Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neelima tells Saachi that she has to do nirjala vrat (no food) for 3 days for the betterment of this house. Saachi says she will do anything for the betterment of this house. Neelima asks not to inform Aryan or anyone about it. Saachi says she will not, even she should not.

In the morning, Aryan wakes up early and wakes up Saachi. He asks why there are so many extra water bottles in room. She says it is for her. Saachi then serves breakfast. Diwakar asks Saachi if she is coming to office, then she should finish breakfast soon. Saachi says she iwll have breakfast at office. Aryan makes guest list for Sushanth and Priyanka’s wedding anniversary party. Saachi asks not to include Tanu in list as she has exams. Aryan angrily says he did not include her family

at all as he does not want them come and taunt and spoil party. Saachi says okay. Diwakar says this house has a ritual of inviting bahu’s family, so Aryan should go personally and invite them. Saachi looks at Aryan and smiles. Aryan tires to feed her halwa, but she resists. He gets romantic. She says they have to reach office soon and takes him along.

Mala eagerly waits for sketch artist. Sketch artist enters. Viren greets him and asks Mala to describe Karan’s features thoroughly. She describes Karan that he is not chubby and has a long face, etc.

At factory, Saachi guides employees pack clothes. Aryan lifts her happily and says she is marvelous and intelligent. Saachi shyingly asks him to get her down and points employees. Aryan gets shy and leaves. Employee says she is so lucky that Aryan loves her so much, even Aryan is lucky to have her as wife. Saachi goes to store room and stands thinking same. Aryan comes and gets romantic. Sushanth calls him and asks if first consignment is ready. A/ryan says yes. Sushanth asks him to send some files. Saachi asks Aryan to go and then reminisces Neelima’s warning about nirjala vrath.

After work, Aryan and Saachi go for shopping. Aryan sees 2 friends wearing same shirts and jokes. Saachi says she got an idea, she will design same shirt or waist coat for babasa and papa. Aryan says they will not wear it. She says they will and stumbles due to weakness. Aryan says she did not eat since morning, let us have chat then. She says no. He forcefully takes her, takes chat and asks to open her mouth. She reminisces Neelima’s warning about nirjala vrat and gets tensed.

Precap: Sketch artist draws Sushanth’s sketch. Mala says it is her Karan and shows sketch to Viren and Kusum. They stand surprised. Aryan also sees sketch and stands surprised.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. superb episode. aaj ArChi ko itna time dikhaya.. I m so happy…ArChi ko plz alag mat kijiyega. aur ye neelima ki achii class lenge gharwale. but precap is not good.

  2. Vishakha

    jo kaam apne family se chupa k karna pade wo sahi nahi ho skta..that’s what I feel..and mujhe nai lagta sanchi vrat complete kar payegi..romance was awesome as usual..please yaar aise hi raho jhagda mat karna..I guess anniversary party me hi sara drama hone wala hai..

    1. JenniferAndrews

      Vishaka ,I seriously think you are the biggest fan of this show.
      Whknelej wu comme

      1. JenniferAndrews

        *Whenever we comment you always reply.
        Keep it up.
        Thumbs up to you

      2. Vishakha

        thank you so much dear..I like talking to you guys so I try commenting whenever I get time..I do love this show a lot but I think there are bigger fans than me in youtube..they create awesome pages and videos.. 🙂

    2. JenniferAndrews

      But you are the biggest fan here dear.
      And you can msg me whenever you want as I also love this show.

      1. JenniferAndrews

        I really want that party mei bada dhamaka ho.Aur bechari Saanchi us fast se mukt ho jaaye.Let neelima pay for her foolishness

      2. Vishakha

        thank you ?

      3. Vishakha

        party me to pata nai but uske baad zarur hoga..

    3. Mujhe toh lagta hai ya toh Aryan ya phir Viren hi party me Mala aur uske bache ko lekar aayega… aur sab gadbad ho jaayega….

      1. Vishakha

        party me to mala ayegi..Aur sanchi usko sushant se dur rakhne ka try karegi..

    4. Pinkyangel

      Hey hi I’m pinkyangel and i’m writing an ff on archi as u r n archi fan I request u to plz have a look at my ff kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ( devakshi and archi ) I’m also a very big fan of archi

      1. Vishakha

        girl you are just too good..seriously awesome ??? do write the next one soon…

      2. Pinkyangel

        Thank u so much have u read all the 7

  3. It is a request to all kv fan plzzz watch yeh hai ashiqui( ex convict.).

    1. Vishakha

      watched long back 🙂 superb episode..

    2. Can u tell me which episode is that.? There r many episodes of the hai ashiqi

  4. Season 4 episode 22.

    1. OK thanks jaytee

  5. ya. realy Visakha d aap one of the biggest fans ho. me jab v cmmnt deti hu aap mujhe reply de dete ho. and I realy lv it. ya I think party me toh kuch hungama hoga hi. and har prblm ka asli reason ye Neelima aur bua he.. par hungama nehi hoga toh serial khatam ho jayegi..

    1. Vishakha

      thank you ? and mujhe lagta hai party me to sanchi sambhal legi but party k baad hungama hoga..

      1. Vishakha

        and sach me ye kaki ko yahi time mila tha vrat rakhwane

      2. Vishakha

        I mean ghar me party hai..imagine having delicious food all around you and aapko sirf use dekh k pet bharna pade..mere liye to ye sbse bada torture hota.. ???

  6. ryt. mere liye v torture hi hoga. and sanchi ko to sab ghar wale khane k liye force karenge sayad. and ho sakta he ki woh behos ho jaye tab pata salega sab lago ko. kuch v ho sakti he bas I want to see next episode…

    1. Vishakha

      are haan haan hone do behosh..let everyone know kaki ne kya karne bola hai..Wahi to dekhna hai..and ya use aryan ko at least bata dena chaiye tha..Bechara party me kitna romantic ho rha hai and ye usko dekh bhi nai ri hai..poor guy..

  7. JenniferAndrews

    I am starting to hate weekends because of this serial.just love it too much.
    Loved the Archie scene a lot.
    I think the sethias have some enimity with Archies kiss.
    And just loved that Aryans caring husband part.
    And Saanchi pls confide in Aryan
    afterallhe is your husband.Bina khaye piye kya kya sambhalogi .
    Ich liebe Archi

    1. Pinkyangel

      Hey I’m writing an ff on archi kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ( devakshi and archi ) I have completed 6 episodes u will like it plz read once I’m also a big fan of archi so plz do read once

  8. JessicaAndrews

    I did no know till today that tu has a page for ersk

  9. JessicaAndrews

    Love the show a lot
    Archi are a perfect couple.
    Love thie saanjhedari

  10. JessicaAndrews

    I really wish ki jab Aryan saanchi se naaraz ho for ignoring him tab hi vo behosh ho jaaye.
    I checked out youtube seems party mei saanchi aryan ko ignore karti hai bcoz she is busy wih keepsake maa and sushant apart
    Wish she faints in his arms (so romantic)

    1. Vishakha

      ditto..I want the same to happen ?

      1. Di Lets chat at 4

      2. Vishakha

        ya sure..anytime for you ?? but humne jaisa socha tha waisa Kuch nai hone wala..sanchi faints at the party and viren comes and shouts at the whole family that your family member has not eaten anything from past three days and no one knows..doc ki daant padi so alag..Pata nai how will aryan react to this..

  11. Vishakha

    is show me to ulta hi ho rha hai..normally wife naraz hoti hai and husband ko manana padta hai..Lekin yahan to husband ne naraz hone ka copyright le rakha hai aur wife bechari phr se mana ri hai..?? but this time they are so cute.. ???

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