Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi with Neelima goes to meet Aryan at his office. Nikita tells Aryan left for home some time ago and takes them in life to drop them. She silently malfunctions lift with her mobile. She and Neelima’s foreheads get injured. Aryan rushes back to office and tries to open lift. Diwakar orders watchman to stop lift’s power. Aryan opens lift door. Saachi asks him to get Nikita and Neelima out as they are injured. Once out, Aryan scolds Saachi why did she get out of house when he warned her not to, because of her family is getting hurt now. Nikita smirks. Neelima confronts Aryan and says it is not Saachi’s mistake, she came along with Saachi with her wish. Lift electrician tells he checked lift and nothing is wrong, someone tried to mishandle it. Nikita acts as having pain.

Aryan scolds Saachi again because of her Nikita is suffering again and not even complaining. Saachi tells Neelima she will take her home. Aryan says no need and takes Neelima. Saachi sadly follows him. Nikita also leaves. Diwkar asks Sushanth to find out who is behind all this, a single person is trying to harm them.

Saachi back in her room starts crying and calls Aryan, but he is busy working in office. Nikita sees Saachi’s call and rejecs it repeatedly. She then tells Aryan that something is stuck on his forehead. He asks what and rubs his forehead. She says it is tension, he should stop worrying. He says he is fine and calls peon to get coffee. Nikita silently leaves saying she will get water for her. She then silently enters kitchen and mixes sleeping pill in coffee and returns back. Aryan sips coffee. Peon asks if he can go. Aryan says yes.

In the morning, Saachi wakes up and realizes Aryan did not return home at night. She calls him, but his phone is switched off. She gets worried. Aryan wakes up in the morning and sees his shirt buttons open and already 8 a.m. He realizes he did not go home yesterday night. Peon comes and Aryan asks when did he go home. Peon says he left around 11:30 after taking his permission. Aryan thinks why he does not remember anything and leaves for home. At home, Saachi gets worried for him. Diwakar says he will come back soon. Aryan reaches home. Saachi asks where was he whole night, why did not he pick call. Aryan checks his mobile and finds it switched off.

Precap: Prabhath asks Aryan why Nikita’s phone is switched off. Aryan says he does not know. Diwakar asks Aryan when did Nikita leave office. Aryan says he does not know. Aryan goes to room and removes his shirt and sees marks on his body.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. too bad episode. and kakisa maregi sayad.

    1. No sb she wont die
      she is only injured

  2. Omg! Is nikita actually??? She is indeed v. Wicked

  3. Not kakisa sanchi to die and come back as malvika.shivyas new look as malvika is amazing,but we have to wait and digest Nikita close to Aryan in btwn

  4. Same old dirty games. Can’t dey show something new…..y nly dis dat a vamp lady do dis nly to win….dat guy spent nyt with her. Family show and we can’t see with family…

  5. There us one doubt in my mind all serial directors are well educated or not if boy a or girl one wants force love they do this like consummate idea what the hell is that

    1. Yeah yaar hero aur heroine ka consummation hits nahi hei par villain aur hero ka consummation jaroor hits hei.

  6. In starting it was gud but now it has become booooring

    1. It has become boring now but something interesting is really coming so keep watching it at8:30 P.m only on regular Sony no HD.

  7. oh sanchi will die?? ok ok my mistake.

    1. Yeah it’s Sanchi and Aryan’s master plan they will make Nikita believe that Sanchi is died. But she won’t be died. She will later make an entry becoming malvika and expose Nikita..

  8. Well feeling bad for Aryan he didn’t do anything yet he will have to go to jail. I don’t think Nikita loves aryan. She is only obsessed with him. Agar pyaar karri to esa kabhibhi nahi karti. I hate that Nikita yaar.???

  9. yaar guys yeh sajadari or sanchi or aryan toh partners for life ,toh aisi kise apni partnership tod sak te hai. but yaar muja sanchi ki liya ajj bura laga ,jis taraha se aryan ne sanchi per react kiya.&please koi bi guys show ko boring samjkar dekh na mat chod do .please its request from me

  10. What happened to vaishikhi di??? why isn’t she commenting??

    1. JenniferAndrews

      I think you have become. Vishaka now. You also reply to all conments like her

  11. vishu d sayad puri tarah se upset ho suki he. goldie v kafi dino se missing he. hum log is show pe itni sari hope lagakar bethe the. but nikita ko toh laya laya upar se 12 mint ka show. whats this nonsense. haan jail me archi scenes will be nice if they’ll show properly. mater plan toh banaya he but hope it will work. nikita aryan se pyar nehi karti sirf hasil karna sahti he. psycho nikita murdabaad..

    1. JenniferAndrews

      Vishaka has completely left the show,same with me but I just check the comments

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