Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandra gets up seeing Tanu’s blind love for her father. Mittal family try to cheer up Chandra. Each one try to crack a joke. Viren says he will prepare her favorite ginger tea. Chandra smiles. Tanu apologizes Chandra.

At Sethia house, Aryan, Prabhath, and Sushanth discuss how Diwakar got so much money. Sushanth says some debtor must have returned money. Prabhath says who will during these tough times. Aryan sees Diwakar silently walking towards his room and follows him. Diwakar enters room and tells Sarita that he bought her favorite ice cream. She has to feed from his hands. He feeds her and feels sad that he sold the plot he gifted to her during their first anniversary. She says she is happy that her plot is sold for her son’s happiness. He says

he knows her world starts and ends in this house itself. Aryan hears their conversation and feels very guilty. Daadi and Mansoor sees him sad and asks what happened. He cries hugging daadi and says he knows how Diwakar got money, he sold the plot which he gifted to mom. Mansoor says he and Daadi knew it from before and says Diwakar wants to see family happy and elder’s happiness is in children’s happiness, so he should not feel guilty and respect his father’s decision.

Saachi and Aryan dance on a song..Iss Tarah…. Saachi falls down from bed and realizes it was her dream. Tanu asks if she was dreaming about jiju. Saachi says no, she was doing yoga. Tanu laughs.

Diwakar gets readyfor office and walks with Sushanth. Aryan also comes getting ready. Diwakar asks where is he going. Aryan says office. Diwakar scolds him and says he has only 2 days left for marriage and should enjoy his bachelorhood, he can work whole life. Aryan nods okay. Diwakar smiles and leaves with Prabhath and Sushanth.

Aryan calls Saachi. Tanu asks if it is jiju’s call and smiles. Saachi picks call and asks if he did not go to office. He says no, he is enjoying his bachelorhood. Their romantic chat starts. He says Tanu told she fell from bed, what was she dreaming. Saachi says she was seeing a dream that they were dancing. He asks then. She says then he pulled her towards him. He says then…She says nothing else, if he also dreams about her. He says no..She says then he does not like him. He says to like her, he does not have to dream, he can imagine her in front of her smiling and shying from her. She shies and says she is not. He asks then wh are her cheeks turning rosy. She checks her cheeks in mirror and says she is not. He says she is coming near hiim, very close… Saachi also imagines same and says it is enough now, he should stop dreaming. He smiles. She disconnects call shyingly.

Neelima and Sarita prepare snacks and cool drinks for children. Viren speaks to his sister and says he is sending her flight tickets for Aryan’s marriage and she cannot say any excuses. He then calls travel agent and asks him to send 35 tickets which Prabhath ordered. Agent says Prahath did not call. Diwakar fumes.

Precap: Diwakar scolds Prabhath that because of him, they are incurring 1 lakh rs and if he cannot work properly, he should work with him. Aryan disguises as clone and tries to leave house. Neelima catches him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nice episode and loved their romance

  2. Yaar Aryan to rote hue bhi kitna cute lagta hai ?

  3. Hey vishakha dear many more happy returns of the day . May God bless u .?? sorry I am very late coz I have my exams

    1. Thank you ? and all the best for your exams ?

  4. Aryan is really cute

  5. omg Aryan kitna cute lag rha hai

  6. Dream sequences pouring in ….dont mind it though whch means reality scenes r still pending ?.cute romabtic scene

  7. KV cute dikhne ki bhi koyi limit hain kya not for u i think ?

  8. So sarita ndiwakar r selling their plot oh so sad n aryan so sensible knowing wants to correct it but dadisa stops him from ruining his parents happiness.so much ths family cares for each other .emotional…

  9. Now what s running n prabhats mind so finally we r gog to get tjat joker mahaepisode 2morow.kv kitna cute joker lag rahe ho aap …?

  10. How many dream sequences ya..dance bhi dreams me kiss bhi dreams me..now don’t tell me ki propose bhi dreams me hi kiya hai..kahin aisa na ho ki shadi bhi dreams me hi ho and reality k liye sirf tragedy reh jaye ?

  11. Hopefully some special propose scenes

    1. Hopefully not a dream ?

    2. The scene is really cute..but don’t know whether dream or reality..

      1. There s one scene cmg up where aryan s giving rose 2 saanchi doesnot look like dream scene as he s telling the guitarist to play her fav tune lets c .

      2. Yes yes even I was talking about the same one..but I still have a doubt..at least Abhi tak Aryan Itna romantic to nai lagta ki he’ll shower flowers on her kneel down and all..but if its a reality then to very good..

  12. Yar agar itna dream sequences d dono dikhayenge to aisa na ho ki ye show bhi hamlogoko dream me reality ka propose n confession dekhna pare.by the way ye kya proposing scene dikhayenge afterall its arrenged marriage. 🙂 I hope so ki dikhade.now every thing is based on their mind track.

    1. Inka arrange marriage mein love marriage ka track hain so definately propose nahi toh atleast I love u bolne wala scene toh hona chaiye .there s one such scene cmg up.

    2. I think it’ll turn into arranged cum love marriage..so may be dikha de..

  13. sanchi dreams with aryan is so sweet!!!!!
    like sanchi, aryan also day dreams and imagine about sanchi is really nice….
    aryan is really worried about his family…. that scene is so emotional!!!
    seriously just 2 days are left in archi marg…. i can’t believe myself…
    i am eagerly waiting for 2day Mah episode…..
    i am really wonder about sanchi’s bua husband, son….
    how’s their character they have???
    missed rishi parts…. is he really that kind of gentleman who doesn’t have any evil plans about archi marg???
    when will viren known about neelima’s lunatic behaviour for sanchi????

    1. Everything will happen I guess..after all they need a lot of matters to show for 30 days..

      1. yes vishakha!!!!!
        guess things will happen that way….
        in these 30 days all things will sort out…
        and it gives a happy surprise to our archi marg!!!!!!

  14. Lakshree why are u so bothered about Aryan’s aunts scene .everyone is waiting for their marriage. Aryan apna cute ness ka thora to limit banao.patanhi kitne ko tumse 1sided crush ho jayga.having no idea.

    1. not at all jayathi….. just they didn’t show much details in saanchi bua’s husband family…. thats y i just have some little curious 🙂

  15. I mean larkiyonko Aryan par crush hoga kiyuki definitely larkoko nahi hoga CRUSH ha.but yahapar to both comment kartehe so whoever’s going to see it take it particularly ha.though not everyone would have such crushes but most so just like that.

  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVSJq1UfqAs
    guys see this..i dont want this twist please….

    1. Hmm interesting i think as sethias hav taken help from mittals n thy r spending lavishly on wedding own money though relatives r those 2 new entries n show will turn thngs around .n mig8 b as aryan knows the truth he will refuse to marry. But after high voltage drama finally marriage hoga. 30 days aise hi nahi bola hain one twist per week for 6weeks.

      1. Marriage hine ke baad bhi ArChi mein tashan jaari rahega agar sab acche se ho gata toh serial 30 din mein hi khatam ho jayega so twists toh chaiye for serial to run

      2. Jo baki serials meinleads ke beech mein tashan shaadi se pehle hota hain voh yaha shaadi ke baad hoga gud for change.

    2. me too vishakha…
      i don’t like that twist too…. but it’s one of the option of upcoming twist….
      i hope makers will doesn’t choose tis option…..

  17. TU aaj meherbaan hain hum TU ke kadardaan hain as comments uploading fast today ?

    1. Ya even I noticed it ? Dekhte hain what twists turn up later..filhaal to I’m waiting for Aryan’s clown look.. ? yaar Itna cute bhi nai lagna chaiye kisi ko..

  18. Kitna d aaravna precap hai.ise option mahi rakhna kiyuki bohot dhunkar ek show dekhneko mil hai lekin agar ye episode telecast hua to mera ersk dekhna band ho jayegaa .mujhe koi trajedy wala show bhi dekhna hai so pleazzzz dont tlecast this options.

    1. i dnt think there is much negativity in this show..even if they show this twist m sure everythng will get sorted out soon…

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