Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi tells family that she had gone to meet Aryan without their permissionn and aunt heard her ring tone at exhibition venue. Aunt praises her honesty and pampers her. She joins family and cheers Viren and Kusum in their carrom board game. Aryaan calls her repeatedly and she ignores. Tanu asks her to pick call as jiju wants to talk something important.

Sethia family enjoys Diwakar and Prabhath’s badminton match. Mansoor comments followed by Aryan and Sushanth. Prabhath says kids are trying to teach them. Diwakar challengles Sushanth and Aryan for a match. Saachi picks call and Priyanka speaks to her and shows whole family. Saachi greets each family member and shows Aryan, Sushanth, Prabhath and Diwakar playing. Priyanka continues conversation. Viren

wins game on ther side and dances with Saachi.

Saachi’s childhood friend comes home and cries that he had crush on Deepika and Priyanka, but they broke her heart. He dated even some girl who also brok his heart, he wants to go on a date with someone. Saachi says she will go on a date with him in the evening. He gets excited. Sethia family’s match draws. Family enjoys. Diwakar hopes their happiness continues.

Diwakar and Prabhath look at family’s lab reports. Diwakar says his wbc count is high and Prabhat says his rbc count is low. Diwakar’s wife says his cholesterol is high, so she will serve him bitterguard juice daily. Prabhat’s wife says she will serve him beetroot juice to increase his rbc count. Sushanth says Daadi’s cholesterol is high. Diwakar says she should eat bland food. Mansour comments and taunts daadi. Daadi scolds him. Family enjoys their nok jhok.

Saachi gets ready for a date with her friend. Tanu warns her not to go, what if her would be inlaws see her. She says nothing will happen. Priyanka calls Saachi and strikes a conversation. Saachi says she is going out. Priyanka says she will speak later then and disconnects call. She then sees Aryan getting ready to go out and asks if he is going to meet Saachi. He says no. She says Saachi was also going out, so she thought they are meeting again. He says no. Sushanth gets ready and says he is going to meet client and asks Aryan to accompany. They both reach restaurant and are shocked to see Sachi there with a boy holding each other’s hands.

Precap: Aryan sees Sachi and her friend holding hands and asks what is she doing behind him. Sachi’s friend shouts how dare he is to interrupt between him and his girlfriend. Rishi’s father gets info that Sethia family’s business is in a loss and tells family that if Sachi and Aryan’s alliance breaks, they can fix Rishi and Sachi’s alliance.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi guys I new her today was gud but best part was sachi dream about her n aryan I just love this so I m really big fan of Aryan n sachi I hope one day I can meet them

  2. Today part was awesome as sachi thing about playing badmintion with Aryan I just love them really really big fan of ekrsk .

  3. Now this serial is going to be worst

  4. I love the couple too but sachi’s friend is mean and very stupid

  5. My fvrt serial

  6. ArChi were gud in retro look.serial s gog gud at a nice pace.

  7. seeing aryan’s cool attitude towards sanchi in the precap i think aryan doesn’t mind or misunderstood sanchi for holding hands with that boy!!!!!
    but that boy is really look like a stupid When he was talking with aryan!!!!!
    and also sanchi’s dreams with aryan in playing badminton is so cool!!!!!!

    1. Ya tru he had a teasing glint in his eyes i m sure aryan wil b friends with him as well r may b saanchi already tld him she s meeting rohit.

      1. yeah goldie!!!!!
        i think that so!!!!!! 🙂

      2. That Sanchi’s friend is so stupid.

  8. Aryan too cool towards Saachi .seeing his would be wife dating some guy I thout he would drop his decision of marrying but the precap is too good .♡u ARCHI

  9. Aryan too cool .♥u both ARCHI.

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