Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Viren asks his uncle why did he do this. Uncle says he did right, they were all eating his money and were showing their power on him instead. Aryan’s uncle gets a chance and badmouths about Diwakar that he is forgiving Viren and Saachi’s mistakes as he took dowry. Guests badmouth Diwakar ruined his elder’s and family name. Diwakar gets a panic attack hearing this and falls down. Whole father gathers around him. Viren tries to go near him, but Prabhath warns him to stay away. Mansoor brings water and feeds Diwkar. Diwakar gets conscious. Family asks how is he now. He gets up and reminisces Viren promising that he will not tell anyone about loan. He asks Viren why did he betray him. Viren pleads that he did not tell anyone, he does not know how uncle got

slip from locker and apologizes. Neelima asks what is the use now after insulting and ruining Diwkar’s dignity and self respect. Their family eaarned their respect since ages and he ruined it so easily. He should tell everyone that they took loan from him and will return it with interest. He finished their dignity in seconds.

Viren’s uncle says so what, they took money and cannot deny it. Viren drags him from there and asks why did he insult Diwakar so much, what his samdhis must be feeling now. Uncle says even now he is thinking of getting Saanchi’s marriage to Sethias, he should break this alliance. Viren asks him to shut up, he does not know about his and Diwakar’s agreement. He does not value relationships, so he should stay away now.

Aryan’s uncle starts yelling at Diwakar again that he should not have be so leniant to bride’s family. His puppets says if Diwakar should have informed about loan beforehand, he would have been insulted like this. Prabhath shouts to shut up and go from there. Uncle and his puppets walk out. Kusum apologizes Sethia family. Sushanth says they should not have betrayed his babasa. Prabhath says they stabbed them in back, they should have slapped them directly instead. Kusum pleads again. Sarita asks her to go. Kusum holds Daadi’s feet and apologizes. Daadi says no, all her family’s dignity is gone and her family will not forgive them now. Vaibhav takes her from there.

Saachi’s family stand tensely. Tanu says Saachi what will happen now. Kusum says their apologiy is very less in front of Sethia family’s insult, they will not forgive them. Saachi tries to leave. Chandra stops her and asks wehre is she going. Saachi says she should be with her in-laws now. Chandra says they are very angry now and she should wait till situaiton calms down. Aunt comments don’t know if marriage will happen now or not. Kusum cries more hearing htis. Saachi stands dumstruck. Chandra consoles her not to worry, everything wll be fine.

Sushanth reminisces Diwakar trying to not accept Viren’s cheque and says babasa was right, he should not have taken money from Viren. Neelima says Viren betrayed them. Prabhath says whole community is laughing on them. Purshotam confronts Diwakar that they are childhood friends and shared all their problems with each other, how could he hide such a big problem from him, he will sell he land he had bought on Diwakar’s advice and will return Viren’s money. Diwakar holds his hand and says no.

Aryan says Diwakar let us go from here. Prabhath asks where. Aryan says this marriage wilnot happen. He does not need happiness ruining his family’s name and dignity.

Precap: Viren’s uncle yells in front of Viren’s family that Sethia family cannot take back baraat without Viren’s permission and if they try, they should file a dowry case on them. Viren and Saachi get angry hearing this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yaar is uncle ko nikalo koi

    1. sach mein mosa mosi ko nikalo serial me se

  2. Vishakha

    what nonsense..aisa kaun karta hai yaar..if someone would have done this in my house I would have thrown them out regardless of their age..and even if it was dowry then also Paise dena bhi utna hi bada crime hai Jitna ki Paise maangna..if he can accuse others of asking why can’t he accuse his family member of giving the money..because he is not bothered about dowry he is bothered because this much of money he could have eaten up..???

  3. Shazia

    what is wrong with this idiot uncle i feel like throwing them out of the house he is so money minded

  4. Aryan chahe jo bhi ho jaye tumhe saachi k saat rahna aur dena hoga .it is ur fans order.

  5. Vishakha

    Happy Diwali to all.. ?


  7. Ankita Choudhury.

    Aryan should marry saathi whatever sachi’s fmly done with them it is not sachi’s fault then why they will punish sachi.

    1. Yess aryan wil marry saanchi n he knows its not saanchis fault but we as viewers know what exactly happened but aryan n his family dont know so thy r not wrong if thy r angry with mittals 4 making it public abt the money borrowing matter.

      1. Vishakha

        true..and I’m sure once Aryan gets to know the truth he’ll support sanchi..

  8. Check out @ETadkaOfficial’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ETadkaOfficial/status/792383722192379908?s=09

    Here starts the tashan between aryan n sanchi…

    1. Vishakha

      yup..on their first night they’ll have a huge fight..Aryan will accuse viren for making the money lending issue public whereas sanchi tries to make him understand that her dad didn’t do anything..but he won’t listen and insults viren..that’s why even sanchi gets angry..I actually want to see how they fight because till now it was sweetness overloaded between them..

  9. Vishakha

    and I also want viren and sanchi to smash this uncle in today’s episode..he has created enough nuisance..

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