Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan’s baraat reaches Saachi’s house. Viren sees his uncle without pagri and asks why is he standing without pagri. Uncle says it is good he asked him, he wants to clear everything. Viren asks what. Vaibhav comes and informs that baraat came. Viren rushes to receive baraat. Uncle fumes in anger. Aryan is seen on horse and his family dancing and enjoying. Viren sees them dancing and says he cannot control his dancing itch and asks Kusum if he can go. Kusum says okay. He runs and starts dancing with baraat. Purshotam is seeing doing nagin dance, Diwakar with drum, and all other family members dancing along.

Saachi tells Tanu even she will see baraat. Tannu says she is a bride and cannot see baraaat. Saachi says as you says jiji. They both laugh.


and Kusum then garland Diwakar and family. Guest praise Sethia family’s baraat is really lavish. Kusum then performs ritual of holding Aryan’s nose. Prabhath says he should noet let his sasuma hold his nose, else she will dominate him whole life. Kusum holds his nose and then pampers his cheeks. Aunt asks Kusum to carry pot and says Aryan that his saasuma will ask shaguun only once in life. Aryan drops a gift in her pot. Aunt says how will they know what he gifted. Kusum says it is between her and her kunwar sa/damad. She then measures Aryan height and width as per rituals and families joke. Baraat then enter in. Aryan’s uncle scold waiter to bring cold drink. Viren’s uncle watches jealously.

Aryan sits on groom’s seat with Priyanka and Nikki next to him. He asks Sushanth to give his mobile. Priyanka jokes he needs to talk to Saachi. Aryan says bhabhi saaa.. Priyanka asks if he needs to speak to Saachi or not. He nods yes. She snatches Sushanth’s phone and gives it to Aryan. Aryan walks aside to speak to Saachi.

Saachi receives Aryan’s call who speaks in usual 60s style. Saachi also speaks in same style. Hee says he came with baraat. She says she heard him. He says he wants to see in bridal dress. She says even she wants to see him as bride, but some great person said the pleasure of waiting is much better. He says okay. Tanu snatches phone and asks Aryan if he wants to see jiji. He says okay. She says he has to double shoe hiding gift, give her icecream party, etc…He says okay. She says he has to wait for sometime as jiji has not worn makeup. Saachi shouts if she is looking like ghost to her. Tanu laughs.

Chandra takes uncle aside and requests him to keep the secret to himself and not tell it to anyone. He says he did not yet, but cannot see injustice happening. Kusum on the other side tells Diwakar they can perform other rituals.

Saachi gets ready with bridal makeup and says Tanu she wants to see what is happening down. Tanu says they ask Piya to use video call and show them what is happening down stairs. Saachi scolds why did not she get this idea before. Tanu says she wanted to wait. Tanu calls Piya and asks her to show what is happening.

Next ritual starts. Aunt asks Viren to wash Aryan’s feet. Aryan says he will not follow this ritual where an elder will wash feet. He does not like where one is respected and other insulted. He cannot imagine Viren who is like his babasa/Diwakar touching his feet. They have many other rituals to peform. Uncle says rituals have to be performed. Diwakar says Aryan is right, rituals which degrade someone should be stopped. Saachi gets emotional seeing Aryan’s good thoughts. Tanu says she should be happy to get such a lovely life partner. Saachi says she is very happy seeing Aryan respecting her father.

Precap: Viren’s uncle insults Diwakar in front of everyone that Viren has given Viren 25 crores in dowry.

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    this is unbelievable..how can somebody even think of insulting in return of so much respect..

  2. Viren should kick chandra an maussi maussa out of house,; how is it her business; he should not hab told her or anyone but his wife!

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