Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diwakar scolds Aryan how can he and Saachi decide about separating without informing him, because of their fight, Viren met with an accident. Aryan says it is just a minor accident. Diwakar asks if he knew about it, then why did not he inform them. Aryan says what is the use when nobody would go there. Daadi says hhe has not yet divorced Saachi, so family should go there, even Viren had come to meet Diwakar when got a heart attack.

Saachi takes milk to Viren’s room and peeps in. She sees Tanya trying to fix Viren’s watch. Viren sees her and angrily asks Tanya why did Saachi come here. Saachi says she wants to touch his feet and apologize. Aryan comes with Diwakar and Sarita. Chandra shouts why did they come here after ruining Saachi’s life.

Viren and Saachi come down hearing Chandra’s voice. Chandra continues insulting Sarita and Diwakar. Aryan sees situation worsening and and confronts Chandra how can she misbehave with his parents. Chandra shouts when her neice has removed him from her life, he does not have right to call her aunty. Argument continues. Saachi takes Chandra’s side. Sarita yells she knew she was arrogant, but proved it today. Aryan interferes and starts fake argument with Saachi. Aryan gives Saachi’s items. Saachi asks him to get out of her house. Aryan leaves.

Saachi goes to her room and cries reminscing fighting with Aryan. She checks her items and finds her favorite donut box with Aryan’s note that she should never feel herself alone as he is with her always. She smiles and enjoys donut.

Sonu comes to Priyanka’s room and calls her maa. She scolds that she is not his mother. Son moves back and Priyanka/Sushanth’s marriage photoframe falls down breaking glass. Priyanka scolds him more. Sushanth comes and says Sunu must have dropped it by mistake. Priyanka yells at him to inform his son not to make forceful relationships.

Aryan calls Saachi while sleeping on bed and they both chat happily. Aryan sees someone coming into his room, informs Saachi and acts as sleeping. Sarita enters and pampers him and thinks she will not let her son suffer. In the morning, Sarita calls lawyer. Aryan comes down looking at office file. Sarita gives him a file and asks him to read it carefully and sign. Aryan opens file and is shocked to see divorce papers.

Saachi prepares paneer sandwich dhoklas for Viren and asks him to try. Viren angrily says he has stopped eating dhoklas and walks away. Chandra tells Saachi once she assures Viren that she has completely left Aryan and his family, he will forgive her. On the other side, Aryan asks why divorce papers. Sarita says after seeing Saachi’s misbehavior yesterday, she thought to better get rid of her before she does anything, he should read papers once and sign them. Aryan thinks he and Saachi did not think issue will go till divorce, what he should do now. He sees Daadi doing pooja around and loudly says he cannot wait for 6 months and wants divorce from Saachi immediately. Daadi is shocked to hear that and drops pooja thali.

Precap: Aryan enters Saachi’s house disguised as repairman and informs her that maasa wants him to divorce her. Saachi hugs him. Chandra is seen walking towards them.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. Vaishu aap insta pe kis id se ho??

      1. Vishakha

        You there in insta?? Mine is v_9280
        Actually main bilkul use nai karti..maine koi pic bhi nai laga rakhi.. Maine Sirf is show k pics lene k liye join kiya hai ??

  1. I guess inhone to ek game hi bana hi li hai ki jab bhi koi sethia’s mittal ke ghar jayenge to vo unki insult karenge and jab mittal sethia’s ke ghar aayenge to vo unki insult karenge. I mean so many complications. And this sarita is to rediculous. Feeling pitty for archi. But famillies ka to bura hi haal hai.

    1. Vishakha

      Yup..brick Ka jawab patthar se.. patthar Ka top se.. top Ka atom bomb se.. Atom bomb Ka nuclear bomb se.. And the cycle continues ??

  2. In family walo ne to ek game hi bana li hai. Jab mittals sethias ke ghar jaate hai to sethias unki insult karte hai and jab sethias mittals ke ghar jaate hai tab mittals unki insult karte hai. Famillies ne to apni line cross kar li hai. Feeling pitty for archi. Aaj ke episode mei aakhir diwakar ki awaaz to nikli but i sont think ki aaj ke baad he is going to support saanchi as sarita is also brainwashing him and priyanka bhi saanchi ke against ho gyi. Ab to koi saanchi ka uss ghar mei koi supporter bacha hi nahi

    1. Vishakha

      Don’t worry dear..have patience.. supporters bhi banenge slowly slowly..

  3. Vishakha

    Dadisa is good till now..more sensible than the rest of the ladies in the house..
    insult wala part I’ll ignore..no more comments on such sections else I’ll go mad..
    felt bad for archi..Bht Kuch bolna pada unhe ek dusre ko..letter part was really touchy..so sweet..
    Aww poor sonu..but hopefully better days ahead for him..
    And blanket wala scene ?? bechare husband wife hote hue bhi gf bf ki tarah baat karni pad ri hai blanket k andar ???
    maasa ne phr apna khurafati dimag chala diya..seedha bouncer..Lets see Dadi kya bolti hai..
    And I was right..no epi tomorrow..so its a long 4 day wait till Monday night..sony sucks to the core.. ??? at least 20th tak to dekh lene dete thk se but nai..I don’t know what to say for this..

    1. Vishakha

      And that also means ki this was the last epi in this year..ab Agla epi Agle saal dekhenge ?? I hope the next year bring lots and lots and lots of happiness for all of us and also for all the members of this show.. ?? Happy New Year in advance guys.. ??

    2. Kaash daadisa is sarita ko track pe le aaye kyunki diwakar kse to maine ab hope hi chod di hai

      1. Vishakha

        Sarita now needs to be given her own medicine..wo kisi k samjhane se nai samajhne wali..she has become a total gone case ??

  4. aaj sayad pehli bar sanchi ne aryan ko lv u kaha.. dadisa was nice.. vishu d aap k link k pics par sanchi bohot atchi lag rahi he. he na?? and ya guys happy new yr in advance. vishu d aap assam me kaha par rehti ho??

    1. Vishakha

      Nai..Aaj usne second time luv u Bola ?? first time Bola tha jab usne sarita ko promise kiya tha and aryan usko better feel krwa rha tha..
      Haan she looks really cute..
      Main guwahati me rehti hun..

  5. Trp is slightly increased to 0.6 behadh 0.7 & kuch 0.5

    Precap is gud but iskeliye Monday thak wait karna padega

    1. Vishakha

      Wahi to prb hai..wait karna ??

  6. Trip is slightly increased 0.6
    Behadh 0.7
    Kuch 0.5

  7. Ersk trp is 0.6. Increased by 0.1 and beat KRPKAB.. hope the serial will get an extension

    1. Vishakha

      Lets hope for the best..

  8. kal ka episode v nehi dikhayenge. aur 20 th jan tak kitni episodes base phir?? this is not fair. ek sal hum keise wait karenge?? ab toh agle sal hi ersk dekhne milenge hume. :-(:-(:'(

    1. Vishakha

      Hmm I don’t understand how will they move the story forward..agar aise hi skip karte rahe to story complete karne k liye hi extension chaiye hoga..hanuman trp is 1.1 but that doesn’t mean ki Sirf Wahi dikhao and baki chod do..beyhadh Ka bhi to maha episode hota hai..but they don’t skip krpkab..they shift it to 9.45 or even 10 pm..then why such attitude in this case..shayad Sony chahta hi nai ki trp increase ho..

      1. Agreed yaar .. Really unfair with ersk… Will miss kinshuk alottt

  9. Saurav

    Don’t know wat to say abt today’s episode.. Dono taraf se shabdo ke baan chore ja rhe the… Only Archi’s part was suprb.. Itne chup chup ke to shadi se phle bhi baat nai Kia hoga.. Bt its nice.. At least kuch to acha dekhne ko mil rha hai.. Bdw fir s ersk ko skip Kr rhe hai for hanuman.. Better k aap 7.30 ko hanuman show karde..har Week me ek baar to aisa Ho hi ja rha hai.. Not accepted..

  10. I read review of swabhimaan which s by barjatya production house started last week n colors n it has got trp of 1.9 n trust me people ersn has better story line than swabhimaan n better artists but still gud trp as it s n colors .
    Definately sony ka problem except reality shows crime show hiatorical shows n commedy show inke kisi bhi show ki trp .8 se badhti nahi.

    Hard luck ersk team a gud team n show wasted coz of sony .thanku sony.?

    1. Vishakha

      Swabhiman is of barjatya’s?? I didn’t know that..I saw first epi of it in tv just by luck..you’re right ersk is much better than that..

    2. Colors just behno ki stories par hi chalta hain first uttaran then swarigini n now swabhiman.? but still thy get gud trps.

      Sony ka kuch nahi ho sakta life mein .

      1. Forgot sasural simar ka .iss des na aana ladoo n shakti

  11. I dont know what to say i m confused like babasa now what archi s gog to achieve by doing this hope thy dont land themselves n soup.

    Only we can njoy archi moments thats all i hav got to say .

    1. Vishakha

      Wahi to main Itne din se soch ri thi ki what will they achieve by doing all this..

  12. Vishakha

    I think its an offscreen pic but I felt sonu is looking really cute so thought of sharing it..


  13. Yr prlm soni valo se hai enka time ka thikana hi nai hai jab dekho kuch b laga dete hai repeat ka b thikana nai abhi b kapil laga diya bekar in time sony

    1. Vishakha

      Mujhe lagta hai har week jo trp nikalti hai uske basis pe har week shows Ka timing change hota hai..

      1. Vishakha

        But I don’t understand one thing..kya repeat telecast me bhi trp count hota hai?? If yes..to unhe wo shows dikhane chaiye na jinka kam hai.. And if no.. To why do they only telecast crime shows?? What difference will it make?? Agar repeat hi dikhana hai to baki shows bhi to dikha skte hain na ?? doesn’t make any sense

  14. Happy new year in advance people
    May all our wishes come tru ? n new year.

    My new year resolution not watchg any Sony shows.?

    1. Vishakha

      Same here ? bht frustrate kar diya sony ne..ab aur nahi..

  15. Vishakha

    By the way did you guys see the new videos?? Ye sab log ek jagah kar kya rahe hain?? I didn’t watch still so I have no idea..

    1. Are mittals ne koi artists ka program rakha hain aur main artist aata nahi n i think nilima request kakosa to play in his place aur wohh aate hain aur apna “tuntuna” bajate hain (in gud sense i mean ?)..

      1. Sorry kusum request ? mein kitni confuse hun ?

      2. Yah phir archi hi mana kar dete hain woh artist ko aane se aur sethias mittals ki izzat bacha lete hain tha tha tha ( backgnd music).

      3. Vishakha

        Hahaha..good sense or bad sense either case use tuntuna hi bolte hain so no explanations needed dear ??? and ya its kind of understood unke expressions se ki unhone hi mana kiya hai aane se..

      4. Vishakha

        But kusum k kehne pe wo log maan jate hain and that too sab k sab aise ready hoke aa jate hain Ye Kuch samajh nai aa rha.. ??

      5. Vishakha

        Oh.. Ab dekha maine.. Kala ki baat hai..ok ok tab to understood..and may be baki log performance Dekhne aye hain.. Hmm.. Hope koi gadbad na ho..

      6. Are kusum unki anath ashram mein help karti na isliye may b .

  16. Saurav

    Peshwa bajirao starting frm 23rd Jan.. Bt its timing is 7.30pm.. If ersk going to end on 20th then there will b no shows at 8.30.. Wat does it mean whether ersk going off air or not..???

    1. Vishakha

      Na na..sony won’t leave any slot free.. And I don’t think ki hanuman Ji bhi interested hain wo slot roz lene k liye.. if ersk doesn’t get extension the other show will take its place jise time slot nai mila hai Abhi tak..

    2. Crime patrol cid in dono mein se kuch bhi surprise expect mat karo ?

    3. Lakshmi

      no yaar they showed the promo of moh moh ke dhaage as jald hi…so i think it will replace ersk

  17. Its viren business wala ya exhibition inke Tara se hoga and artist y musician cancel to come at the end,sanch n thanu takes prabats name that he is an artist n kusum calls them to help.sound is not clear I hope so

    1. Vishakha

      Okay..thanks ? so that means they are purposefully creating situations where both the families help each other..but the doubt still remains the same..agar families sath ho bhi gyi to these two are insulting each other’s families na..to how will they accept them back ??

  18. Vishakha

    TU Ka moderation ya to bullet train ki speed ka hota hai ya phr bail gadi se bhi slow.. ? anyways..I just wanted to share this..alag hone k baad pyar badh gya lagta hai ?

    1. Tu humari sajhedaari mein dushman bann raha hain ?

      1. Vishakha

        Hmm..TU hamari sajhedari Ka platform bhi hai and uska dushman bhi hai.. ??

  19. Hanuman ji ne ersk ka episode le liya koi baat nahi lekin atleast ersk ko extension ka aashirwaad de dijiye plzz ?

    1. Vishakha

      Pata nai humne hanuman ji Ka kya bigada hai.. Mujhe to wo bht cute lagte hain.. Sony se to koi hope hai nai.. Pls hanuman ji ab aap hi kuch kijiye.. ???

  20. I think gharwalon ko pata chalega ki ye sab plan hai aur archi ko ye log inke plan mein phasayenge aur phir unke kaan khechenge n happy ending.

    1. Hanuman ji ram aur laxman ji ke liye sanjeevni parvat utha ke laye humare ramayan jaise parivar ke liye extension la dijiye

      1. Vishakha

        Lets see..hanuman Ji kya chahte hain ye Pata Chal hi jayega Kuch time me.. Aaj phr Wahi page dikhayega TU..no episode due to maha episode.. I so hate that page ??

    2. Vishakha

      Happy ending ho to acha hai.. but filhaal situation dekh k lagta hai ki inse Ye kaam akele nai hone wala..they need someone to help.. Hamari mataji ki googly inse nai sambhlegi..

  21. Lakshmi

    enjoyed todays epi….
    that two moments i loved very much is that
    1. when maasa said to aryan that it is divorce paper then aryan’s reaction
    2.when he think to extend the divorce maamla dadisa’s entry and his smart and intelligent move…..kya 6 mahine lagegi..?mujhe abhi sanchi se divorce chahiye… 🙂 😀
    i know they were serious scenes but don’t know why i was laughing….
    aryan u rocked… and the scene of donuts waah kya pyaar hai..!
    but i hate sony tv…they always shows mahaepis of hanuman…now i have to wait till monday to watch the cute scenes of archi and their mission ek parivaar….
    very much happy to hear that trp is rising….but kya karein..? agar sach mein show bandh ho raha hai 20th jan ko toh abhi jyada din nahi hai…uss time par yeh sony tv ersk telecast na karke fans ko aur dukhi karte hai…this is not fair at all

    1. Vishakha

      I can understand why you were laughing..jab maine precap me wo scene dekha tha to mujhe bhi hasi ayi thi ?? uske expressions hi aise the.. He didn’t know ki uski maa usse bhi 10 kadam aage hai.. ?? and when he saw dadi his expressions were like ‘acha to meri maa mujhse smartness me competition karna chahti hai..Thk hai Abhi batata hun..akhir main bhi unhi Ka beta hun’ ?????

      1. Lakshmi

        yeah u r right…kv is so cute..sp too…i think all are cute…they r doing a wonderful job… 🙂 😀 vishakha dear u r very funny….

  22. Lakshmi

    guys can i share something with u all….

    actually main ek achi fan nahi hoon… 🙁 :'( becoz all are talking about the hopes of show not going off air…and our actors of ersk and fans are making a small humble request that show regularly 8.30 pm watch in sony…try avoiding to watch on online…
    mujhe abhi abhi patha chala ki show tv par real telecast time mein dekhengi toh hi trp badhegi…i have no idea about this…
    i watch all shows in online becoz there is no connection in our home only doordarshan…my parents cut the connection when i was in 1st std…and they promised me that when i finish my studies yaani 12th ke baad then only they will take a connection at home…they told me to concentrate on studies…but they allow me to watch one show in online…then i start watching ersk…
    guys now i’m in 12th…next month i have model exams, practical and board exams…so they never allow me to take a connection in my house…but when i will finish my course ersk may become offair….
    so due to these reasons i can’t watch neither the show in tv nor save it….i’m not a good fan at all… 🙁

    1. Vishakha

      Hey..don’t say you’re not a fan dear.. as far as watching on tv is concerned to even we can’t watch it on tv always.. And if you are feeling bad ki you are not able to watch it then I would say you are a much bigger fan than us..seriously.. That shows how much you love the show and how much you love their work.. I’m sure if anybody from the show is reading these comments even they’ll agree to this..
      And I would also say ki this is a very imp year for your career..so just give your best to It.. All the very best.. ??Wait for some time I’m sure kinshuk and shivya will come back soon with even better performances.. This show is just the starting for them ??

      1. Lakshmi

        no no dear i’m helpless and feeling really bad too…
        yeah i know…my parents also want me to study better and reach at the top level…after that they will fulfill my any wish…thanks dear for ur support and love….
        hmm will wait for sure…yeah i know…but will miss aryan and sanchi and their parivaars their saajhedaari…lets hope others can do something…

    2. Its ok concentrate n ur studies daily soaps toh aate jaate rahenge but ur 12th s imp.there r plenty fans who r watchg n real time.atleast ur intention to save ersk s tru.thats what matterz .best of luck.

      1. Lakshmi

        thanks ji…..yeah will concentrate…haan ab unpar hope hai…i’m praying to god…

  23. Vishakha

    I wish they could share fire incident wala videos.. Sonu is so cute ya I wanna see how he saves priyanka and what she will do after that..

    1. Lakshmi

      lets hope for todays news

    2. Ersk band nahi ho raha good news

      1. Vishakha

        Yeah ?

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