Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita sees Aryan tensed and asks if even he is thinking about fake pandit’s words. Aryan says if she did not see Saachi’s photo burning, something is wrong. Nikita says nothing is wrong and tries to convince him. Aryan meets Saachi/Malvika and describes how he created doubt in Nikita’s mind. They both chat. Aryan gets her favorite ice cream. She asks if he knows her choice even now. He says they are sajedhars/life partners. Their romance continues.

Nikita wakes up at night reminiscing the incidents happened during day. She sees Malvika walking outside room and tries to wake up Aryan, but he is sound asleep. She walks out and is shocked to see Saachi wearing white sari walking holding Aryan’s hand. She gets very afraid and rushes to her room and sees Aryan sound asleep as she left him. She then reads a note on mirror that murder or murder, soul will not spare anyone. She shouts in fear. Whole family gathers and asks what happened. She points at mirror and says someone was here. Sarita says no one is here and ass her to relax.

Neelima prays god for family’s safety. Prabhath asks why she is praying at night She says she is worried after today’s incident and feel Saachi’s soul is around this house. Prabhath warns to stop her rubbish, it is good he heard it, else if someone else had heard it, they would have laughed on her. He asks her to come and sleep and stop strainng her mind.

Nikita panics reminiscing Saachi taking Aryan away, blood note on mirror, etc. Malvika/Saachi enters and says she heard Aryan’s wife’s photo burnt today and pandit told her soul is around this house. She heard even she panicked just now. Nikita thinks if Malvika gets afraid, she will leave this house, then she cannot grab Malvika’s wealth. She tells Mavlika nothing happened and it is just rumors, she can go and relax in her room. She walks and smiles at Aryan, reminiscing how Aryan got up and wrote on mirror and rest of incidents.

Precap: Saachi and Aryan feed each other smiling at each other. Neelima sees them and drops tiffin box in a shoc. Saachi and Aryan notice her and get tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    Yay!! Kal kakisa will join the team…???

    1. Christie123

      Right.. I am really excited. For two things first thing is this that finally my tests are finished and second for today’s episode specially for today’s episode…..?????

  2. hahaha.. eisi voot sabko dikhe yr.. nice episode.. kal kakisa v join karegi.. awsome.. aryan nd sanchi salaki wali smile me bohot cute lagte he…

    1. Christie123

      Right they look really cute…???????

  3. Good episode

  4. Nice episode, now the show is back to its for, I luv aryan’s reaction and dialogue, super,when Sanchi remembers flash back I too went to flash back scenes which was awesome and finally I loved nikita’s fear look, she looks so cute,
    Precap was amazing kakisa will know the truth, she deserves to know the truth as she is one who misses Sanchi in that house
    Totally nice episode ????

    1. Lol malu i guess babasa is also there who missed her didnt uh saw the previous Epi what all he said ki yeh ghar aur unka dil hi jaanya hai ki ek ek pal unhone saanchi ko kitna miss kiya hai and he is still there for saanchi but the prob is ki yeh serial hai toh jisko end mei positive karna hoga usse positive dikhayenge and babasa jaise character ko bhi itna kamzor no doubt kal unka comeback tha ab aage dekhte hai kya hota hai

  5. Please repeat the telecast we don’t get to c it at 8.30 pm

  6. OK yaar muskan, I expected you will reply like this and I agree???,
    kya Kare TV pur k duniya m gar k ladies sab hero’s hote hain and I can’t forgot the drastic change in babasa’s character in the show. Did you notice yesterday aryan said to Sanchi ‘you keep confidence in you, I believe you’, where is the partnership went when he totally depends on her, it is not acceptable they are making women in the house either durga r kaikeyi.

    1. hahaha everyone now knows about my replies and actually mei maza hi tab aata hai jab sab apna aPNA point of view rakhte hai and yes u right ya toh yaha ladies ko kaikayi bana diya hai ya fir kaali ya durga and ghar ke mard toh aise hogye hai ek duk se jaise able mard hai saare they suddenly changed all the characters is poore serial mei ek viren hi hai powerful mard kyunki uski toh ghar mei chalti hai lekin sethia house mei sab mardo par ladies rule kar rhi hai even just see saanchi help karti hai aryan ki har cheez mei, jab sethia’s ko business mei loss hua toh chalo first time viren ne help kar di theek hai second time jab sushant se business Mei ek gadbad ho gyi during that priyanka’s pregnancy case babasa ne hi haar maan li sabse pehle kaha gya unka experience jab saanchi nhi thi ya viren nhi tha tab voh apna business kaisw chala rhe the us time bhi saanchi ne hi designs bana ke help ki aryan, sushant babasa kakusa kisi ko business sense nhi thi kya and malu what drastic change uh talked can uh plss elaborate kyunki unke character ke saath to changes hote hi rehte hai

      1. Christie123

        Right!! In other serials we see women’s as abla nari but in this show man are abla mard…Har ek cheez mein larkiyan first hein. If it’s business or making some plan.. sethiya family ke mard ko TOH writer loser banake chose Diya…???????

  7. Vishakha

    I agree with both malu and musu..they show the ladies either so mahan that wo saare comments sare zulm seh ri hai bina Kuch bole phr bhi she Is ready to sacrifice her life for the family..ya phr they show her like a mom cum vamp where she tries to force her decisions on the whole family in the name of caring without thinking what her family actually wants..and all the males so helpless..I’m not saying only males should have the say in the house..but when you are seeing that your wife’s decisions are harming the family then why not have a say at the right time..I agree babasa is back but its too late..he said maine tumhe karne diya but kuch Bola nai..kyu nai Bola bhai..jab bolna tha tab kyu nai Bola??Sirf ashirwad na dena ya sanchi ko miss karna Kafi tha??jab dekh rhe the ki unki wife k decisions ki wajah se Ghar tut rha hai to time pe kyu nai Bola..why again sanchi will be shown as a saviour and bring everyone close..what was Aryan doing from three months letting his family members fight??

    1. Christie123

      Really!!vishakha di I think you are absolutely right.. jab kisiko ko kuch bolna chahiye tab to kuch bolte nahi HEI. But badme unhe us bareme jab nahi chahiye tab batate. I agree with u babasa is too late in his overcome….????babasa ko maaza ko tabhi rokna chahiye tha jab woh Aryan ko us chudail ke sath shaadi karwarahithi.. jab Aryan ki Zindagi already maasa me barbaad kar hi chukehe. TOH Baad me kehneka Kya fayda hei???????? Yet happy ki AB kuch interesting TOH dekhne ko mirahahe…..?????

      1. Vishakha

        Haan in a way its better than the previous crap..

  8. Vishakha

    Kya Ye family Aryan ki nai hai??babasa dadisa kakisa in sab ki nai hai?then why should they pray to God to send a third person to save their family??at least Kuch to real rakhte yaar..Ghar me peace rakhna Gharwalon Ka kaam hota hai kisi messiah Ka nahi..I agree its a tv show but Masala k chakkar me they ruin it..I won’t call It a family show its a romantic show only where hero waits for heroine to come and save his family..I agree he is with sanchi helping her against nikita but when he was seeing his family members are fighting what was he doing??just left from the place..wow..

    1. Christie123

      Right.. they always just for a Messiah who will come and save their house and solve their problem. They are always dependent on other for everything like they can’t do anything…. It’s their family,it’s their duty to save their family not a messiah’s. Pehle Sanchi ke Marne dou din bad hi maasa me Aryan ki Dusri shaadi karwadi. Koi Nikita ko kuch Keh nahi Sakta because she is sethiya khandan’s bahu. Aur jab woh Sanchi ke sath Bura bartav kartithi wasn’t Sanchi sethiya families daughter-in-law..I really hate maasa. Pehle woh kitni acchi thi but now God knows what happened to her that she has became so evil.bete ke parwa me bete ko hi Duba Diya…????????

  9. True yaar I totally agree with both, we r saying apn apne comments which coincides and clashes too
    Twist laane k chakar m babasa ko silent kar diya inlogo n
    They r cornering Woman is powerful in everyone’s life I agree, but they r portraying man who is a father, friend, bro
    or life partner in our life as week is not acceptable
    My point of view is kakisa deserves to know the truth bcoz she takes side of Sanchi and fights with every one as much
    as she can
    Unfortunately babasa fails to do so
    Finally as a romantic love story ersk will b in my heart forever, love you aryan???

  10. wow kafi tym k baad aap sab logo ne comment ki he yr… nice…

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