi and Aryan come down. Diwakar explains Saachi dooda bati ritual and asks her to win the competition. Saachi and Aryan place their hand in milk first. Saachi removes Aryan’s wrist thread. Neelima asks Aryan to remoe Saachi’s wrist thread from left hand in one go and prove his win. Aryan removes it with both hands. Priyanka says they both performed first ritual well and says now they have to find ring in milk thali. She drops ring in milk thali. Saachi and Aryan place their hands and search ring. They both look at each other. and find ring at once. Everyone clap.

Neelima introduces neighbor to Saachi. Saachi touches lady’s feet. Neeti informs that Vaibhav has gone. Neeelima says she will take Saachi. Whole family follows. Vaibhav touches each family member’s feet and then gets emotional looking at Saachi. He says she is looking beautiful and nobody did his head massage yesterday. Saachi cries hugging him. He says he has come to take her along. Daadi asks Saachi to go and get ready to go her parent’s house. Saachi says okay and leaves. Prabhath and Diwakar come sand fume seeing Vaibhav. Vaibhav touches their feet.

Viren waits for Saachi eagerly and asks servant to see if car came and scolds kusum that her son stays back wherever he goes. Kusum asks him to relax, Saachi will come soon.

Vaibhav gives jalebi box to Diwakar. Diwakar asks Mansoor to keep it inside. Vaibhav feels sad.

Precap: Aryan stands in balcony. Saachi looks at him.

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