Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diwakar gathers father and tells they will give all rights and respect Saachi deserves as a new bride. Neelima asks after her family insulting them so much. He says if they behave like them, what will be the difference, their ancestors name will be spoilt, so he wants them all to give right and respect to Saachi which she deserves.

Priyanka and Sushanth see Aryan standing in corridor. Priyanka asks what is he doing instead of being at room, if he is still remembering of the incident. He stands silently. She asks if he loves Saachi or not. He stands silent again. She says his silence proves he loves her a lot and says whatever happened they cannot change, so they cannot ruin their future thinking of past, e he should go to his room now as Saachi will be waitiing for him.


enters room and sees Saachi trying to free her stuck dupatta on bed. He frees it. She thanks him and says she wants to talk about the incident and says everything was going fine, but dadaji should not have created drama. He stands silently. She asks why is he not speaking. He says whoever had to spoken has already spoken. She says her papa is not like that, he will never break trust. He says her papa is not like the one he looks, he broke his promise and because of him, people are laughing on his babasa. She confronts not to badmouth about her babasa. He says there is nothing left between us to explain now. They both walk in opposite direction. They then sleep with back turned to each other. Saachi sobs.

Viren comes to Saachi’s room and smiles looking at her award and says he is proud of her. He then touches bed and hears Saachi asking him to tell a story. He starts story and then gets teary eyedd. He sees Kusum already sitting on sofa and crying. They both hug each othe rand cry. Chandra comes and consoles them. Viren says Saachi will come here as guest and will not stay here, she will celebrate all festivals there and not here. Chandra says she will not tell that they should forget her immediatley, they should slowly as this is a rule of society. He asks how can he forget Saachi is his daughter, this will not change. He hugs them both and cry.

Aryan in dream gets a flashback of Viren’s uncle insulting Dawakar in front of everyone. He gets up worried. He then looks aat Saachi and reminsices their earlier days and smiles. He then leans towards her and tries to pamper her. She says goodmorning. He moves aside. She says they were fighting instead of romantic talk on their wedding night. She says again her papa is not wrong. He gets angry. Priyanka knocks door and asks if they are awake. Aryan says yes and opens door. Priyanka and Nikki wish good morning. Aryan walks outt. Saachi asks them to come and sit. Priyanka asks her to freshen up, they will chat later.

Sarita, Daadi, and Neelima chant Ramayan verses and pray god. Daadi says only god can console her children and asks if her sons slept well. Sarita says Diwakar did not. Neelima sys een Prabhath dd not. Daadi says Aryan is silent since yesterday and did not seem happy at all. Aryan comes and prays. Daadi pampers him and asks if he is fine. He says he is absolutely fine. Sarita asks what about Saachi. He says even she is fine. Sarita asks if he did not scold Saachi for yesterday’s issue. He reminisces their argument and stands silently.

Precap: Kusum speaks to Saachi over phone and asks how is she. She says she is fine. Kusum asks to give phone to Aryan. Saachi says maa wants to talk to him. Diwakar calls family and asks where are Saachi and Aryan.

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