Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi cries leaning in Kusum’s lap. Kusum cries this should not have happened to her daughter. Aunt comments that Viren should go and speak to Sethias and she is afraid that they may break marriage. Uncle says how will they break alliance so easily, it is Viren’s right, and if they deny, they should file dowry harrassment case. On the other side, Sarita says she is proud of her son Aryan who values his family’s dignity over his happiness. Neelima says let us go home before Mittals allege them anything else and create drama. Aryan removes his pagri and says let us go. Viren’s uncle continues that if Mittals try to break alliance, they will file dowry case and call police. Viren angrily confronts if he is till not repenting on his mistake after doing

so much. He says Kusum he will speak to Diwakar and will plead not to break this alliance.

Aryan tells family let us go. Diwakar says stop, nobody will go from here. His society values money, so his insult was obvious, but what about Saachi, why should they punish her for other’s mistakes, we all know what it is when marriage breaks, he will not punish an innocent Saachi. Their ancestors will repent if this marriage breaks, their teachings will go in vain, this baraat will not go back and Saachi and Aryan’s marriage will happen. Viren enters and humbly says this is what one can expect from a sanskari rich family man like Diwakar and says he really did not tell anyone about loan. Prabhath angrily warns him to not give any explanation, if bhaisa told marriage will happen, then it will for sure. Daadi asks Viren not to speak more, else issue will worsen, and asks him to go and arrange for kanya daan. She tells Diwakar that she and their ancestors are proud of him that he saved a girl from insult.

Saachi and Aryan’s marriage starts. Aryan reminisces Viren’s uncle insults Diwakar and feels sad looking at Diwakar’s face. Pandit chants mantras and asks to call bride. Saachi comes with Vaibhav, Tanu, and Piya and sits next to Aryan. Aryan does ot even look at her and she feels sad seeing Aryan in anger. Aryan further reminisces uncle insulting Diwakar but continnues performing rituals. Pandit calls bride’s parents for kanya daan. Viren and Kusum perform kanya daan ritual. Aryan looks at Saachi angrily. She with sad face pleads. Pandit calls bride’s sister-in-law for gathbandhan. Priyanka does gathbandhan. Saachi looks at Aryan again and he turns face. Panditji asks bride and groom to stand up for pheras.

Saachi gets up for pheras, but Aryan sits looking at Diwakar still sitting. Diwakar gets up. Aryan also gets up and pheras start. Ye rishta pawan hai….song…plays in the background…Panditji asks bride to come in front and fnish rest of pheras. Saachi looking at Neelima’s angry faces walks slowly. After pheras, they both sit. Panditji asks bride to dorn mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Aryan looking at Saachi angrily dorns mangalsutra in her neck and then looks at Diwakar again. Panditji asks bride to apply sindhoor on bride’s forehead. Aryan does so. Ye rista pawan hai…song…continues…Panditji says this marriage is complete, from today they are husband and wife.

Neelima and Sarita reach home earlier. Sarita sees Neelima angry and says she should be calm, welcoming new bride with rituals is our dharm/duty. Neelima says they are performing their dharm, so they came early and making arrangements.

Saachi’s bidayi starts. She hugs each family memeber and cries. She then hugs Viren’s uncle. Prabhath and Aryan fume seeing this.

Precap: Vaibhav says family after all this, Mittals did not take baraat. Chandra says they will take revenge from Saachi. Neelima says she will not welcome Saachi.

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  1. I hate viren’s uncle and because of him no one had fun at aryan and sachu,s wedding and now I hope everything gets fine between them soon and also their families also patch up

  2. SaYan

    Worse phase…. Hated Aryan how could he look at and sachi angrily

    1. Only viewers know the truth not the characters .in this phase all characters r rite whatever thy r feeling sanchi s feeling sorry 4 her new family viren s guilty that he cld not keep the promise (not his fault) diwakar devastated n aryan sushanth kakosa n nilima all helpless n angry .
      People to b blamed for creating the situation jijaji n his puppet n main culprit
      mausa n bua for making the situation worse.

  3. pllzzzz yaar repeat this show at1:30 pm pure din crime patrol hota rehta hai but wo half hour ko chow do plzzzusme ersk repeat karo plzzz bullshit written update padne achaa hi nhi lagta reapeat !!!!!repeat!!!!!!!plzzzzzz

  4. Sony tv plzzzz repeat this show at 1:30pm plzzzzzz

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