Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarita blames Saachi that she snatched her both sons from her and now should go and celebrate with her parents. Viren enters and confronts Sarita how can she insult Saachi like this and asks Saachi why she lied that her family respects her a lot, but he is seeing opposite. He asks Sarita and Diwakar this is how they respect their bahus. Prabhath starts his dialogues finding an opportunity after a long time and yells at Viren that he will not tolerate his Ram and Seeta like bhaisa and bhabhisa’s insult and enough of him insulting them. Aryan says Viren and family they can sit and talk. Viren confronts Ayran if he had spoken, his family would not have insulted Saachi so much. Prabhath starts again that Viren insulted them many times via his uncle and even sent his friend

to buy their haveli. He gives 25 crores cheque and says he must be shocked that his plan of grabbing their haveli failed. Kusum asks why would they try to grab their daughter’s house.

Neelima starts next and blames Saachi that she took happiness of their house and is a big culprit. Chandra confronts her and says she does not have right to blame Saachi and tells what all Sarita did, how she tried to find defects in Saachi, how she blamed her for family’s business loss, forcing Saachi to fast for 3 days and says Saachi would have died that day. Shhe then confronts Sarita that she is angry that Saachi hid this from her and decided to punish her without knowing whole truth. She then exposes Sarita’s misdeeds, how she blamed Saachi and punished her repeatedly. Diwakar asks Sarita is it true. Chandra says he is acting as if he does not know his family’s misdeeds.

Viren asks Chandra is it true. Chandra says he can ask Kusum. Viren says for their fake ego, Kusum and Saachi forgot their self-respect. Saachi says he is misunderstanding. Viren asks what about what he saw just now and says he will not let his daughter stay in this house for a min and says Saachi let us go from here. Sarita comments to take his daughter from here and keep her in home like he has kept his sister at home. Viren confronts that she is talking about values when her whole family bears illegal children, pointing at Sushanth. Mittal family stands in a shock.

Precap: Saachi tells Viren that she cannot come with him. He says she is dead for him and leaves. While driving home, he meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nooooo how could this happen 🙁 I hope viren is okay. I’m so upset to see an episode like this.

  2. What the hell yaar

    I read that ersk is ending in January!

  3. Saurav

    Sad episode.. Bt I liked that Viren n fmily defended Saachi very well.. Actually expecting this.. Every one is blaming Saachi without knowing truth.. Its sad bt still m happy that their misinterpretation about Saachi has cleared nw..

  4. finally a good episode in many terms. i feel very good after last episode. this episode is really needed. all things have to be said.

  5. V gud episode atleast nilima aur sarita ke kartoot diwakar aur sabko pata toh chale.

  6. Sarita ke jasoos use galat info de rahe hain(sic) .how did she come to conclusion that sanchi stopped sushanth and aryan from speaking the truth.?????

  7. Very rightly said viren sarita cannot point fingers at sanchi s upbringing whn her own son has failed his parents upbringing.

  8. Even today i will support viren whn he said to aryan why he s mum whn his whole family s blaming sanchi for priankas condition.ab toh sanchi ne use roka bhi nahi tha phir kyun nahi bola and sushant too kept mum.??

  9. This episode was much awaited. Seriously sarita ne to had hi kar di. Neelima aur sarita ki pol diwakar ji ke aage khuna zaroori thi. He was lookinig so hepless. Naturally, he would look helpless as he didnt knew anything about the matters. Like that honeymoon package, 3 days fasting was due to neelima and sarita didnt let saanchi to go to her house. But still why didnt he uttered a single word in front of them. Aftr that heart attack it appears that he had stopped speaking angrily to any of family member. He had lost his control. Even when he stopped parabhat from speaking he also said ki aaj mujhe bolne do Bhaisa . Even when sushant’s secret was revealed he scolded him very less whereas i expected that sushant ko ek thappad to badega hi diwakar ji ke haatho. Yarr he was not like that uski beewi uske side mei khadi hoke itna bawaal macha rahi hai and when he called her angrily then also she didn’t. Whereas earlier it was showed thats he was a very strict man of principles. How come just a heart attack bring so many changes??? After that heart attack only je lost all his control. Last time when i saw in agry young man’s avtaar was when he last time talked to viren before having a heart attack.

    1. Apne Biwi ke samne na diwakar ki chalti hain na aryan ??

      1. Sahi pakde hain??

    2. Gud point muskaan koi gharwale usko bolne nahi de rahe kyunki last time viren se baat karne ke baad attack aaya tha aur hospital ka bill badh gaya tha .kharcha badhana nahi chahte yaar ???

      1. ??? hadd hai.

  10. Viren had come to solve differences regarding but yahan toh differences aur badh gaye .
    I think inka kuch nahi ho sakta …
    There s a video where nilima s telling family that saanchis mom helped them from being embarassed n she s thankful to kusum but sarita she s still chewing the same gum….?

  11. Yes even i saw that video. Sarita is hopeless

  12. Good episode from my point too,bcoz both the families speak equally and viren point is also correct.bua is also very correct she didn’t speak anything wrong.sarita didn’t stop till now.Mein batha rahi hoon aaj sarita ko mat dikao in 100th episode

    1. And bua did one gud thing that she cleared sanchi did not tell them abt breakg relns thy saw it frm distance aur ek misunderstg se bach gaye hum .but kya fayda hua aaj toh lag raha hain diwakar ya prabhat kuch toh bolenge viren ko .
      Wah kya selection hain scene ka 100th episode ke liye.

  13. Itna sab kuch hone ke baad sushant s having a peaceful life what irony.ofcourse cant blame him totally for all the mess but his silence has done a lot of damage to archi n also our mahan aatma sanchi s equally responsible.

  14. Vishakha

    Firstly I should appreciate sarita and neelima because of the fact that khud Itne blunders karne k baad bhi they have the guts to pin point someone else..great..
    Secondly I had no hopes with sushant ki he’ll speak up but Aryan disappointed me yesterday..at least use Kuch to bolna chaiye tha..
    Thirdly bua and viren were the stars of the episode..very very well done..I’m happy all the hidden things are out..
    Lastly I felt diwakar could not speak anything because he was shocked and confused at the same time..shocked with the fact that his family members have done so many blunders..and confused ki whether he should believe mittals or not as he himself is surrounded with misunderstandings..

    1. For me diwakar is also responsible for what happened yday.whn sushant n archi entered with sonu he chose to leave ,running away from situations s not soln if he wud hav listened to archi n sushanth what happened yday cld b avoided.i.e sarita blaming sanchi for her sons doings .n yday too whn sarita was blaming sanchi he cld not stop her . i wud say he was less prepared to defend sanchi against sarita due to lack of communication.n thus we saww the blunder.

      1. Yess pehle toh confused tha n whn bua tld abt nilima n sarita he was shocked tab toh kya bolta.

      2. Vishakha

        Hmm…that was his fault to not ask them properly what happened..ulta he was just worried about viren’s loan and interest rates that time..anyways whatever it is..I just hope archi don’t fall into their own trap because video dekh k to lag rha hai ki their families are ready to break the relation but not clear misunderstandings..

      3. Are yahh hame archi scenes milenge ke nahi yaar ?? Khatam hone se pehle.

      4. I told you na uski to ghar mei chalni hi band ho gyi hai. Pehle bhi jab usne sarita ko rokne ki koshish ki tab virendra ji aa gye and at the end also he shouted at sarita. But uski sarita ke aage chal kahar rahi thi. Kal to prabhat ne bhi chup rehne se mana kar diya.

      5. Vishakha

        May be last me ek do scenes mil jaye dear..but don’t keep hopes..Aaj milega but it’ll be an emotional one ??

    2. Yes i totally agree with you and even i am dissapointed with aryan. He should atleast speak a single word but he didn’t and i am also happy with viren and bua. Saari baatein bahar aa gyi atleast ab kuch chupa to nahi hua and yes even i beleive now that diwakar was in a shock state. He was not able to beleive what is happening. Its a natural thing. Vo to apni patni ko sita ka darja deta tha but agar vahi seeta kaikayi waale kaam karegi to sadma to kisi ko bhi lagega.

      1. Vishakha

        I also feel ki mittals me ek achi baat hai ki they are good at confronting and clearing things within their family..for example when they got to know ki bua went to rishi’s place and even after kundali wala incident at least viren confronted his sister and got things cleared..Sethias ki prb ye hai ki unhe yahi nai pata ki unke apne family members kya kar rhe hain..and janne k baad bhi they don’t even confront them..for example kal jab unhe Pata chala ki neelima had asked to do the vrat to use confront karne k bajaye ki why she did that wo log ek hi sui me atke hue the ki your daughter is at fault.. ??

      2. Vishakha

        And I don’t know why they became like that..shadi se pehle to they were not like that..they confronted neelima when she tried to find fault..to phr ab kya hua..unka Jitna bhi insult hua ho that doesn’t mean they’ll blame everything on others..now its becoming funny for me..?? meri family member ne vrat rakhne ko Bola that’s not a prb aapki beti behosh kyun ho gyi its her fault..mere bete ne pyar kiya shadi kr li baccha paida kr liya uski wife kho gyi phr mil gyi phr mar bhi gyi and usne kuch nai bataya wo thk hai but aapki beti ne kyun chupaya..it sounds hilarious sometimes ??

    3. Are dono ko mental asylum mein bhejne ki jaroorat hain ?

      1. Vishakha

        Na na..rehem khao bechare asylum walon pe yaar ???

  15. Vishakha

    And in the video Aryan’s expressions are awesome..when neelima praised kusum he was happy ki chalo my plan is working..but when sarita started speaking all his happiness evaporated in a second ki yaar main ek kadam distance kam karta hun to ye 10 kadam aur peeche kheech leti hai sbko..

  16. JenniferAndrews

    Hope yeh saari misunderstandings jaldi khatam ho jaaye.

    1. Vishakha

      Khatam to hona hi padega ??

  17. What i was thinking yaar inko itne problems dikhane the toh shaadi ki itni jaldi kyon ki .yaar thoda toh time archi shaadi ke pehle spend karte toh trps badh jaati aur phir shaadi ki wajah se aur badh jaati.
    Trps badh hi rahi thi aur inhone ek ke bad ek prob laye yaar.?

    1. Bina courtship.period ke inme itni understanding thi yaar digest karna thoda mushkil ho gaya.and ekdum se itna bada twist shaadi mein bus ho gaya ?

      1. Vishakha

        Hmm you’re right..pehle they should have focused on growing their relation and trust and understanding. And I suppose shadi me drama nai karna chaiye tha..uske baad kr lete.. Because unki shadi hi to main thi..and pehle to har kisi ko Itna acha dikha do and phr Wahi uncultured k limit tak behave krne lage to that’s also not easy to digest..

      2. Exactly sab ke sab villian ban gaye

  18. Hey vishu tera sprained ankle theek ho gaya kya ??

    1. Vishakha

      Yup ?? you remembered?? ?

  19. Lakshmi


    what..? aryan asked divorce from sanchi…? is it a plan of them or is it true..?

    1. Vishakha

      Its a plan ?

      1. Lakshmi

        haan its their plan only

    1. Vishakha

      Kya kismat hai archi ki..shadi se pehle bhi chup kar milte the and shadi k baad bhi chup kar hi milna pad rha hai ???

      1. Tru yah ??

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