Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan moves some of his room items to store room. Sharda asks what is he doing. He says he is making place for Saachi’s items, he wants Saachi to keep her personal belongings from her parent’s house here. He then video calls Saachi and shows his room. She gives him some more suggestions.

Diwakar tells Sharda that in their room, onlyl his things are present and not hers. She says she left it in her parent’s house. He says he felt nice when his son Aryan was sorting room to make a place for Saachi’s items.

Mittals call wedding planner who shows them expensive wedding cards and other items. On the other side, Diwakar and Prabhath calculate budget for Aryan’s marriage. Prabhath says they spent 2 crores on Sushanth’s wedding. Diwakar says how much money they have now. Sharda tells youngsters that Diwakar and Prabhath are planning budget, they should give their suggestions. Youngstes say they should do lavish destination wedding, expensive clothes, etc. Diwakar and Prabhath get more tensed hearing this. Sushanth and Aryan watch their tensed faces.

Viren tells wedding planner that he liked his suggestions and will inform him about their selection later. Wedding planner leaves saying he will leave hsi samples here. Viren tells family that if they select expensive cards and gifts, Sethias will feel low if they spend lavishly, so they should keep it simple. Saachi says papa is right. Vaibhav says they will select simple cards then. Family agrees.

Diwakar reminisces him and and Prabhat meeting their account who says they don’t have any savings at all and should take a loan from the person they took earlier. Diwakar says they cannot and in fact have to return it soon. He warns accountant not to break trust, else he will not forgive him. He comes out of flashback and sees his family discussion about desitnation goa wedding and selecting expensive cards. Sushanth and Aryan notice their face and slect a simple card.

Precap: Viren shows sample card to Mittals and says if they finalize it, he will send order for printing. Youngsters like card and says it has very beautiful colors. Diwakar looks tensed.

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  1. Vishakha

    Nice episode..And 30 days long wedding!! Seriously!! Curious to see what and all they’ll show for 30 days..

    • Vishakha

      Whatever may be the twists and turns but at least after 30 days they should get married..it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle all the issues and how he will break all records of taking care of his wife as he said today 😁

  2. SaYan


    |Registered Member

    Hi there!

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    Guys we chat here…

    • Vishakha

      Yeah..nobody is bad at heart..its just misunderstandings which create problems..And I don’t know why people call it a saas bahu serial..I hate it when they say like that πŸ™

    • Goldie

      Rajashri movies n serials always potray people r not born gud or bad it s circumstances that they r in make them gud or bad.they always hav grey characters n their shows n it s quite interesting as negative characters will always b bad but grey ones u cant predict n their lies the thrill.

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